The 7 Best Yoga Socks to Rock Your Poses

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

If you have tried scrolling through your Instagram feed- assuming that you have an interest in yoga or fitness- it’s likely that you came across at least one picture of a yogi with his limbs intricately tangled in an attractive pose. Perhaps he was performing the cobbler’s pose or the downward-facing dog. Either way, it was pretty captivating. Throughout the years, there has been an increased interest in the flexibility and strength of yogis, and this has got many individuals bending over backwards to explore the trend. However, yoga was not always about complex, jaw-dropping movements.

Initially, yoga was mainly about meditation and breath-focused routines. Unlike a majority of the poses that people practice today, yoga was all about calmness and low-intense workouts. As such, there was little need for mats, leave alone, yoga socks. Fast forward to 2024, and it’s rare for people to begin yoga sessions without sufficient cushioning underfoot. The reason for this is that certain movements call for a level of grip and support that only the best yoga socks can provide.

The Best Yoga Socks

The best yoga socks are designed with some kind of grippers on the soles. These grippers provide the user with excellent traction; thus, preventing him from toppling over in a triangle pose. Yoga socks with arch support can boost your performance, balance and stability. This way, you won’t have to worry about breaking your hip when performing a pose.

So here my list of The 7 Best Yoga Socks.

1. Booby Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks with Grips for Women with Two...
5 Reviews
Yoga Socks with Grips for Women with Two...
  • ✅ SIZE FITS MOST WOMEN---Size: US 6-10; Fit most women; from our 1000 women...
  • ✅ BETTER DESIGN --- a: All-In-One shaped design dispersed the traction to all...

The breathable and sweat-wicking Booby socks are perfect for your yoga sessions. They are made from a blend of materials, which work together to keep your feet dry and steady.

One of their attributes of these materials is that they don’t fade. This means that you don’t have to worry that the socks will bleed when washing them.

Two, they’re made of high-quality combed cotton. This material never loses shape despite multiple washings. The manufacturer has also used silicone gel to provide a good grip and prevent slippage. Apart from yoga, you can also wear these socks to your dance, martial arts or Pilates classes.

2. Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks

Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks for Women,...
538 Reviews
Muezna Non Slip Yoga Socks for Women,...
  • Newest Design: Stylish design on the instep and anti-skid frictions on the...
  • Better Material: The Combed Cotton and 100% Silica Grips have better effect in...

Show up to your next yoga session in style with the Muezna Non Slip socks that come in a variety of color combinations. These socks cover your full toes, and have anti-skid functions on the rear.

They’re also made of premium quality material consisting of combed cotton and 100% silica grips. These work effectively to absorb sweat and prevent slipping, especially during intense workouts.

Apart from wearing them to your workouts, the Muezna pairs of socks are also recommended for pregnant women, seniors and hospital patients. Better yet, they come packed in a stylish bag that can double up as their storage unit.

3. Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women

Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips &...
1,686 Reviews
Yoga Socks for Women Non-Slip Grips &...
  • HOLD YOUR POSE WITH EASE - You will feel confident, stylish and protected with...
  • INCREASE BALANCE AND STABILITY - Our barre socks are also great for when you do...

Available in sizes 5.5 to 11, the Ozaiic yoga socks boast a ballet-inspired design that makes them both stylish and functional. Made of high-quality cotton material, which is complemented by silicone gel grips on the base, the quick-dry anti-slip socks will help hold your pose with ease.

With these socks, you can move around and stretch your toes to whatever extent you want without worrying about slipping. And the good thing is that they’re multifunctional. They are suitable for yoga, Pilates, gym and dance classes.

4. Tucketts Toeless Yoga Socks

Tucketts Womens Yoga Socks, Toeless Non...
302 Reviews
Tucketts Womens Yoga Socks, Toeless Non...
  • DESIGN: Patented TOE-FREE design allows freedom of movement during barefoot...
  • USAGE: All barefoot workouts including Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Workout, Aqua Gym,...

