The 7 Best Yoga Towels for Surviving Sweaty Practices

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Being on a yoga mat should feel like a blissful escape from the daily stresses of life. But when it comes to those sweat-inducing poses, a yoga mat might not always be enough, especially if it’s lacking a non-slip surface. The good news is, the best yoga towels can prevent you from slipping and sliding when you’re in the middle of your yoga session. These towels will keep your hands and feet in place, allowing you to focus on the yoga stretches.

But what makes a yoga towel so unique? Why not just grab one from the bathroom and throw it across the mat? For one, a yoga mat is designed to absorb

The best yoga towels

The main factors that differentiate yoga towels are the size, brand, price and style. Most yoga towels are multifunctional, but there are a couple of factors you should keep in mind. For instance, the best yoga towel should consist of an absorbent material. It should also be durable and fit your yoga mat correctly.

So here my list of The 7 Best Yoga Towels.

1. Yoga Mate Sticky Grip Yoga Towel

With Yoga Mate, you’ll be able to focus on your breath and poses; hence make the most of your yoga sessions. This is made possible by the sticky grip bottom that the towel comes with.

It also comes in a gorgeous design and a range of colors. More specifically, the yoga towel is available in 6 incredible tie dye and solid colors.

Plus, it’s made from a super absorbent microfiber material that wicks away all the moisture. This way, you can stay steady as you perform your moves. The towel measures 68” by 24”; thus it’s perfectly sized for most yoga mats.

It’s also durable and very easy to care for. After your yoga session, simply toss it in the washing machine as it doesn’t have any special washing requirements.

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2. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel - Suede - 100%...
1,201 Reviews
Shandali Hot Yoga Towel - Suede - 100%...
  • USE WITH OR WITHOUT A YOGA MAT - Heading to the beach or a remote vacation? No...
  • GET FIT AND STRONG: Yoga improves your muscle tone and fitness when you practice...

Fans of hot yoga will appreciate the Shandali Gosweat, which is designed with their needs in mind. This yoga towel is able to mop up all the sweat regardless of how long or intense your sessions are.

Thanks to its thick surface, this yoga towel can take on all the perspiration that you generate during hot yoga. Shandali GoSweat is also pretty versatile. You can use it as a substitute for your mat or place it on top of the mat. With the silicone bottom, the towel won’t slip when you’re performing your poses.

3. Manduka eQua

Manduka eQua Non Slip Sweat Absorbent...
116 Reviews
Manduka eQua Non Slip Sweat Absorbent...
  • Designed initially with yoga in mind the eQua towel easily transitions to a...
  • Made of soft, suede-like, microfiber fabric that's ultra absorbent,...

It is no secret that Manduka is one of the most reputable brands that makes premium yoga gear. Its latest offering is the eQua yoga mat towel that stretches 72” by 26.5”. Consisting of tightly woven fibers and split microfiber tech, this yoga towel is good for light to medium perspiration.

Another plus of this towel is that it’s ultra light, making it easy to carry around. This yoga towel comes in a variety of colors to meet different consumer tastes and preferences.

4. YogaRat Gummy Grip

YogaRat Gummy Grip Yoga Towels - Smooth...
1,124 Reviews
YogaRat Gummy Grip Yoga Towels - Smooth...
  • CUSH GUMMY GRIP YOGA TOWEL 24" x 72": 100% Microfiber, ultra-thick top for...
  • ULTRA-THICK MICROFIBER TOP: Super absorbent 80% Polyester/20%...

Are you looking for a yoga towel that can fit a long yoga mat? If you are, the YogaRat antimicrobial towel is your best bet. With a size of about 24” by 72”, this towel can fit long mats with ease. And thanks to the clear silicone backing, this towel sticks on your yoga mat without slipping.

Another aspect you will notice about these towels is that they’re fabricated exclusively from dope-dyed microfiber. This material undergoes a slightly different coloring process which allows the towel to be bleed free and colorfast in your wash.


Hot Yoga Towel, Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towel,...
100 Reviews
Hot Yoga Towel, Non-Slip Yoga Mat Towel,...
  • FOCUS ON YOUR PRATICE: The plush, quick-drying yoga mat towel that grips the mat...
  • SUPER ABSORBENT AND DURABLE DESIGN: Don't let these yoga towels fool you by how...

You can give your mat a complete makeover with this beautiful maldive hd yoga towel by Nousion. Consisting of a microfiber material, this towel grips your yoga mat firmly allowing you to focus on your session. In the event that your palms get sweaty, this material quickly wicks the sweat to keep you dry until the end of your session.

Available in a 72-inch by 26.5-inch size, this yoga towel fits perfectly on a standard yoga mat. And the good thing is that it’s multipurpose; you can use it for stretching, meditation, laying on the beach, at a picnic and more.

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6. Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel

Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive...
761 Reviews
Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive...
  • Innovative Microfiber Material: More expensive but worth it. Not every yoga...
  • Exclusive Corner Pockets Design: No more repositioning or distractions. The...

