The 7 Best Travel Shoe Bags that Keep Dirt from Ruining your Footwear

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You have meticulously chosen and booked your dream holiday. The only thing left is deciding what to carry and what to leave behind. For most people, packing clothes is one of the most painstaking tasks. But for others, it’s determining how to pack the different pairs of shoes that feels like a life-or-death decision. This is where travel shoe bags come to the rescue.

Not only do these bags provide a convenient way of storing your sneakers but they also protect your garments from any odors that may be clinging to your footwear. Some of the best travel shoe bags can even double up as closet organizer bags. Plus, you can use them to carry an extra pair of shoes when going to the gym or workplace.

What Are The Best Travel Shoe Bags?

The secret to organizing all your shoes nicely in your luggage is having the right set of travel shoe bags. When shopping for these shoe bags, there are three key qualities you ought to look for namely: the label, waterproof capability and compression.

Labeled bags come in handy if you’re carrying multiple shoes. A waterproof fabric will keep your shoes protected from moisture, which could cause irreparable damage. And, compression bags are helpful if you’re packing your shoes together with clothes. That being said, here are our top picks for the best travel shoe bags.

Below find the best travel shoe bags:

1. YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4...
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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set of 4...
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Whether you’ve been looking for dust-proof or water-resistant bags to store your shoes, Yamiu has got you covered.

Fabricated from nylon, this set of four bags are the perfect place to keep your shoes when traveling. There are two standard size bags and two XL sizes. The standard bags are ideal for shoes under size 10 while the bigger ones can fit shoe sizes between 10 and 14.

What’s more, each bag has a custom-made zipper featuring high-quality zipper teeth. This closure system zips up very smoothly.

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2. Earthwise Shoe Storage Bags

Earthwise Shoe Storage Bags 100% Cotton...
101 Reviews
Earthwise Shoe Storage Bags 100% Cotton...
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Earthwise is perfect for when you need to travel with low-profile footwear. This storage bag keeps your shoes dust-free for as long as you want.

They’re fitted with drawstrings, making it easy to access your shoes when you need to. They’re also great for storing shoes at home.

The one drawback from Earthwise shoe bag is that it’s made of cotton. While this makes the bag machine washable and reusable, it also means that it cannot protect your shoes from water. Thus, it’s better to use them only when you want to keep away dust.

3. Travel shoe bag with drawstring: Shooin EZ-Pack Travel Shoe Bags

Drawstring Locked Travel Shoe Bag Set,...
101 Reviews
Drawstring Locked Travel Shoe Bag Set,...
  • KEEPS DIRTY SHOES QUARANTINED, BAGS STAY CLOSED with a dependable locking...

The key highlight of Shooin is its locking drawstring that ensures your shoes remain in place throughout your trip. Their unique contoured design provides one of the best shoe storage areas in a cramped luggage. Fabricated from premium-quality nylon-spandex material, this shoe bag has a gentle texture that won’t damage your shoes.

Shooin travel shoe bags are also pretty easy to maintain since they’re machine-washable. You can wash them as many times and they won’t fall apart. They are particularly recommended for men thanks to their roomy interior. Each bag can fit men’s size 14 tennis shoe. However, they can also be used to carry ladies shoes such as flats, heels and pumps.

4. Travel shoe bag for boots: Boots and Shoe Bag Travel Organizer

Made using heavy-duty, sturdy and waterproof nonwoven fabric, this is the best travel shoe bag for your boots. It measures 18.5”H by 9.4”L by 11.4”W, providing ample space to keep your pair of boots.

Another plus of this shoe bag is its waterproof capability, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It’s also fitted with a handle on top, allowing you to easily access your shoes on the go. And, it’s versatile enough to hold other stuff other than shoes; be it sunglasses, swimwear, cosmetics, towel just to mention a few.

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5. Waterproof travel shoe bag: FUNFEL Drawstring Shoe Travel Bags

FUNFEL 8 Pcs Drawstring Shoe...
13 Reviews
FUNFEL 8 Pcs Drawstring Shoe...
  • Package includes 8 pcs shoe bags. Color: Navy blue. Bags only, do not include...
  • With transparent PVC window, which helps you to find out which pair of shoes in...

If you like going camping, hiking or biking, you will need a travel shoe bag that can withstand different weather elements, especially rain. Put simply; you’ll need a quality waterproof unit like the FUNFEL shoe travel bags. Moisture can cause a lot of damage on leather and other types of shoes.

Available in a pack of eight, these nonwoven shoe bags can each hold one pair of shoe size 11.5 (US). They come in a beautiful navy blue color and feature a clear PVC window, allowing you to check the particular pair of shoes in each bag. Another plus of these shoe bags is the drawstring closure design which helps in saving space as well as keeping dirt out of your shoes.

6. Travel shoe bag for women: Zmart Travel Shoe Bags

Zmart Travel Shoe Bags for Women...
515 Reviews
Zmart Travel Shoe Bags for Women...
  • ★【SIZE & COLOR】Size: 13.2 inch * 7.8 inches; fits up to a size 9 in...
  • ★【WATERPROOF MATERIAL】High quality nylon, lightweight, portable, stain...

If you’re looking for shoe bags that can fit all your dress shoes, Zmart has got you covered. The most pleasant feature of these shoe bags is their personalized design to suit different tastes. Available in a pack of five, the Zmart shoe bags come in red, blue, burgundy, pink and navy with daisy prints. Each of these bags can fit one pair of women shoe size 9.

What’s more, each travel shoe bag has a zipper, providing a convenient way to store and remove your shoes. Also, they can serve multiple purposes. Measuring 3.2” by 7.8”, each bag can be used to hold toiletries, makeup, swimwear and more.

