7 Best Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Sitting for long durations is not always the most comfortable experience. Not long after kicking our feet up, we might start experiencing issues such as back pain, stiffness in the legs or even body discomfort. A good suggestion, in this case, would be to get the best zero gravity chair. Designed to distribute your body weight evenly for optimal comfort, zero gravity chairs provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

Up ahead, we review some of the leading zero gravity chairs you should consider. While a gravity chair won’t take you out to the moon, it ensures out of this world comfort! As the knowledge on topics such as ergonomics improves – and the realization that furniture is key for wellness – the zero-gravity recliner has become more than just a stylish luxury seating. 

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Gone are the days when you had to use a basic recliner. Today, the options are many, and this buying guide should help you narrow down to exclusive products. Let’s get started: 

Top 7 Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Zero Gravity Chair-Black 

Zero Gravity Chair-Black
  • This chair is built with quality UV-resistant mesh, a sturdy Steel frame, and a...
  • Designed with a lockable reclining system, this chair adjusts comfortably to...

Not many people know the benefits of owning a good zero gravity chair. Thus, this is why we also recommend the Zero Gravity Chair Sunjoy as an excellent place for you to start. It’s a high-quality chair that is available with UV resistant mesh and a sturdy steel frame – perfect for lounging outdoors. Furthermore, the chair also features a comfortable and removable pillow for added comfort.

Thanks to the effortless folding mechanism, this unit offers easy transportation and compact storage benefits. As one of the best zero gravity chairs on the market, this unit does not require any assembly. You will be enjoying a comfortable seat with minutes of getting this chair. 

Besides that, the chair is available with weather-resistant Textilene fabric that will stand up to outdoor elements. The chair will also provide comfortable breathability, and it won’t retain heat. As such, you have a comfortable and stay cool seating surface that won’t stick to the skin. Even more, the high-quality fabric holds up over time, both in terms of aesthetics and performance. 

It makes up for a wonderful place to sit and relax – perfect for the poolside or back yard sections of the home. You will also find it easy to transition effortlessly from an upright seated position to a reclining position, such that you get the full zero-gravity effect. Besides that, the chair comes with a lightweight yet sturdy coated steel frame.

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The Good

  • Made using UV resistant mesh and a sturdy steel frame
  • Also comes with an effortless folding mechanism
  • Does not require any assembly
  • Let the day’s stress drift away with this zero-gravity chair by Sunjoy.

The Bad

  • N/A

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Burgundy 

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity...
  • Durable textaline fabric suspended by double bungee system
  • Relax with the smooth recline function that locks in any position, adjustable...

Let the stresses of the day fade away when you have the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair. Made using durable textline fabric, that is suspended with a double bungee system, you have a more than reliable addition to your regimen. The chair lets you relax with the smooth recline function, that you can lock in almost any position. Furthermore, the adjustable headrest and lumbar support mean that this chair is ideal for almost all types of body sizes.

To make things convenient, the chair is available with a dual fingertip locking system. You will also be pleased to know that this chair can fold down to an exceptional 6.3 inches wide in size. Plus, it can support up to 300lbs in weight – perfect for your patio and more. Thus, you have a reliable rest chair for anyone who visits you at home.

The durable and long-lasting fabric is suspended by a double bungee system on the high strength, and durable steel frame. Its also available in many colours including grey, black, burgundy and camo. Plus, the new and improved locking system lets you lock the chair in any position. 

The Good

  • Made using durable textilene fabric suspended with a bungee system
  • Equipped with a dual-tip locking system
  • Folds down to only 6.3 inches wide and supports 300lbs

The Bad

  • The lock mechanism is not easy to reach

PORTAL Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chairs 

PORTAL Oversized Padded Zero Gravity...
  • Specifictions: Set up size is 30" L x 29" W x 44" H, off ground seat height is...
  • Multi-position Reclining Chair: 170 degree fully reclines for maximum comfort....

Chairs can also improve your overall health and wellness. Thus, this is why the PORTAL Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chairs are excellent recommendations for your needs. The multi-position reclining chair fully reclines to provide optimal comfort. Plus, the locks are designed to be easy for the fingers to grab. Since the locks are easy to use and fix in any position, this chair makes up for an excellent addition to your space.

Plus, the chair opens and folds in seconds, with no assembly required for the process. You will also be pleased to know that it folds flat for compact storage, or easy to take to the beach or the patio. When choosing a zero-gravity chair, it’s also important to check the material construction. This zero gravity chair is made using padded material for full-body comfort. The bungee suspension system, high-density fabric and sturdy frame make this a heavy-duty chair.

As far as aesthetics goes, this chair has you covered with its appealing design. In particular, it comes with a wood grain armrest contoured to the arm shape – perfect for blending with interior decors. There is also a side table with a cup holder for ease of use. The adjustable padded pillow offers optimal headrest and lumbar support. 

