4 Easy DIY Notebook Covers

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Notebooks are an important part of our daily life. That’s why making or designing a notebook cover yourself might be a great idea. Because the cover will both keep the notebook safe and make it more attractive.

So, how can you DIY notebook covers?

For starters, you can use a colorful fabric piece to cover the notebook. Just cut and sew it on the notebook. Then you can even use acrylic paint to create an amazing-looking cover. Using paper to make the notebook cover is another great option. Lastly, for an easier option, just use washi tapes and stickers.

Now, you need more info on the methods. That’s why we’ve mentioned a step-by-step process for all four methods.

Therefore, if you want to create the cover properly, please read along!

4 Easy DIY Notebook Covers

Accomplishing something by yourself is always interesting. Whether it be removing your laptop’s back cover or making a notebook cover.

Don’t you agree?

Well, to be honest, store-bought notebook covers aren’t the prettiest. So, changing the cover a bit might be a good thing to do.

And we definitely encourage you to show that creative side of yours.

For that reason, to help you, we’ve explained 4 easy methods-

Method:1- Sewing Fabric

This way you can get a really pretty and easily removable cover. Plus you don’t need much equipment for this.

sewing fabric

You’ll only need two different colored fabrics. One will be your main fabric and another will be the lining. However, both should have the same length.

Also, keep the scissors, needle, and thread close. Because you’ll need them too.

Now, let’s quickly check out the steps-

Measure & Cut the Main & Lining Fabric

First of all, place the notebook wide open on the main fabric. And start taking measurements.

For the measurements-

Start with leaving 1-1.5” around the length and width of your fabric. Then just cut the excess part of the fabric with scissors.

Cut the height of the lining fabric in the same way. But make sure you leave more of the lining fabric towards the width. Because we’ve to make room for the pocket.

For example, if you want a 3″ wide pocket-

Add 12″ to the measurements of the height of the main fabric. And cut the lining fabric.

Start Sewing the Two Fabrics

Now, place both pieces of the fabric together. Keeping the right sides of the fabrics together. And then start sewing the ends of the sides together.

You need to sew the other sides together as well. Once you’re finished sewing, you’ll get an inside-out tube-like form.

Now, position your main fabric in the middle. Sew both the top and bottom parts of the two fabrics.

But hold that needle a bit-

You’ve to keep a small gap at the bottom. Because this way, you can turn them right side out again.

Flip Your Fabric Right Side Out & Keep Sewing

You’ve done a good job, till now. Just keep working for a bit longer!

Now, flip your fabric right side out. Then sew around the rectangle of your fabric entirely.

For that gap-

You need to fold its edges under. And lastly, sew over the spot closed.

Create Pockets to Slip the Notebook In

For this part, fold your lining fabric from both sides. Make sure you fold it over the line that’s between the two fabrics.

You’ll see it takes the shape of a pocket. Now, just sew the top and bottom parts of the fabrics. And you’ll get a pocket for your notebook.

Once the pockets are done-

Slip your precious notebook into the brand-new fabric cover. And that’s all! You did great!

Method-2: Acrylic Paint

To be honest, sewing can get tough for some people. That’s why we’ve come up with an easy idea. So, you’ll need-

  • Acrylic paint
  • Art journal
  • Scissors
  • Sponge
  • Glue stick

Now, it’s always preferable to work with good-quality paint. ​So, just grab the paint and start working on the notebook cover!

Paint the Front & Back Page of the Notebook

Firstly, pour some paint on your paint palette. Which color should you use?

Well, you can choose any color you want!

Next, grab the sponge and dip it in the paint. Then start painting with it.

Now, if you’ve got a spiral notebook-

We suggest taking out both the front and back pages of the notebook. Then paint the pages. This way you can avoid any unwanted mess!

Nonetheless, you’ve to apply one coat of paint first. And let it dry completely. Then go for another paint application. Finally, just wait for the paint to dry.

Cut & Attach Pictures from the Journal

Now, grab your art journal or magazine. Because you’ve to start picking colorful pictures.

Then cut those pictures out. If you want, you can also cut the pictures into different shapes. For example, triangle shapes can give the notebook cover an artistic look.

Anyway, after cutting the pictures, use a glue stick to keep them in place. We suggest using your creativity with the placements!

And that’s all! Easy, isn’t it?

Well, it surely is.

However, if you’ve removed the pages from the notebook-

Place them back in once you’re done with painting and gluing the cutouts!

By the way, this is just us sharing an idea! You can also paint whatever you like with acrylic paint. Just use your imagination and start painting! You don’t necessarily need art journal cutouts!

Method-3: Colorful Paper

Colorful papers can be used to make an easy and simple notebook cover. Also, this method is the best when it comes to DIY notebook covers for school.

So, for this, you’ll obviously need colorful paper and a pair of scissors.

Now, let’s just get into the steps-

Fold the Paper over the Notebook

First, place the paper on your desk. Then put the notebook on top of it. Make sure the book is in the middle.

Also, you don’t have to take exact measurements for this. Which calls for a breath of relief.

Keep the width as it is. And fold the paper from both sides of its height.

Now, if your paper is too big, you’ll need to take measurements. Leave 1.5″ to the height of the paper. Then cut the excess part of the paper.

Once you’re done with the trimming part. Slip the book into the paper cover and close it.

Trim and Adjust with the Notebook’s Measurements

You’ll find the height of the notebook at the bottom is a bit longer. Well, that’s because of the width you’ve left.

Anyways, just trim the excess part. You’ll need to have 1.5-2″ for the notebook cover.

You’ll also need to cut a space from the notebook spine. That’ll help you fold the paper to cover your notebook.

Tape the Cover to the Notebook

Lastly, fold both the top and bottom of the paper to cover the notebook.

To secure the cover on the notebook, tape them down. First with one side and then proceed to the other.

And if you want-

Place some stickers on the cover to decorate it! That’ll definitely add a personal touch.

Method-4: Washi Tapes

This is by far the easiest method among the four. Because you don’t have to do much. And still, get a pretty notebook cover by using washi tapes.

washi tapes

This method is pretty effective for spiral notebooks.

So, to make the cover, get yourself-

  • Washi tapes
  • Non-stick scissors
  • Stickers

Now, let’s see the steps, shall we?

Place Washi Tape on the Notebook Cover

Start off by placing your notebook on your desk. Then take the tape to start covering the front and back page.

Cover the spine of the notebook if it’s not spiraled.

You can do it vertically or horizontally. However, you want to!

After covering with one tape, make sure to cut the edge properly.

Put Some Stickers on the Cover

Once you’re done covering with washi tapes-

It might seem a little empty. To make it more attractive, use pretty stickers. Buy some that’ll match the new cover.

Now, use your creativity and place the stickers on the cover. And there you go! All good and new! However, if the methods seem too hard-

You can just grab a good notebook cover for yourself.


Question: Can I make covers for my notebook without sewing?

Answer: Yup, you definitely can. You can use printed duct tape or paper to make a cover easily. You can even cover the front page of your notebook with washi tape.

Question: How can I make notebook covers for school?

Answer: To make a school notebook cover, you can use paper. Just take measurements of the book. And cut the paper accordingly. Lastly, fold the edges over and tape them down.

Question: How can I DIY spiral notebook covers?

Answer: spiral notebook cover can be pretty difficult to make. But you can create a cover easily with washi tape. Just wrap the front and back page with it.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all we could provide on diy notebook covers. Hopefully, you’ve understood the methods. By the way, you can also use printed duct tape to make a notebook cover!

Now, which option did you choose to make the cover?

Share your answers with us by commenting. Lastly, good luck with making the cover!

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