If your main reason for purchasing yoga socks is to benefit from better grip, the Tucketts are your best bet. These socks have grippy dots on the base to ensure that you don’t slip or slide regardless of how complex your yoga poses are. And the best part is that they do not lose their grip even after numerous uses and washes.

Apart from their non-skid characteristic, the Tucketts socks are also anti-sweat, so they absorb moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. Available in sizes 6 to 9, these yoga socks are ideal for other workouts including martial arts, gymnastics and aqua gym. Furthermore, these socks feature a toeless design, which allows freedom of movement when performing barefoot exercises.

5. Gaiam Grippy

Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks for Extra Grip...
677 Reviews
Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks for Extra Grip...
  • FIVE TOE TRACTION: Grippy Yoga socks provide a full-toe non-slip traction and...
  • HYGENIC ALTERNATIVE TO BARE FEET: Protects feet from exposure to foot fungus...

If you prefer full-toe to the toeless design of the Tucketts, the Gaiam grippy socks make a better option. Like the Tucketts, these ones also provide a superb grip thanks to the grippy dots on their bottom.

Consisting of 81% cotton and 1% spandex, these yoga socks are machine washable. The benefit of using cotton is the fact that it’s a breathable and comfortable fabric. What’s more, Gaiam yoga socks come in 6 different colors and 2 sizes, to fit all yoga enthusiasts.

6. DubeeBaby

DubeeBaby Yoga Socks, Women’s Non Slip...
592 Reviews
DubeeBaby Yoga Socks, Women’s Non Slip...
  • Antislip design,safely practice: 3d gel dots on the sole of the bottom,shock...
  • protect feet from exposure to foot fungus: hygienic alternative to bare...

The problem with most yoga socks is that they start to tear with just a few washes. If you want yoga socks that will last a long time, regardless of how often you wear and wash them, the DubeeBaby socks are an excellent option.

Equipped with 3D gel dots on the sole, these socks have superb shock absorption and provide plenty of cushioning and stability. Another plus of these socks is that they provide full coverage from your heels to the toes. This means that apart from preventing slippage, the DubeeBaby socks will keep your feet warm.

7. TaiDiKing

Are you looking for versatile yoga socks that can be worn by both men and women? If you are, these yoga socks by TaiDiking are a perfect fit. They come in gender neutral colors. Plus, you’ll be getting four pairs of quality non-slip yoga socks in every pack.

These socks consist of 80% cotton, 6% spandex and 17% polyester, providing the user with ultimate comfort. The cotton fabric helps to absorb sweat; thus, keep you dry as you work out. Furthermore, these yoga socks are good for persons looking to protect their feet from bacteria since they serve as a barrier between your feet and the studio floor.

Yoga Socks Buying Guide

What Are Yoga Socks?


These are uniquely designed footwear meant to help yogis have better grip of either the floor or the yoga mat. The primary benefits of using yoga socks is that they improve your balance and posture. Although they come in a wide range of styles, these socks always have some kind of grip or tackiness on the bottom.

However, many traditionalists and purists are against yoga socks. According to them, yoga is an art with a cultural and religious backing, and subsequently, these socks have never been part of yoga gear. But for those who regard yoga as another type of exercise, yoga socks are totally acceptable.

Are You Supposed to Wear Socks During Yoga?

When you attend a yoga class, you are not only getting rid of preconceptions and inhibitions but your socks as well. The only exception to this is when you’re performing Savasana, or the Corpse pose, where yogis are encouraged to stay warm and comfortable.

Back to Nature

When engaging in any activity, other than yoga, you can wear any footwear of your choice; be it biker boots or flip flops. However, when practicing any yoga pose, wearing shoes and socks can be limiting. By wearing shoes, your feet don’t have to adapt to uneven surfaces; hence, restricting the flexibility of your feet. However, yoga should be practiced barefoot. This way, you will be allowing your feet to make small adjustments while also enabling your arches to start supporting themselves rather than being supported by your shoes.

Slippery Ahead

If you want to perform standing yoga postures perfectly, then one thing you need to do is to ensure that you have proper grounding to the floor. But when you wear socks, they create a barrier between you and the yoga mat; hence, inhibiting your practice.

