Best Electric Kitchen Composter Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

The desire to have a clean safe environment means that practices such as composting are becoming popular. Also, if you love to plant, especially in urban environments, composting is a great option. It will help minimize your waste through recycling all that you were to throw away. However, with space constraints and odor, traditional composting may not work. Composting involves plenty of labor to reach the desired results and may not be practical in areas other than those with big homesteads. Lucky for us, there is what is called an electric kitchen composter.

The Electric Composter Processes Organic Matter and allows you to recycle your kitchen waste, by turning them into soil conditioners or a fertilizer. It is the best because most of them take way shorter time (hours) to break down the waste to humus. Other additional benefits to electric composting is that they are great for indoor use, for urban minimal space households, or cold weather areas. In addition, they are Small and sleek, and relatively inexpensive.

However, it’s not all praises as they do carry some disadvantages too. To begin with, some models are odorous and may make your interior space foul. Because they are electric and generate compost rapidly, they use a lot of energy which might have an impact on your bill. There are also hidden costs for filters and general maintenance which you might not be aware of. The worst part however is that they are noisy, which is very annoying while they are in use. Despite these downfalls of electric kitchen composters, they still offer more value for those who need them. Below is a list of some of the best electric kitchen composters.

5 Best Electric Kitchen Composter Reviews

Food Cycler FC30 Platinum Indoor Kitchen Compost Container

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food...
  • NEW AND IMPROVED - Now with Filter Monitoring System - Never worry about when to...
  • All in one food composter makes composting kitchen waste a snap. Reduces kitchen...

The Food Cycler FC30 Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container is the best unit when it comes to kitchen waste electronic composting. It features an odor management system that utilizes activated carbon, to keep your interior space free of the potent food smell. The unit is also very compact allowing you to fit it almost anywhere in the kitchen. This works bets especially for people living in apartments.

This indoor electric composting system is also very fast; it only takes three hours to compost kitchen waste. That is less time than it takes to defrost anything! This makes it very convenient for large households and those who do their compost fast. It is also very efficient, using less energy than a microwave, making it very eco-friendly. 

Finally, the Food Cycler FC30 Platinum is very easy to use; simply push a button and the rest will be done automatically. This makes it very convenient for people who do not like to tinker with electronics. It is very affordable, and I would recommend this unit to anyone looking at an electric kitchen compost system.

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The Good

  • Accepts all food types, even bones
  • Features a removable dishwasher safe bucket
  • Only 3-hour composting time making it fast and convenient
  • Processes 2-3 pounds at a time
  • The system is Odorless making it indoor friendly
  • There is no need for any enzymes or additives

The Bad

  • Only processes 2-3 pounds at a time
  • Can only be used indoors

bioCOMpet Home Electric Composter

Home Composter for Pet and Kitchen Waste...
  • DIMENSIONS: 20” x 12” x 20” WEIGHT: 22lbs - Low Power Consumption, Less...
  • TIME: Produce Fresh Compost In Maximum Two Weeks - It Can Break Down Pet Waste,...

The bioCOMpet home electric composter is one of the most innovative in the market currently. It features a dual chamber design allowing multiple wastes to be added at different times. It has metal gears that are dual reinforced to crash food more efficiently, while preventing the unit from jamming. bioCOMpet home electric composter can be used with meat, dairy, and pet waste. If your pet waste bags are biodegradable, you can also throw then in.

The unit is also very intuitive to use. It has a control panel that allows you to choose the power settings (high, medium, low). The bioCOMpet home electric composter is also environmentally friendly, as it is very energy efficient and can be run on battery power or solar panels.

The bioCOMpet home electric composter comes already pre-assembled making it very easy for anyone to install and use. In the box are baking soda, and a 3-pound box of sawdust pellets which are all you need to start. Unlike the Food Cycler FC30 Platinum, the bioCOMpet home electric composter takes around two weeks to dully compost so have that in mind. It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use allowing you to conveniently place it where you want.

The Good

  • Can be sued both Indoor and outdoor
  • Can be used for kitchen, animal and backyard waste
  • Can process up to 5 pounds of pet and food waste a day
  • Comes included with 45 Compostable bags, Sawdust Pellets, Baking Soda and a Power Cord
  • Runs on both solar and battery power
  • Two composting chambers
  • Can hold more than the competition

The Bad

  • Needs additives to compost
  • Not a one button operation
  • Takes a bit longer to compost

Smart Cara CS-25 W Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter

Smart Cara CS-25 W Food Cycler Indoor...
  • Artificial intelligence function of dry state recognition , energy-saving in...
  • Complete drying of powder form , dramatically reduced weights of one-tenth.

The Smart Cara CS-25 W Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Composter is a nice and one of the best electric kitchen composters on this list. It features a nice white and green design that makes it extremely aesthetically pleasing. It can process up to 3 pounds of food waste in three hours making it very fast. 

The Smart Cara CS-25 W does not use chemicals to compost making it very environmentally friendly. It also features an odor management system, which uses deodorization performance through complex multiple activated carbon, ensuring that your kitchen will remain fresh. Nothing sucks more than the smell of kitchen waste composting. Speaking of kitchen waste, the unit can be fed anything from fish to bones.

