Dr Pen A6 Ultima Review

Many people have started getting their hands on Derma Pens now. After knowing the benefits of derma pens, I wonder who wouldn’t.

Derma pens and micro-needling procedures are gaining much popularity because they help generate new collagen and skin tissues by pricking the skin with tiny needles.

It makes your skin look brighter and reduces the look of uneven tone. It also makes it firmer, increases radiance and helps you get a youthful skin.

We bring you an excellent dr pen review so that you know how to choose the best derma pen for yourself.

dr pen ultima a6

What we liked

  • ​Effectiveness: When talking about how effective the product is, I can confidently review Dr Pen that it is indeed effective and can do wonders for your skin.However, you have to be a little patient to get your desired results.It takes six to seven weeks for results to appear. In other cases, it can also take a full three months to show visibly stunning results.
  • ​Less damage: The microneedles in this derma pen inflict less damage when compared to other products.While derma rollers leave severe redness and cause bleeding, derma pen on the other hand causes fewer injuries to the skin and doesn’t cause excess bleeding.It performs its job nicely with adequate penetration.
  • ​Decreased infection rate: Just how this derma pen is less dangerous to your skin, it is also the kind of product that will not cause you any skin infection. It is sterile and easy to clean.Also, it doesn’t leave significant cuts on your skin because of which, the bacteria can’t cause infections. It only pricks your skin just the right amount that is necessary to show effects.
  • ​Effects on the skin: It is a wonderful product, and it helped brighten and tone my skin to a great extent.Furthermore, it also treated the scarring I got from acne as it is excellent for scars that you have on your skin, either from some injury or from acne.It is ideal for people who have started aging as it will boost collagen, which will further decrease elasticity and wrinkles on your face or neck. You can also use it on the areas where you have stretch marks. It will take significant time, but the results are surely going to show.
  • ​Less time consuming: This Derma pen does not seem very time consuming to me, nor does it make the user feel exhausted. It can be used easily in a specific time frame.You will not have to move it in every direction repeatedly. It works automatically so you can target specific areas and save your time.
  • ​Precision: For dr pen review, I can say that it has proved to be good with precision.I can move it on any area of my skin with extreme ease, and it only targets the area I want to treat and not the other areas that do not require micro-needling.

What we didn’t like

  • ​High price: One of the major cons of this pen is its price. It is not economical at all. But considering the dr pen review and its effectiveness, I can say that spending money on a good product is better than spending less and getting an ineffective product.
  • ​Needle head: Another drawback of this derma pen is that the head of the needle pops off suddenly and can cause inconvenience to the user.When I was using it, the needle head popped out and I had to fix it thrice, so if the device is not handled correctly, it can break, or some part may come off.
  • ​Storage inconvenience: This derma pen comes in an inconvenient storage case. It would have been better if the storage case could store the pen and the needles with ease.I struggled with keeping all of the parts together and hoped that one or more of them wouldn’t go missing.


​Derma pen is indeed a great innovation for so many reasons such as treating acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, hair loss as well as for rejuvenating the skin and making it younger and healthier.

There are many concerns and questions that come in mind before making a purchase. And it is no doubt a tricky thing to choose the best derma pen for your needs.  

However, after considering that the benefits of this derma pen weigh more than the drawbacks, I can safely recommend you to buy this derma pen.

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