When it comes to standing balance poses like the tree and eagle- where you have to stand on one foot- your toes should be in a position of spreading out so as to provide ample support and stability. This will not be possible if you are wearing socks. Similarly, when performing poses like the downward facing dog- which involves supporting your body using your hands and feet- wearing socks can make you slip, and this will shift your focus from relaxation to safety.

Five Toe Solution

Toe socks are the ultimate answer for sweaty feet. As the name suggests, these socks have a toe-free design, which leaves your toes exposed. This enables you to spread or move each toe individually. Toe socks fully cover the sole of your feet, the arches, heel and ankles. However, the base of such yoga heel socks is sticky to help them grip your yoga mats firmly.

No Germs Allowed

Considering how popular the yoga practice is becoming, it’s likely that there’ll be more people streaming in your next yoga class. Unfortunately, this also means that there’s a higher likelihood of transmission of germs in the yoga studio, especially on the floor.

Removing shoes before entering the yoga studio is one trick that helps minimize the amount of germs on the floor. Some yogis, however, prefer to wear yoga socks to protect their feet from germs. But instead of buying a pair of yoga socks, consider buying antibacterial wipes for your yoga mat and washing your hands and feet with soapy water both before and after practicing yoga.

Reasons to use Yoga Socks

Despite the drawbacks and misconceptions surrounding yoga socks, investing in this gear has tons of benefits. So, if you are still on the fence when choosing from yoga socks or barefoot, here are a few benefits of investing in this gear.

Cold Feet

If your yoga studio does not have any mats, stepping on the floor directly can feel very cold, especially if it’s a tile floor. Also, the temperature at the yoga studio can be low because of the air conditioner. The best way to protect your feet from this cold is to invest in yoga socks.

No Slipping

Your yoga mat may be made of a non-slip material but the floor is not. So even if your feet stick on the yoga mat firmly, there’s a chance of the mat slipping from the floor. Luckily, wearing yoga socks can prevent such an incidence. Plus, they’ll come in handy when you want to practice yoga on a carpeted floor during your vacation.

Protects your feet

A majority of yoga studios prohibit yogis from wearing shoes. But if the thought of walking on a dirty floor gives you jitters, then yoga socks are the best alternative.


There are high chances of the yoga studio floor harboring a ton of germs. If you can’t stand the idea of walking in your gym shower without your flip flops, then you shouldn’t have to walk on the yoga studio floor without protective footwear.

Cover Up

Some individuals don’t like the idea of exposing their feet. If you have a tattoo on your foot, and aren’t sure that other yogis will appreciate, then yoga socks can help to cover up.

Staying in the moment

Yoga is one of those activities that requires a lot of attention and focus. If you want to focus more on your pose and worry less about slipping and sliding off your yoga mat, wearing yoga socks will help you to be more present in your practice.


Most yoga socks have very elegant designs, So apart from providing stability, these yoga gear can help you make a bold fashion statement.

Types and Styles

As stated earlier, yoga socks come in a wide range of designs and patterns. While some have an ankle height, others extend all the way up to your calf. Another difference lies in their toe designs. While some have toe sections, others have the sock right before the toes; hence, allowing part of your foot to move freely.

Yoga socks also differ with regards to the material used in their construction. Some are made from 100% cotton or bamboo. Others, however, are made of synthetic or a combination of materials. But the one common feature among yoga socks is that their moisture- wicking capability. By keeping your feet dry and clean, yoga socks reduce the risk of getting blisters.

ZenPaws Yoga Socks

The yoga socks by ZenPaws are some of the best on the market. These socks have been tested several times to ensure they’re suitable for yogis. Although the manufacturer is not such a popular brand, their yoga socks certainly deserve a spot on the list of the best yoga socks. These socks don’t slip, and they’ll help you perform every yoga pose in the most correct way.

Grounded and gripped

One way to test the performance of yoga socks is to assess how they hold up, especially during intense workouts like hot yoga. To determine just how well your yoga socks hold, try performing the downward facing dog or 3-legged dog poses. If they don’t slip, this is an indication that they’re good quality. Ideally, yoga socks should come with grippy dots on the underside to provide a proper grip.

