How To Connect Android To Projector

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Using a phone can be the easiest way to present in a meeting. It’s the most convenient way to conduct a meeting as smoothly as possible. However, people have a hard time connecting their phones to a projector.

Fear not! Our guide will clear out all your confusion.

So, here’s how to connect android phone to projector via USB

You can connect your phone both with and without cables. If you’re using cables, HDMI, VGA, and MHL adapters will connect your phone with the projectors. Other wireless options are using Miracast, streaming apps, or Chromecast. Using any of the following methods will connect an android to a projector.

Above are some of the ways you can connect a projector to your phone. If you want to know more about the solutions, read along. You’ll need to spare a minute or two.

Ways To Connect Android To A Projector

Smartphones are capable of doing so much more now. Starting from planning an entire trip to hosting an entire meeting. What can’t you do?

The use of laptops is slowly decreasing. That’s because smartphones are becoming much more convenient. Now you can even present in a meeting with your android phone. But for that, you only need to connect your android phone to a projector.

Connecting your Android phone might be a bit confusing. But don’t worry we will make it all simple for you. 

Now there are 2 ways to connect your projector to a phone. You can use any one of these methods depending on your projector type-

  • Connect with wires
  • Connect without a wire/wirelessly

These two methods have multiple options for you to try out. We’ll go over all the methods briefly. 

These will definitely help you connect your phone to a projector easily.

How To Connect An Android Phone To A Projector With Cables

how to connect an android phone to a projector with cables

There are many easy ways to connect your phone with a cable. However, the method you want to follow depends on the projector model and android device. So before you start with the steps, you should read the device manual. 

This will give you an idea of the type of cable your phone or the projector supports. However, androids even have their own projectors. After confirming, you can begin with your operation. It’ll not take more than 5 minutes to connect to a projector. You can connect using the following cables-

Connect With HDMI

HDMI [High-Definition Media Interface] is used in most of the modern versions of projectors. So if your projector is new, then it will support an HDMI cable. Now the problem lies in the phone you use. 

Chances are your android phone will not support an HDMI port. Because all android phones either have a mini HDMI port or a mini USB port.

However, you can still connect your phone. How? You have to simply use an adapter. It’ll convert a mini HDMI/USB port to a standard HDMI port. All you have to do is simply connect the adapter and the projector cable. There are many USB to HDMI adapters.

Once you connect the adapter, a notification will pop up. This is for permitting the projector. Which you will have to enable.  And just like that, you’ll be able to cast your screen.

Using A VGA

If your projector doesn’t support any HDMI port. Then it probably has a VGA ( Video Graphics Array) port. Old model projectors support a VGA port. However, a phone doesn’t support either an HDMI or VGA cable.

So in this case as well, you’ll have to use an adapter. There are USB to VGA converters for this purpose. After connecting the projector and your phone, you’ll be able to project your screen. The settings are similar to that of an HDMI connection.

Connect With MHL

MHL or Mobile High-Definition Link is another way to link an Android phone with a projector. Now you might want to read the android product guideline for this. Because you need to make sure if your phone supports an MHL. If it does, then that’s good news. 

It’s the easiest way to connect to a projector. An MHL simply converts the USB-C port of a phone to HDMI. Connect the wires with the projector and the phone. After setting up the connection, enable screen projection. And you’ll be able to present easily.

Alternate Ways To Connect An Android Phone To A Projector

This process is for those who are having a hard time connecting the projector via USB cable. This alternate wireless solution can save your time.

Nowadays with every new innovation, projectors also went wireless. That means you can simply connect your phone without the hassle of connecting wires. You can connect through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections.

Here are some of the easy ways to wirelessly connect your android device to a projector-

Using Chromecast

Chromecast is becoming increasingly popular for presenting or projecting. And you can do it on TVs, projectors or any monitors.

What you’ll have to do is connect a Chromecast with a projector. You need to install the Google Home app. After that, use the Google Home app to connect both devices. And then mirror the screen of your android device. 

When using the app, you need to select the mirror device option. And pair the phone with your projector. If you’ve secured the connection then you can cast your screen. 

You will be able to project through the projector just like that.

Using Miracast/Apps

Another way to connect your android device is to use streaming apps. There are lots of apps that allow you to stream or cast your phone screen.

However, you have to ensure if your projector supports the streaming app. Or the Miracast feature. Even if it doesn’t, you can connect a Miracast adapter with the projector. This will help you mirror your phone screen through the projector.

If your projector supports Miracast, simply connect your android phone. You can cast anything to a screen from your phone. This makes using the phone as a projector super easy.

Now that you have connected your phone, you can happily project your screen. And ace your presentation!


Question: Can I connect Android phone to projector via USB cable?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can. If your USB cable supports an HDMI port then you’ll be able to connect it to a projector. USB cables are natural adapters. They convert a mini USB port to an HDMI connection.

Question: How do I connect my Android phone to a VGA projector?

Answer: Simply use an adapter. There are many adapters that connect your phone to the projector. For this case, you can use a USB to VGA converter. It will help your device to get connected to the projector.

Question: How do I connect my Android phone to my Bluetooth projector?

Answer: In the case of a Bluetooth projector, make sure both the devices are connected to the same Wi-fi network. Then find the projector through your phone’s Bluetooth connection. Connect the devices and enable projecting the screen.

Signing Off

By now, hope you’re able to connect your android device to a projector. If you’re connecting wirelessly, both the devices should be connected to the same network. Knowing how to connect android phone to a projector via USB will save your time in future meetings.

Let us know which method you thought was the easiest.

Till then, keep rocking your presentations.

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