7. Travel shoe bag with zipper: Genti Fashion Travel Shoe Bags

Travel Shoe Bags for Men & Women - Set...
22 Reviews
Travel Shoe Bags for Men & Women - Set...
  • ✅ PACKAGE INCLUDES 2 Large Size Bags, 2 Regular Size Bags, and 1 Fastening...

This set of 4 travel shoe bags can be used by both men and women. Included in this package are 2 large-sized bags, 2 more bags of regular sizes, which all come in black, and a fastening strap. So, if you’re going for a trip with your family, you can use them to store any kinds of shoes; be it kids’ shoes, sports shoes, heels and more.

They are made of genuine nylon, a material that naturally rejects dust and debris. It means that your shoes will remain in clean and pristine condition. For maintenance, you’ll need to wash the shoe bags in either warm or cold water. Never use bleach or hot water as these will damage their texture.

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best-travel-shoe-bagWhat’s The Purpose of a Shoe Bag?

It stands to reason that the main purpose of a shoe bag is to store shoes. You can take your sports shoe, slip a shoe tree inside then place it inside the shoe bag. When putting the partner shoe, we recommend keeping them in such a manner that they’ll be flat against one another. If you’re storing heels, you’ll need to place them in opposite directions so as to make them appear as regular as possible.

Once you have your shoes inside the bag, you can then place the bag in a large luggage or even a small bag. Since most travel shoe bags are the size of a purse, a majority of airlines accept them as personal belongings instead of carry-ons.

The two core functions of any one travel shoe bag is convenience and protection. With this storage unit, you can easily reduce two or more items into a single regular-sized item. A shoe bag intended to serve as luggage will be constructed using nylon or canvas. These materials are sturdy yet gentle so that they don’t scratch or damage your shoes.

Another purposes of a shoe bag is to protect your shoes from the sun’s UV rays. You already know that the ultra-violet light can damage your skin. But the truth is, these rays take a toll on nearly everything including your shoes. The uv rays can cause your shoes to fade faster. It gets worse if you’re dealing with leather shoes, as the UV light can cause stiffening and cracking. By storing your shoes in a travel shoe bag, you block out the damaging rays.

Shoe bags also make commuting so much easier. If your trips to work entail walking and waiting around at bus and train stops, you can wear a comfy pair of sneakers and an extra pair to change later. Once you change into other shoes, you can store your sneakers neatly in the shoe bag. This way, your feet will feel comfortable and healthy during your commute.

Another plus of shoe bags is that they protect your shoes from scraping and scratching. Finding a quality of pair of shoes sets you back a couple of dollars. So the least you can do is store them well so they can serve you for a long time.

Also, if you intend to travel by air, travel shoe bags are a prerequisite. When you air-travel, your belongings will take a beating including your shoes. To minimize the potential damage on your shoes, be sure to keep them inside a sturdy shoe bag.

How to Choose Best Travel Shoe Bags

For a majority of people, they’ll just put their shoes in traditional bags alongside all their belongings. While this may not seem like a big deal, keeping your footwear neatly stored is the best way to ensure that they last for long. Given that there are many travel shoe bag brands, there are a couple of pointers you should keep in mind.


The fashion industry is quickly taking over and every manufacturer is striving to make products that make big fashion statements. Travel shoe bags are no exception. In fact, most people are first drawn to a particular shoe bag because of its outstanding design. But beyond its appearance, there are other factors you ought to account for. A travel shoe bag may look colorful but it’s of no use if it can’t accommodate your shoes. Consider travel shoe bags that come with straps, wheels, multiple compartments and more.  If you intend to carry other belongings apart from shoes, a shoe bag with divider will be an excellent option. Advisably, you should always the functionality of the shoe bag before its design.


The space of the shoe bag will determine the size and the number of shoes that can fit inside it. If you have big shoe sizes, you’ll need a bag that can comfortably accommodate them without compromising on its quality or durability. However, if you only wear flats, a small travel shoe bag is appropriate.

Another thing you should account for when assessing space, entails how you intend to use the bag. Will you be using it to store shoes only or other items as well? If you’d like to be putting other accessories for when you go to the gym or swimming pool, you’ll need a big, sturdy and durable shoe bag.


The type of fabric used in making the travel shoe bags is another aspect to consider. This material will define the shape this bag takes when it has the shoes and when it doesn’t. The right material also determines the quality and durability of your shoe bag. The most common materials used to make shoe bags are canvas, nylon and leather. Leather is the most recommended material although it also causes the price to soar. Leather-made shoe bags also have a bit of class and elegance for the fashion-conscious individuals. Canvas is cheaper and more lightweight than leather. But if you have a really tight budget, nylon is the cheapest of the three.


If you’re looking for a durable shoe bag, you should go for one made of leather or canvas. However, the durability of your shoe bag will also depend on its ease of maintenance. Some shoe bags are poorly constructed, causing them to wear out with just a few washes. If you’re storing a clean pair of shoes, then there’s no need to wash it after every use. Also, avoid scrubbing it too aggressively to prevent the fabric from wearing out fast.

Type of closure

You should go for shoe bags that come with zippers or drawstrings. One benefit of a drawstring is that it guarantees a secure and tight closure. Conversely, a zipper closure is perfect for bags used to store multiple shoes.

Wrap Up

A travel shoe bag is a small, lightweight storage bag that gives you a convenient way of storing shoes. Most shoe bags have zippered compartments, allowing you to keep shoes and other items. If you’re looking to purchase a travel shoe bag, check its material, type of closure, interior capacity and design.

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