The unit is also very energy efficient.  It features Artificial Intelligence to optimize its power use, dramatically reducing your electric bill while saving the environment. In line with the environment theme, the Smart Cara CS-25 W does not use any additive like others on this list making it free of any chemicals. Thanks to this, there are no enzymes, pellets or additives required, which can be annoying to buy. It works great for a small family household.

The Good

  • Fast composting action; Takes only 3 hours
  • No enzymes or additives needed
  • Sleek design making for a great kitchen accessory
  • AI technology for energy efficiency
  • Can compost almost any kitchen waste

The Bad

  • Processes 2-3 pounds at a time

Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container

Food Cycler Platinum Indoor Food...
  • NEW AND IMPROVED - Now with Filter Monitoring System - Never worry about when to...
  • All in one food composter makes composting kitchen waste a snap. Reduces kitchen...

This is the old version of the Food Cycler FC30 Platinum Indoor Food Recycler and Kitchen Compost Container. However, it is still in market, and with the limited number of electric kitchen composters, it is still a very nice option. Unlike the new version that takes 3 hours to compost, this one takes 4 hours which is not a big difference despite being the only difference between the two. It still features enzyme free composting like the newer platinum version in addition to the odor management system.

The unit will compost up to three pounds on one go. It features a nice plastic design, almost similar to the Smart Cara CS-25 W which makes it pleasant to look at. This unit accepts any type of kitchen wastes such as meat, bones, vegetables and many more, allowing you to compost most, if not all of your food waste. It is very energy efficient, making it pocket friendly and good for the environment. All in all, it will make a great electric kitchen composter for a small household and is relatively cheap now that there is a newer version.

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The Good

  • No enzymes or additives needed
  • Odorless system keeping your kitchen smelling fresh
  • Takes 4 hours
  • This version is cheaper compared to the newer one

The Bad

  • Processes 2-3 pounds at a time
  • Takes 4 hours which is longer than the newer model

Compositio C30

Compostio C30 Automatic Composter, Black
  • 3 gallons weekly capacity:
  • Control panel with 3 power settings: High, Medium, and Low

The Compositio C30 is a great electric kitchen composter. It can hold up to 3 Gallons of waste per week making it ideal for a very small household, or someone who does not look to compost a lot. The unit features Double reinforced metal motor gears, which grinds the food more efficiently. It also features an internal release mechanism to avoid jamming in the C30. The C30 is great for a small household and a large one that’s to its two-chamber design.

The Compositio C30 is very easy to use too. It features a control panel for the three power settings (High, Medium, and Low) that the unit can allow. This unit features a unique heat insulation design called ‘Efficient APPRO’ that retains internal heat allowing the C30 to compost materials as fast as it can. Its internals are constructed of food grade metal and will not rust, making it more durable. The unit also comes Fully Assembled, making it easy and convenient to install and set up. The Compositio C30 is made of both reusable and recyclable material making it environmentally friendly. It also uses little energy at the low power setting making it relatively pocket friendly to run.

The Good

  • Intuitive controls and design
  • Can process 4 pounds
  • Has two composting chambers allowing for alternation of waste
  • Durable construction increases reliability and life of device
  • Energy efficient
  • Efficient APPRO which keeps the heat in the unit
  • Will not rust

The Bad

  • Needs additives

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Kitchen Composter?

Getting the best electric composter is very important. You need to get what fits within your lifestyle or type of household. For this reason, there are crucial aspects of every electric kitchen composter that one should look at. Before making the decision to purchase any of the options above. This will ensure that you get a valuable and high-quality product that will serve all of your kitchen electric composting needs.


The capacity will determine how much kitchen scraps you can compost in a given time. This will be determined by the size of your kitchen scraps and trash. A small household will need a small or medium-sized electric composter. On the other hand, a large family should choose an electric composter with the capacity to meet your entire waste disposal needs.

Composting Time

The whole idea of an electric composter is to make the process faster. With some taking hours and others weeks, it is pertinent that you choose what works best for you.


A good electric composter is one that should be easy to handle and maintain. However, most people tend to overlook this consideration. It is pertinent that you clean the electric composter regularly; despite having odor control systems, it does not mean they are hygienic. Choose an electric kitchen composter that is easy to clean, to keep your home free of bacteria.


Majority of the electric composters in the market feature metal or plastic construction. This affects their durability and the types of kitchen waste they can process.  if you go for plastic, remember they are not as durable as metal and not weather resistant enough to be placed outdoors. Metal composters on the other hand will last longer and survive the elements, even though they might be a bit heavier.


The price aspect might appear very simple; choose what you can afford or choose the best quality no matter the price. However, this is not the best way. Choose what you can afford, but do not opt for the cheapest option, because such are usually poorly constructed and may not last long. On the other hand, expensive options are not a guarantee of good quality construction, and do not choose them if they are above your budget.

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In conclusion, none of the above options are good or bad. It simply depends on your use case, or budget. If you want the best allrounder the Food Cycle FC 30 Platinum is your best option. It has all the features you might want and is almost the fastest electric kitchen composter on the list. It is also extremely user-friendly with its one button operation and will make a great option for a beginner. For a larger family, the bioCOMpet home electric composter might be the best option. It features a large capacity and suitable construction, making it perfect for a large household. All in all, whatever option you choose from the five will be great.

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