Not every yoga towel comes with dual-grip two-sided feature, which makes the Heathyoga towel a strong contender. This towel blends microfiber and silicone coating to provide optimal performance.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the towel slipping from your mat as it comes with corner pockets that hook onto the corners of your yoga mat firmly. Constructed using premium microfiber material, this yoga towel boasts a super absorbent and grippy fabric. The towel absorbs any sweat or moisture, keeping you dry and distraction-free. The manufacturer also provides a matching color carry bag that has a cotton rope closure. This bag provides ample space for keeping the towel, keys, cellphone and other personal items.

7. Youphoria

Yoga Towel 24' x 72' by Youphoria Yoga...
1,652 Reviews
Yoga Towel 24" x 72" by Youphoria Yoga...
  • NON-SLIP & SKID-LESS: Does sweating turn your yoga mat into a Slip and Slide?...
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & QUICK DRYING: Made of lightweight Microfiber, Youphoria Yoga...

If you’re just getting started on yoga, you might not want to spend a ton of money on yoga gear. One of the most affordably-priced yoga towels is the Youphoria Yoga Towel. It’s the perfect yoga towel for hot yoga.

Available in a variety of colors, this towel features a non-slip and skidless feature to prevent you from slipping. Perhaps the best thing about this mat is the fact that it’s machine-washable. Just toss it in your washing machine after your workouts for cleaning. Also, the material used in making this towel is highly absorbent and it dries quickly.

Yoga Towels Buying Guide

What is a Yoga Towel?


This a towel that is specifically designed to be used in tandem with a yoga mat. Also referred to as a yoga mat towel, this towel’s size fits perfectly on top of your yoga mat. If you sweat a lot when doing yoga, you may find your hands slipping off too many times. For such instances, a yoga towel is the ultimate solution. Yoga towels are particularly handy for those who practice Bikram yoga or hot yoga. However, you can use them for any traditional yoga practice.

Some individuals opt to use beach towels or some other oversized bath towel. Even though they will absorb some of the sweat, chances are that they do not have good absorbency or they probably don’t fit on the yoga mats. In contrast, a yoga towel has superb absorbency, a slip-resistant surface and it fits nicely on top of your yoga mat. In addition to its absorbent capability, a yoga towel also dries quickly.

It’s important to choose a yoga towel that fits your yoga mat perfectly. This will prevent slipping and also ensure that it doesn’t occupy too much space, especially if you’re sharing the yoga class with other people. With a yoga towel in place, you can relax and focus on performing those yoga poses using the right technique. A yoga towel also ups your hygiene practice as you exercise as it’s easy to wash and it dries quickly between practices.

Furthermore, a yoga towel can double up as a yoga mat. This will come in handy if you have limited travel restrictions or when you forget your yoga mat. Yoga towels can fit in your suitcase without taking up too much space. However, if you’re used to carrying your yoga mat in a yoga mat bag, you can fold them up together for compact storage. Once you get home, roll out the yoga towel, wash it and it will be ready for another use.

Yoga mats come in a variety of colors and designs so as to suit different consumer tastes’. If you will be performing some very tough yoga poses, go for a brightly colored yoga towel to boost your motivation. On the other hand, a yoga towel with a neutral color is suitable when you want to relax during meditation. If you go for yoga sessions on a regular basis, you should consider buying two yoga towels so that you always have a clean to use.

Yoga towels are slightly pricier than the ordinary towels. However, they are worth the additional investment. On average, they cost between $20 and $50 although the oversized and eco-friendly ones are likely to cost more. Yoga towels are available in specialty stores, sporting goods stores and from online retailers.

Benefits of Adding Yoga Towels to Your Yoga Gear Collection

Yoga towels are the perfect addition to your yoga gear collection, regardless of whether you’re a novice or veteran yogi. A vast majority of yoga towels are the same size as standard yoga mats. Plus, they’re made up of soft, absorbent materials.

As mentioned earlier, yoga towels can double up as yoga mats. In case you’ve forgotten your yoga mat back at home, you can use a yoga towel as a substitute.

They also serve as workout towels, meaning that you can use them to keep your face and body sweat-free as you exercise. For instance, you can keep this towel nearby as you run on the treadmill or attend a Zumba class. This gives you an easy way of drying yourself when you need to rest.

Many yogis have come to realize using mats on their own is not enough to protect their sweaty palms from slippage. Considering how crucial it is to hold yoga poses without slipping, yoga towels have become the go-to alternative.

Intense workouts like Bikram yoga can really cause one to sweat. However, this is exactly what this exercise is meant to achieve.

To use a yoga towel, all you need to do is place it above your yoga mat. Your yoga towel should cover the mat perfectly without occupying additional space. Although some individuals prefer using standard beach and bath towels, these kinds of towels are not designed for yoga or exercising purposes. For one, these towels are not as absorbent as they ought to be. Secondly, they don’t fit well when placed over yoga mats. In contrast, yoga towels have absorbency capabilities, making them perfect for sweaty hands during intense workouts. Some even have anti-slip padding on their base to ensure that stay in place as you perform intense workouts.

After your yoga sessions, always launder the towel, dry it then store it properly. The good thing about these towels is that they are also quick-drying. It means that you can use them multiple times during long workouts. Plus, they are incredibly easy to wash.

