How to Fix a Backpack Strap Easily?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

The torn-off straps of a backpack make it less attractive and harder to carry. Thus, you’ve to deal with this issue as soon as possible. 

But, how to fix a backpack strap

Well, if your shoulder straps have torn off at the top, try the sewing method. However, there are two sewing options. One with nylon cloth and one without. It can be that you don’t have much knowledge about sewing. In that case, you can even fix your backpack strap with duct tape.

Now, this is only the preview of the methods. We’ve discussed the step-by-step process of each method. 

Therefore, we hope you’ll definitely read along!

How to Fix Your Backpack Strap?

Straps are an important part of your backpack. Because if they tear off, it’ll be impossible to carry your backpack. 

But don’t worry! You can fix broken backpack straps easily at home. Therefore, just follow our lead-

Method- 1: Sewing With Nylon Cloth

Yup, you read that right! We’ll start with nylon cloth first. 

For this method, you’ll need a few tools- 

  • Upholstery needle 
  • Upholstery nylon thread 
  • Utility scissors 
  • 2×5 nylon cloth 

Trim the Frayed edges

After getting the tools, take your scissors and trim the frayed edges off. You’ll see these around your straps.

Cut the excess threads off the shoulder straps and backpack too.

Work with the Needle and Thread

Once you’re done with the trimming, thread the needle with your nylon thread. 

Next, line up two ends of your nylon thread. Then tie a strong knot. After that, cut the extra nylon thread off with scissors.

Fold the Nylon Cloth over the Shoulder Strap

Put the needle with the thread aside for now. And take the nylon cloth in your hand. 

Line the cloth up with your torn-off shoulder strap. But make sure- 

The cloth can be folded over your shoulder strap. And that the two ends of the cloth can also be aligned.

Sew the Strap & Nylon Cloth

Now, attach the nylon cloth to the shoulder strap by sewing. 

Start off by making sure your stitch goes through the nylon. For sewing, you need to follow the backstitch method

Next, push your needle halfway through. And grab the thread to wrap it around the needle’s sharp side. And lastly, pull your needle entirely. Now just trim off the excess thread with a scissor.

Stitch the Shoulder Strap with the Backpack

Again thread your needle with your 1-meter long nylon thread. After that, place the shoulder strap with the nylon cloth. 

Line it up with the shoulder of your backpack. Apply some pressure so it stays in place. Now, start backstitching again.

Once you’re done with stitching, trim off loose strings to give the strap a clean look. 

That’s all!! 

Now, we’ve explained the steps of hand stitching. But you can complete this process with a sewing machine easily.

Method- 2: Sewing Without Nylon Cloth 

sewing without nylon cloth

The nylon cloth method can sound difficult to you. That’s why we gathered an easy method for all types of straps. 

For this, you’ll need- 

  • Utility scissors
  • Needle 
  • Polyester or nylon thread 
  • Seam Ripper

Detach the Torn Off Strap

Firstly, take your backpack. And fold it over. 

Find the place where the strap is attached to. 

Now use a seam ripper to undo the stitches of the half-torn off strap. And detach it completely from that spot.

Stitch the Strap to the Backpack

After getting the strap out, let it pass through that same gap. 

Keep a little bit of the strap out and make sure everything is flat. Now, just follow the old stitching line and start stitching. 

Remember to stitch on the same line a couple of times. This helps to reinforce backpack straps. So that they won’t tear off easily!

Lastly, cut off the extra threads. And your backpack is all new again!

Method-3: Without Sewing 

Now, some of you might want a fix that doesn’t involve sewing. Well, sewing does get hard sometimes. Especially when you’re outside using a military backpack

On that note, we’ve come up with a temporary fix –

Clean the Surrounding Area of the Strap

First of all, grab a damp rug or cloth. And start wiping the edges of the strap. 

Clean the area where the strap was attached to. Then, allow the backpack to dry.

Place a Two-sided Tape on the Area

Now, grab a two-sided tape. Cut it according to the measurement of the strap’s position. 

After that, insert a little bit of the two-sided tape into the hole. Also, keeping in mind that enough of it should be inside. So that the tape can grip the sides properly.

Push the Strap Inside the Gap

Now, start inserting the strap through the hole. But don’t insert the entire thing. Next, hold the strap tight so that it holds the fabric firmly.

Attach with Duct Tape & Stapler

Lastly, use duct tape to cover that area. And staple the two ends of it to the fabric. 

This way the strap will be attached to the backpack firmly. However, this isn’t a permanent fix. So, if you think you want to buy another backpack afterward-

We suggest going for tactical bags as they’re pretty solid!


Question: How to fix leather backpack strap?

Answer: Firstly, cut off the torn-off part of the strap with sharp scissors. Then, start sewing the ripped portion of the strap to the backpack. For this, grab a heavy-duty needle and thread. Keep on sewing until the strap is strongly attached. 

Question: How to fix loose backpack straps?

Answer: To fix loose or flappy straps, you’ll need duct tape. Start rolling up the strap from the bottom. Rolling 2-3 times for a long strap is good enough. Now, just wrap the duct tape around that rolled-up strap end. 

Question: What to use to fix backpack straps without sewing?

Answer: Well, you can use duct tape to fix the backpack strap. But it’ll be temporary.


We hope you’ve understood how to fix a backpack strap. To save some time, you can get your straps fixed from a backpack repair service too. 

So, which method did you pick? 

Let us know in the comment section. And lastly good luck!

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