How to Make A Brush Axe? 6 Step Technique!

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

You’re thinking of cleaning up your backyard. But you can’t find the right axe for it. You have thought of having a regular axe. But that’s not what you need for this purpose.

And a brush axe will rather serve your purpose here. But as a matter of fact, you never made one.

So now you’re searching how to make a brush axe?

To make it, you’ll need a steel piece. That should be approximately 12inch long and 5 inches wide. Cut or bend the steel according to your shape. Now it’s time to add an extra strap to hold the axe. Or you can skip it. Now cut a thick wood piece. And attach it properly to the hook to use it as a handle. Now brush the handle with oil. And you’re all good.

Wait, it’s not all. It’s just an insight. But to know exactly how it’s done we’ve got a whole article. Why not have a look?

What Are The Benefits of Making A Brush Axe of Your Own?

You might be a  bit confused about whether to make your own brush axe or not. Because making it on your own is surely hard work.

Moreover, there are readymade brush axes available both online and offline. So you may think why to do all this work when you can buy them. Since you’ll save time and effort.

Here’s a big BUT buddy. Not everything that saves time is a good option. To be honest, there’s probably no brush axe in-store that’ll suit you.

It’s more like Cinderella’s glass shoe which was only made for her. When you make your own axe, you get to sharpen the steel as much as you like. You can design it the way you want the hook to be.

You can make one that exactly serves your purpose. As you’ll be in charge of the handle length and grip. So it will be more flexible. Now to make one for your own, let’s follow the steps that we mentioned.

How to Make A Brush Axe at Home?-  6 Easy to Follow Steps!

Making a brush axe at home will need some hard work. So grab your gloves and get ready. But first, let us tell you it’s quite dangerous to work if you don’t maintain safety.

But nothing to be afraid of as we’re here to guide you. We’ll walk you through the making process while putting on the safety gear.

So let’s get started already.

Step 1 of 6: Take A Steel Piece

The first thing you’ll need to do is bring a square steel piece. You can buy one from a blacksmith. Or any steel shop. When buying, keep that in mind that the piece should be long and wide. So that you can make your desired axe hook.

You’ll be surprised to hear how many people end up buying the wrong one. So, the preferred measurement for the steel will be 5 inches wide and 12 inches long. This steel size will let you bend it as per your wish. And you won’t have to worry at all.

But if you need an axe that’s smaller in size, you can reduce the steel size also. For example, take 3 inches wide and 10-inch long steel for a smaller brush hook.

Step 2 of 6: Bend The Steel to A Preferable Shape

bend the steel to a preferable shape

Now you need to put on your craftsmen gloves. These ones are really thick and help protect your hands. And the reason we’re telling you this is that you’ve to use your hands a lot now. Without proper protection, it will be super dangerous.

After you’re done putting the gloves, mark the shape of your hook. By that we mean, take a white pencil. And draw the shape of the hook you want to make above the piece of steel. Now once you’re done drawing the shape, it’s time to cut it.

You can use a steel mending machine for that. First, you have to plug in the machine. And when it turns on, you’ll have to put the steel piece on it. And mend it as you like it.

Or you can use your steel sharpening machine. If you’re wondering how to sharpen an axe? Then let’s guide you.

You know that there’s a wheel-like circular thing that moves really fast and sharpens steel. It is what you’re going to use.

So, you’ll have to hold the steel in a way that touches the wheel. When the wheel moves, it cuts down the extra parts.

You might want the hook to be curvy. For that, move the steel piece in a curved motion. And you’ll be all done with the hook.

Step 3 of 6: Add The Strap

The next step will be to add a strap to your hook. It’s needed to hold the wooden handle. Some people like to add two straps to the axe. But we prefer a stronger one actually.

Making a strap is easy. Mend steel in a loop form. Then attach it with the hook. Melt the steel in between the hook and strap to attach them. You can use a burner. While doing it, wear protective face masks.

It’s important to cover your eyes and face. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself while working.

After you attach the loop, just wait for them to cool down. And the hook and strap will be ready.

Step 4 of 6: Cut The Perfect Piece of Wood

As you’re done with the two, let’s make the handle. For that, you’ll need a piece of wood. You can take hardwood or softwood.

The only difference is durability. If you use hardwood, the handle will be long lasting. If you take softwood, it’ll be easy to cut and make the handle. But the life span will be short.

Step 5 of 6: Make The Handle

So, decide beforehand which type of wood you prefer. Find a perfect piece of wood about half of your hand. And cut it out.

Now bring your regular axe. Because it’s high time you put that thing to work. Now use the axe, start to shape the handle as per your wish. Once you’re done, smooth it.

Step 6 of 6: Attach it to The Handle

The last step is to attach the handle to the hook. The only way to do that is via the strap. Remember how we instructed you to make a loop strap. The reason was to insert the handle between it.

So, insert the handle between it and pat with your hammer until it reaches the strap end. Once it reaches there, just put drill screws over it. Doing it will ensure a double lock.

Now put some oil on your hands and rub the whole handle with it. It will ensure that it’s totally smooth and ready to use.

So that’s how you make a brush axe.

But if you are thinking of buying one, look for the best brush axe available in store.


Question: Can I use a steel handle for the axe?

Answer: Yes, you can use a steel handle for your axe. But it will make the brush axe excessively heavy. And will be difficult to operate. So, we discourage it.

Question: Is there any benefit to adding an extra strap to the axe?

Answer: Yes, an extra strap means extra grip to the handle. Without just relying on one strap, two is better. But if you’re making it at home and time is a challenge, one strap will be good enough.

Question: Is a brush axe better than a normal axe?

Answer: Both have different purposes. A brush axe is better if you’re wanting to cut a Christmas tree or cherry tree. Or cutting small branches for a fireplace. But a regular axe is suitable for other professional works.

Parting Words

Looks like it’s the end. Thank you for holding up till the end. Congratulations on knowing how to make a brush axe?

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Bye and take care.

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