A yoga towel is a remarkable step up above typical workout towels. In fact, it’s quickly becoming one of the most utilized workout gear.

The Types of Yoga Towels

Finding the perfect yoga towel doesn’t have to be a tedious task. There are two main types to choose from, and each serves a specific purpose. The full length yoga towel, which is about 68 inches long, helps in keeping your mat in position. Put simply; this towel improves the stability of your mat; hence, preventing you from slipping when performing intense workouts. The second type known as a hand towel, is meant to absorb sweat off your face and body.

You’re probably wondering which yoga towel is superior. But since these towels serve different functions, it all depends with your needs. If you attend Bikram yoga classes from time to time, a full length towel will serve you well.

The Full Length Towel

Just to emphasize, a full length yoga towel is great for establishing traction on the ground. But if you’re performing less intense yoga workouts, a full length towel will only provide additional padding. But for those who engage in hot yoga, a full length towel makes a lot difference. This explains why a majority of hot yoga studios provide their clients with towels for rent. However, if you go for this classes regularly, it makes more sense to get your own full length yoga towel.

The Hand Towel

Hand towels come in one of two sizes: 30” by 20” and 25” by 14”. It’s simply a high quality towel, but one that has superb absorbent capabilities. This towel may not be able to cover your entire yoga mat, but it will keep your hands, face and body sweat-free. If you already have a long yoga towel or a mat with excellent grip, a yoga hand towel is a fantastic addition to these gear.

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Yoga Towel Vs. A Regular Towel

You’re probably wondering whether a yoga towel is worth the extra investment. If you have an array of regular towels, then you may not see the need of buying another, just because it’s described as a yoga towel. If you engage in basic yoga routines such as the ones focused on Yin, Restorative and Hatha yoga, then the standard towel will suffice. However, if you engage in more intense workouts such as Vinyasa, Bikram, Ashtanga or similar styles, a yoga towel will come in handy.

The benefits of buying a yoga towel include:

  • Better at absorbing moisture than regular towels
  • Faster drying ability
  • Small and lightweight; hence, easy to carry around
  • Designed to fit yoga mats to the correct sizes
  • Have superb grip on yoga mats; thus, they’re not likely to move around as you do yoga

Ultimately, it all boils down to individual needs and preferences. For instance, a beginner yogi may choose to forego a yoga towel until he gets the hang of this activity.

Features to Look For

Absorption and Drying

One of the primary uses of a yoga towel is to absorb sweat. To achieve this, most yoga towels are fabricated from microfiber, a synthetic material with high absorption capabilities. Others consist of fabrics that are woven into different patterns such as waffle pattern, which helps in increasing the overall surface area of the towel; hence, increase absorption capacity.

When choosing fabric, ensure you choose one whose texture is friendly to your skin. Some individuals like the feel of microfiber while others prefer natural fibers. In addition to its absorbing capability, the material you go for should be one that dries up quickly. This way, you won’t end up carrying a damp towel after your yoga session.

Microfiber is an example of a material that dries pretty fast. Plus, it’s Moisture-Wicking, so it can absorb any sweat on your palms and body.

Slip and Grip

The main benefit of placing a yoga towel over your yoga mat is to protect you from slippage. To ensure that you’re safe during yoga, it’s important that you work from a stable surface. That said, yoga towels ought to be slip-resistant.

While this is not an issue for woven yoga towels, those made of microfiber tend to be a bit slippery. In any case, microfiber towels need to be slightly damp to perform efficiently, which makes them more suitable for intense workouts. If your hands and feet are completely dry, consider spraying down some water on the towel to make it slip-resistant.


As mentioned earlier, one of the key attributes of a good yoga towel is stability. In the same way you wouldn’t choose a yoga mat that moves around, then you also shouldn’t pick a towel that slips. Not only does this pose a risk for you but it can also distract you from your session.

Whenever possible, go for yoga towels equipped with technology that makes them stick on yoga mats. These include features such as non slip silicone layers, grippy dots just to mention a few. Others also come with sewn-in pockets, enabling you to tuck the mat inside the towel.


If you always have to carry your towel and other exercise gear to and from your yoga venue, the two aspects you should look into are the size and weight of the yoga towel. Advisably, you should go for a microfiber towel as it’s compact and lightweight. Some manufacturers also provide carrier bags to make their storage easier.


Essentially, a yoga towel should fit your yoga mat perfectly. Unfortunately, yoga mats are made in a wide range of lengths and widths. So before purchasing any yoga towel, be sure to check the dimensions of your yoga mat. For instance if you have a 74-inch long yoga mat, go for a long yoga towel that can fit over it.


Are you a devoted yogi who attends yoga sessions regularly? If you don’t attend the sessions consistently, then there’s no need to buy a separate towel for every occasion. For such an individual, a basic towel will suffice. But keep in mind that certain towels are specifically designed for use in yoga studios. For instance, you can’t use a yoga towel with silicone dots at a swimming pool.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the texture, size or extent of versatility that you want, you are sure to find a yoga towel that meets your needs. Some feature basic designs while others boast complex technology such as being fused with silicone and microfiber creations.

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