The Good

  • 170 degree fully recline chair
  • Comes with an adjustable pillow 
  • Comes with locks which are easy to grab

The Bad

  • N/A

BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio 

BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity...
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds. Open size: 43. 5" X 25. 5" X 35. 5", folding size:...
  • Cup holder tray - detachable tray allows easy and convenient access to drinks,...

You can enjoy the benefits of a zero gravity chair – which is perfect for the outdoors and indoors. We recommend the BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity Chair. This chair comes with many unique features you should consider. For instance, the chair has a cup holder and a detachable tray. These are features that allow for easy and convenient access to drinks, magazines, phones and more.

More so, the makers of this unit have done well to ensure that it’s easy to use. Why? It comes with easy to twist knobs that work to lock any chair in any position. More so, the lock also secures the chair firmly in the gear for the best rest experience.

As one of the best chairs on the market, this chair also features weather-resistant Textilene material. The material fabric is ideal for any location, both the indoors and outdoors. With a removable padded headrest, this unit adds more comfort to your relaxation experience. Thanks to the heavy-duty elastic cords and steel tube, this chair provides the best safety – as well as comfort benefits.

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The Good

  • Has a 300-pound weight capacity
  • Comes with a cup tray and detachable tray
  • Equipped with an easy to use twist knob
  • Weight capacity: 300 Pounds. 

The Bad

  • Not easy to store due its to heavy frame

Lafuma LFM3120-3186 Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner 

Lafuma LFM3120-3186 Futura Air Comfort...
  • ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR - This chair features ergonomic construction and styling with...
  • PADDED FOLDING CHAIRS - Take one of these reclining chairs along when you head...

Padded, comfortable and durable. These are just some of the few good words you can use to describe the Lafuma Comfort Zero Gravity chair. It’s a chair that boats of all the ergonomic features, you a comfortable sitting experience. More so, the chair is available with several styling and multiple options for stress relief and back pain issues. 

To make things better, you can take one of these chairs along when you want to head outdoors – such as when going to the beach. Its also padded to provide optimal comfort and relaxation benefits. Made using highly ventilated material and padded fabric, your skin stays cool all throughout when using this chair. As such, you can enjoy the sun without sweating and sticking the chair pads.

You can also enjoy relaxing on the deck or patio, in one of these super comfortable reclining chairs. The chair has unique padding, which features as many as three layers of padding. Thanks to the inclusion of steel tubing, you have an ergonomic chair that complements the stress-relieving benefits of this recliner chair.

The high-quality covering also offers optimal resistance to issues such as exposure due to sunlight and resistant to mildew. You will also find it easy to remove the fabric for a quick wash, during the start of the patio season, or when it gets soiled. 

The Good

  • Padded folding chair with a compact design
  • Has ergonomic features and supports several positions 
  • Made using high-quality fabric and is breathable

The Bad

  • The fabric could be more durable against water exposure

AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Patio Chair – Tan

AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Patio...
  • Padded zero-gravity patio chair for ultimate comfort when relaxing outdoors
  • Removable headrest pillow and handy cup holder; chair folds for compact storage...

Enjoy an exceptional rest experience when you have the Amazonbasics Padded Zero Gravity Patio Chair. This unit is padded for the ultimate comfort when relaxing outdoors. It has a removable headrest pillow and a handy cup holder for convenience. More so, the chair also folds for compact storage, and its also easy to transport. 

Designed to be safe and sturdy in structure, this chair will provide many years of reliable performance. Its also made using durable steel and oxford cotton fabric for added comfort. You will also find it easy to spot with a damp cloth – perfect for convenient cleaning.

The reclining chair has a handy cup holder – perfect for keeping drinks securely upright and within reach. Reclining the chair back will raise the legs for a soothing and floating sensation. Also, the weight distributing elevation will provide many benefits, including alleviating pressure and offering comfort.

The Good

  • Padded chair perfect for relaxing outdoors
  • Has a removable headrest and cup holder
  • The chair folds for compact storage and easy comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain chair 

The Bad

  • N/A

BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio 

BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity...
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds. Open size: 43. 5" X 25. 5" X 35. 5", folding size:...
  • Cup holder tray - detachable tray allows easy and convenient access to drinks,...

Comfortable and durable. These are just some of the few benefits you can expect from the BalanceFrom Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair. The chair features a cup holder tray, for easy and convenient access to drinks, phones and magazines. More so, the chair is also adjustable, with easy to twist knobs, which you can use to lock the chair in any position.

Plus, the chair is also foldable and lightweight, to make them ideal for convenient transportation. The material used on the chair is also water-resistant and simple to clean. As one of the most unique chairs on the market, this unit features additional design features to suit your resting experience.

