How To Fix Automatic Garage Door: Know Your Solutions

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

It’s not uncommon to find garage doors malfunctioning. Troubleshooting a garage door, however, takes a lot of time. However, once you find out the reason, your work gets a lot easier.

So, how to fix automatic garage door?

There are many ways to fix garage doors. By replacing the remote control, the switch, the metal frame, the motor, and the torsion spring, a lot of the problems will be solved. You need to keep an eye on these functions.

These are some of the ways you can save your garage door from crashing down. Now, if you want an in-depth description of garage door troubleshooting, read along.

Let’s begin-

How To Fix Automated Garage Doors: Reasons And Solutions

Imagine how people used to close garage doors before the automatic doors were invented. They would have to do all of that manually. Troubleshooting had fewer aspects back then.

In recent times, troubleshooting a garage door isn’t a piece of cake. Because there are a lot of things that could’ve gone wrong. You have to keep an eye on the remote controller, the garage door track, the screws, the electric signal, etc.

A lot of people pull the emergency release. Especially when they think their garage doors aren’t budging. This is risky since you don’t know the problem. So there’s a high chance your garage door will come crashing down.

Now you might be wondering what should be the first step of troubleshooting a garage door. The answer is simple. You need to do a visual scan of the entire thing. The problem is right there in front of your eyes. But you can’t see it yet.

However, in most cases, the problems are within the garage door system. That’s why you need to do monthly checkups.

Let us take a look at the problems of garage doors-

Reason 1: Remote Control And Wall Switch Not Working

The first and foremost problem that occurs is the malfunction of the remote control system. Automatic garage doors are a blessing. Especially because you can control it with a tap of the remote. 

However, electronic doors are also non-functional if the remote doesn’t work. The door will not respond if the remote is out of range or out of battery. Besides, a damaged antenna or blocked signal can be responsible too.

If the remote is working fine, there’s probably a problem with the wall switch. There might be an issue with the outlet. The door opener plugged in the outlet might be loose. 

Sometimes, the fuse of the outlet burns out. If this happens frequently, there’s a short circuit somewhere in the outlet.

It’s even possible that the entire motor is burned out. As a result, the door won’t open or respond to the wall switch or the remote.


The first thing you can check is the battery of the remote. Sometimes we forget to change the worn-out batteries from the remote. This might be a reason your garage door isn’t opening.

It might also be that your remote is not getting enough range for the signal. In that case, you’ll have to move closer when operating the garage door. Since the garage door operates at a signal of 315mHz, distance is important.

If your garage door is well within signal range, it’s time to check your antenna.

Sometimes the keypad doesn’t work. Either you need to replace the keypad or reprogram the settings. If you do reset the settings, read the instructions or look it up online. Because different keypads have different methods of reprogramming.

Reason 2: No Response From Garage Door

Despite your remote and keypad working, the door is still not responding. It could be the door’s hardware.

The motor that operates the door might be broken or burnt. Or the switch is not plugged in all the way and has a loose connection.

Another possible reason could be the burnt outlet that provides power to the garage door. It might be that the switch or the breaker has tripped or burnt out. As a result, there is no power to control the door.


First things first, ensure that the switches are connected properly. If not, secure them.

If the connections are alright, then you have two things to check: the motor and the outlet. If the motor is broken or burnt, replacing it would do the job. However, if the outlet providing power to the door is faulty, you might have to change the fuse. You might also try and repair the wall switch. 

But if the fuse keeps tripping, there must be a serious problem. You’ll have to check the wiring for any short circuits.

Reason 3: Door Doesn’t Open Or Close Properly

It might be that your garage door is receiving all the signals. It has a good running motor. And the outlet is perfectly fine. 

However, when the door doesn’t open or close properly. This is one of the common garage door problems. Either the door closes halfway through. Or it opens only to get stuck at some point.

This happens due to the up-limit and close-limit options of the automatic garage doors. This limit helps to control the motor. Make sure it’s set to the standard where the motor needs to stop. As a result, the door will close automatically.

