How to Fix Power Strip?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Power strips are pretty important for a household. Thus, it’s quite annoying if your power strip gets damaged.

So, how to fix power strip easily?

Well, for starters, you’ve to unplug your power strip. Then check the circuit breaker or fuse. Once you’re done with that, start inspecting your power cord. Open your power strip to test the wiring for loose connections, corrosion. Or even damaged shielding. If there’s any, fix them. Lastly, reconstruct the case and plug in your power strip.

Now, to safely fix your power strip, you need more detailed information. That’s why we’ve explained all the steps in easy words.

Thus, to fix it properly, we hope you’ll read along!

7 Simple Steps to Repair Your Power Strip

Now, power strips protect sensitive devices from electric surges. Which might make them go bad. That’s why it’s important to have a power strip.

However, power strips can get damaged as well. So, what to do if that happens?

Well, we suggest trying to fix it by yourself. Just like how you can mount a power strip.

To help you out to repair the power strip, we’ve mentioned 7 steps-

Unplug Your Power Strip

unplug your power strip

Before trying to repair the power strip, you’ve to unplug it. Remove your power strip from your wall socket.

Because if you didn’t know, a voltage of 120 volt goes through these power strips. Thus, you’ve to pull the plug out.

Examine Power Strip Fuse/Circuit Breaker

Oftentimes, power strips have surge protection.  This comes in the form of a circuit breaker or fuse.

Now, if your power strip comes with a fuse-

Turn the cap counter of that fuse clockwise to remove it. After that, place that fuse under a light to inspect it. If you see a broken metal strip inside your fuse-

Don’t attempt to replace that yourself. Seek from an expert instead.

However, if the strip has got a circuit breaker, just push the button that says reset.

Examine the Power Cord

Now, the cord of the power strip can get damaged as well.

That’s why you’ve to look for crimps and cuts in the cord. If you do find any missing shielding from your cord-

Wrap electrical tape around the damaged area. But remember to do so half an inch from the top and bottom part of that area.

So, grab the tape and wrap that damaged area!

Start Opening the Power Strip

Once you’re done with the cord, open your power strip. You’ll see two screws at the bottom side of your strip.

Use a screwdriver to remove those screws. And lastly, open the bottom panel of the strip carefully.

Test the Wiring & Fix Damaged Areas

test the wiring & fix damaged areas

After you’ve opened the strip, inspect the wiring.

You might identify loose connections, corrosion, or damaged shielding. If you find any of these, try and fix them in the following ways.

To remove the corrosion-

Rub cotton drenched in rubbing alcohol across the connection points. Then wait for five minutes until the alcohol evaporates.

Then, for fixing a damaged shielding, just wrap electrical tape around it.

Lastly, repairing loose connections can be a bit tricky. But it’s not impossible. All you’ll need is a soldering iron to solder that wire to the terminal/connection point.

Turn on the soldering iron and let it warm up. Then add soldering flux to both the loose wire and where it’s connected.

Next, put the soldering iron on the connection point and wire for at least 1 minute. Now, you’ll see a gap between the point and wire. Place soldering iron into that gap and wait for it to connect the points.

And that’s all you’ve to do to fix the damaged areas!

Reconstruct the Case & Test the Strip

You’ve come a long way! And luckily you’re almost done!

Now, you just need to rebuild the case. Then plug back in your power strip. Lastly, just examine the strip. Test it by plugging in one electronic device at a time.

However, if your power strip is still broken-

You can easily get yourself a new power strip. So, don’t worry!


Question: Can a power strip be fixed?

Answer: Yup, you can definitely fix a power strip. It can be saved by you or your nearby electrician. So, relax!

Question: How to tell if a power strip is bad?

Answer: Well, everything broken shows a sign. In the case of a power strip, you’ll find it getting all heated up. You’ll also see the cable getting discolored.

Question: How long does a power strip or surge protector last?

Answer: A power strip can last forever. It mostly has a shelf life of 3-5 years. But you can always fix or replace the power strip.


Well, that’s all we had in store for you on how to fix power strip. Hopefully, you’ve understood everything properly.

So, were you able to fix your power strip?

Let us know whether you could repair it or not in the comment section. Good luck!!

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