Toes or Toeless

Often, you will have to choose between two main options of yoga socks: toeless, full cover or half-covered toes. This choice is entirely up to you. Be sure to check the level of comfort offered by each design. Half-toe and toeless yoga socks are ideal if you want a more natural yoga routine where you can stretch your toes. On the other hand, yoga socks with full covering provide excellent grip since they have a larger surface area.

Open foot design

These yoga socks offer the same benefits that come with using toeless yoga socks. More specifically, the open foot design gives your feet mire freedom and breathability.

Criteria Used to evaluate the best yoga socks


One consideration you should make when buying yoga socks is whether you want ones that are multipurpose. Making this decision is important because it helps you narrow down on your options.

Some socks are designed specifically for yoga. Such socks often have complex grip designs and open toes to suit the activity. Although these socks can also be used for other exercises like Pilates and kickboxing, they might not be the best option if you have to wear them all day long. Yoga socks are relatively pricier than standard socks, so you should take better care of them.

On the same note, you should look for multifunctional yoga socks if you plan to use them for other activities. For instance, if you want socks to wear during hospital stays, look for ones that provide ample stability. Some socks are also designed in such a way that they can offer relief to different foot problems. These are the perfect socks for bunions and other foot issues. The one characteristic that these socks need to have is an anti-slip grip surface, and yoga socks are designed with this feature.

Strappy socks or not

If you have tried shopping for yoga socks, you might have noticed that most of them come with a top strap. They can have one or more straps, which are either part of the sock or sewn at their top. Strappy socks offer several benefits.

For one, they make yoga socks look classy. They add an exquisite element, which you’d never find in standard socks. The second benefit of these straps is that they serve as ventilation. By having the top of your foot exposed, you prevent tour feet from overheating. They offer sufficient space for your feet to breathe. The addition of straps onto the socks helps to secure them to your foot.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of drawbacks to using strappy socks. For one, it can be difficult to wear a shoe over a strappy sock. It will feel uncomfortable and there’s a risk of the straps breaking. Some manufacturers will compensate for this by incorporating straps into the main knit of the sock. However, not all of them do this.

Individual socks vs. packs

Another choice you’ll have to make is between individual socks and packs. Yoga socks sold in single pairs are valuable as you can pick a specific pair depending on the occasion. You can choose one pair in plain pink color and other pair that has yellow and blue stripes. Ideally, you will have more color and design options to choose from when you buy individually. Also, if get a pair that is low quality, you won’t end up regretting ten pairs of the same low-quality socks. On the flipside, yoga socks sold individually cost more than buying in packs.

In fact, being economical is not the only benefit of purchasing socks in packs. These socks are perfect for those who don’t to have to make decisions. Most of the yoga socks that come in packs have specific colors, which means the decision has already been made for you. You can buy an all-black or all-grey pack. Another benefit of buying in packs is the fact that you won’t have to buy socks any other time since all your needs will have been fulfilled.

Grip design

Before buying yoga socks, you should check the design of the grips as well as their ability to grip. If you pick any of the yoga socks in our review, you can rest assured that they have a solid grip and will last a long time. But there are a ton of other designs to pick from.

The first design consists of socks that grip all along the bottom. Such socks often have dots on the sole, which is a simple yet effective design. Other yoga socks have full bottom coverage, and may have a more complex design, which will attract other yogis. Full coverage grips are the most preferred as they provide a more secure footing regardless of the poses you’re performing.

Other yoga socks add more variability by having different designs for the heel and toe/ball of the foot. This is a nice addition and it provides superb grip. The only drawback to this style is the absence of grips on some sections, which makes balancing on one side of the foot difficult.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re a new yogi or have a ton of experienced years under your belt, getting a pair of yoga socks to protect your feet is crucial. Although some people prefer going barefoot, covering your feet in yoga socks provides better grip while also absorbing sweat from your feet. This way, you can be fully focused on performing yoga poses using the right technique.

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