However, if the up-limit and close-limit have changed, the doors won’t slide properly. Now, are you wondering how to solve this issue? Let’s take a look.


If your garage doors are opening halfway, here’s what you can do.

You can change the settings of the up-limit and the down-limit. Set it up to the part where the door closes perfectly. This can be controlled by the keypad and just by a lever. Changing this setting on your door can prevent you from any kind of accident. Such as the garage door crashing on someone.

Reason 4: Garage Door Reverses Action

This is another common problem that people face with garage doors. In this case, the garage door reverses when it’s being closed. So just before it hits the floor, the garage door reverses and opens again.

You might also experience the opposite. The door might close when you want to open it. This needs to be fixed right away.


For this problem, you have to start checking the garage opener screws and the rollers. Because these two components are responsible for opening the door. The garage closer might also have such problems. If you want to replace it, there are lots of garage closer options for you. 

The screws control the closing and opening pressure of the door. In this case, you have to reset the closing and opening force settings. 

The rollers often get rusted. This causes extra friction when the door slides open. And it might make the door stop and reverse. You can make sure the rollers are okay by lubricating them every day.

Reason 5: Garage Photo Eye Line Isn’t Aligned

Well, there is another thing in garage doors that could go wrong. Ever wondered why the garage door stops when you walk through it? It’s because of the photo eye sensors. There are two photo sensors on both sides of the door. They pause the door when they sense any object in between them.

However, if these sensors get misaligned, the garage door will have problems. It will stop midway.


Your job would be to ensure that both eyes are aligned. And no other objects are on the sightline. Even the smallest objects can stop the garage from opening or closing. Make sure nothing interferes with the line.

You also might have to replace the eye sensors with a new one. That’s in case one of them stopped working or malfunctioning.

Reason 6: The Misaligned Track

The metal tracks are very important. They are the reasons why the door slides smoothly when opening or closing. They allow the rollers to keep the door moving. 

But it’s a metal track, it might lose its linearity. As a result, the tracks might not remain parallel anymore. This misaligned track causes problems when the door moves.


In this situation, using the garage door would be very risky. It might get stuck midway while moving. So you can either replace the metal track with a new one. 

Or you can force the tracks to be parallel again. You can do that by tapping gently using the rubber mallet. You can also take help from professionals if you have no experience regarding this.

Reason 7: Broken Spring Cables

Broken spring/ torsion cables are very common. They might wear out and break after a certain amount of use. Once you find the cables broken, you must not use the garage door. Stay away from moving the doors in any way. Because it’s very risky. The door might come off its track due to the force of the springs.


The best solution would be to call the professionals for their help. Because only the right tools and skills can fix this problem. So it’s better to keep the door as it is.

Reason 8: Off-Track Doors

Sometimes the metal frames or tracks bend due to force. As a result, the door comes off the track. The door might be wavy on one side for this.

 So if the door is out of the frame, take immediate steps. You don’t want any accidents.


Carefully remove the garage door. That way, you can work with the metal frame. For this step, using a level and a rubber mallet will help. 

Unscrew the frame and tap the frame with the mallet. Tap the frame until it gains the proper form. Once the frame is fixed, install the garage door carefully.

Well,  you’ve finally fixed your automatic garage door.


Question: Why isn’t my garage door wall switch working?

Answer: The garage door switch might not be working for a number of reasons. The fuse might be burnt or the breaker might’ve tripped. The wiring of the switchboard might also be the problem.

Question: How long should a garage door motor last?

Answer: About 15 years! Which is a lot. But still, so many things can go wrong. So do check the motor regularly to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

Question: How do I reset my garage door opener?

Answer: In order to reset your automatic garage door, bring it down. Next, by pulling the emergency cord, move the door manually. You can then pull the emergency cord towards the door. After that, if you connect the trolley to the opener carriage, the door will reset.

Signing Off

We hope by now you’ll be able to troubleshoot all the garage door problems. By knowing how to fix automatic garage door, you’ll be able to tackle any kind of situation.

Let us know which of the garage door problems you have faced in the comments.

Until then, keep up the good work!

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