In particular, the chair consists of heavy-duty elastic cords and a steel lube for optimal safety. The detachable cup holder tray offers convenient access to drinks, phones, magazines and phones. The chair is simple to set up, and the simple finish means that it blends well with most interior decors.

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The Good

  • Comes with a detachable tray
  • Has easy to use and adjustable knobs
  • Foldable and lightweight design for convenient transportation

The Bad

  • Slightly heavy in weight for some users

Best Zero Gravity Chair Buying Guide

If these support mechanisms don’t actually make you weightless, one might wonder what exactly are zero gravity chairs.

What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

A zero-gravity chair is a chair which places you in a reclining position, where the feet elevate to the height of your heart. Such a unique design is what many people refer to as feeling “weightless” when using this chair. The chair is common among several massage health professionals, for controlling issues such as spinal pressure and back pain. Thus, the chairs provide improved circulation, with many users reporting an improved sense of well being after use. 

It’s a position where the body reclines, and the feet rise to the height of the heart. While it’s a position which can cause you to feel weightless, that is not the case. A significant number of therapists recommend it for reducing back pain, spinal pressure and also improving circulation. Most users will experience benefits such as improved energy and muscle performance after use.

Factors to Consider 

Physical Needs

If you want to invest in a zero market recline, then it’s likely you want one for its physical benefits. Since these chairs are designed to provide comfort to the joints and muscles, they have many physical health benefits. As such, it would be good to consider your specific physical health need before settling on a specific type of chair. 

Before buying, ask yourself some questions. For instance, do you want to address any current physical health issues or sensitivities? Or, are you looking to recover from a physical injury, or just simple leisure time relaxation? 

Some brands come with massage systems that will target specific areas, including the neck to the calves. More so, other options include heating options which will target sore muscles in the body. If you don’t have specific physical health issues, you may prefer some specific recliner models. These include the types that come with sleek or stylish designs – to complement your workspace. 

Size and Space

The choice you go for will also depend on size – and not only your specific physical characteristics. For instance, a five feet tall user will need a different chair, as when compared to a 6-foot user. More so, the chair should also complement the space available in your room.

If you have sufficient room, you can even go for the four-seater brands, which are also perfect. That said, for those who are tight on space, you are in luck. Thanks to advanced ergonomic structures, most recliner chairs are available with unique technologies to make things convenient.

Style and Color

 Even if the goal of owning a zero-gravity chair is to alleviate wellness issues, it also makes up for an excellent piece of furniture. The design inspiration behind ergonomic chairs has improved significantly over the past few years. ha

If your home has a modern interior, consider going for chairs with “space-age” options for the perfect décor blend. If you have issues with chairs that might compromise your interior decor, consider accessorizing. Some chairs come with wedges right up beside the chair, which is an excellent example of an accessory.

Another similar factor to consider is whether you want the chair to be a centerpiece in your interior space. The common designs for appeal include satiny black, elegant teak accents, cherry red and more.

Ready for “Ultra-Unique” Comfort?

A targeted combination of massage functions, advanced ergonomics and musculoskeletal support makes these chairs for addressing various physical issues. These include pains, aches and strains – to make up for the ultimate home indulgence experience.

Your zero-gravity chair will be perfect for eliminating issues such as pain spots throughout the body. Plus, it also works well to eliminate strain on various sections of the joints and spine. As such, you can be sure you are fully prepared for the day ahead. 

With So Many Variations — How Do You Choose the Right Model?

This guide has enough information for you to choose a suitable recliner chair brand for your interior décor. We will also walk you through some of the most important features to consider when investing in a suitable chair. It’s important to consider these factors, as a recliner chair is more than just about improving your overall wellness.

Other Key Factors to Consider

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of zero gravity chairs, what next? Well, it would be good to learn about some specific factors to consider when you have such chairs:

  • Material – go for a chair that has a mesh material, and is also breathable. That said, if comfort is all that is on your mind, then consider a chair that has Memory Foam.
  • Extended length – these are chairs that are suitable for tall users. Thus, height is a key factor to consider when you want good zero gravity chairs.
  • Powder coating – to prevent your chair from issues such as rust, go for a chair with heavy-duty materials and powder coating for rust resistance
  • Locking mechanism – a zero gravity chair features a locking mechanism, which works well to secure your chair in the ideal reclining position. If possible, for a chair that has dual locks, to make it convenient for your needs.
  • Canopy – zero gravity chairs with a canopy have many benefits which you should consider. Why? Well, they work well to keep the sun away from your head. Also, they are ideal for outdoor camping and use in backyards.


When it comes to enjoying the best of comfort features, there is nothing quite like the best zero gravity chair. Yes, it’s a resource that will take your relaxation levels to the stratosphere. More so, these types of chairs were designed to mimic the postures of astronauts, and with many other ergonomic functions. Thus, you have a reliable addition to your resting regimen – especially when you get home from a log day at work. Remember to consider the recommended factors before investing in one for your needs.

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