How To Mount Power Strip | Tricks for Installing Power Strips

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Power strips can literally be your best friend or worst enemy. You probably have one in your room right now. 

Now keeping them on the ground can be a hassle. There’s a chance of tripping on the wire. Plus, it ruins the aesthetic of the room.

So you’re wondering how to mount power strip?

The easiest way is to stick the strip using damage-free wall adhesives. For walls and baseboards, insert two screws on the surface. These have to be aligned with the strip’s mounting holes. So, you can place it properly. Lastly, you can even install a pegboard to hold the strip.

This was just a little sneak peek into our methods. To learn how to do these, it’s imperative that you go through our guide.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Mounting a  Power Strip: 3 Full-Proof Methods

Electrical outlets or wires have tendencies to be fire hazards. Power strips are no exception.  It’s usually the case that most people usually have to fix powerstrips. As they’re prone to damage.

However, mounting them on a surface can easily reduce the risks.

To make your home safe, we’ve discussed three methods for mounting a power strip. We’ve started with an effortless hack and ended with the most difficult.

Method 1: Using Adhesives

Although this isn’t the most durable option, they’re full-proof. Plus, you don’t have to ruin your wall with holes.

All you have to do is select the strip’s placement. Then attach the adhesives to the back of the strip. Now, just stick it wherever you please.

Method 2: Utilizing Screws

 utilizing screws

Your power strip is likely to have mounting holes at the back. On the off chance, it doesn’t. This technique wouldn’t be useful for you. So we’d suggest skipping this one.

For surfaces like walls and baseboards, mark the points where the mounting holes are.

You can either do this by tracing them on paper. And then drawing those points on the surface.

Or use a measuring tape to see where the holes are. Take a pencil and mark the wall.

Then comes choosing the screws, either go with no.6 or no.8 screws. They’re most likely to fit in the holes. So just insert the screws on the surface.

Screw them in nice and tight. But make sure a quarter inch is poking out. This’ll help in placing the power strip. 

Now for brick walls, using a screw may not be an option. So in that case, you should first attach a wooden strip to the wall. Next, try and mount the strip using the same screw method.

At last, just align the holes with the screws. There you go, you’ve got a mounted power strip!

Method 3: Installing a PegBoard

You’re definitely wondering what sort of contraption this is. Well, let put it like this. It’s sort of a hanging metal utility rack. It has pre-drilled holes, which make it easier for attaching screws. Moreover, you can even use its hooks to hang something.

No matter the material of the surface, hanging a pegboard is a great choice. You must be thinking about how you can mount your strip here.

Well, first choose where you want to place your power strip. Now there are two ways you can go with this.

First, take your accessory hanger and attach the outlet brackets with it. The brackets should face you when stuck on the board. Next, insert the attached hanger and bracket into the slot you desire.

Now just insert your strip in the brackets. Then set it flush against the hanger.

The other option is for when you’re short on time and equipment.

You’ll obviously need your accessory hanger attachment. Next, grab yourself from industrial grade double-sided tape. Cut it according to the length of your strip. And just stick the tape on the strip’s back.

Just place the back of the strip on the hanger attachment. Make sure that it’s secured tightly. Finally, insert the hanger into the pegboard.

Voila, you’ve hung your powerstrip in the perfect place.

Additional Method: Attach a Wire Basket

This method works best for mounting a strip under a table/desk. So, you’ll need a few tools for this. Here’s the list you’ve got to follow :

  •  Wire Basket ( Big enough to fit power strip)
  • Mirror Hooks
  • Screws 
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Cutters ( Optional)

Now, mark how long your power strip is. Then place it outlet side out in the basket. So that when you attach it to the desk, it faces outwards. 

If the basket has small holes, cut it open using wire cutters. This is so that the strip can be inserted with its wire.

Now that everything is set, drill in four holes first. They should be according to the four corners of the basket.

Set your basket with the power strip on the surface. Then screw the mirror hooks in. Tighten it as much as possible. And, there you go.

The perfect hiding place for your power strip!

Things To Keep in Mind When Working With a Power Strip

Now, we know that power strips are tricky appliances to work with. It’s important that you keep your safety in mind when mounting it.

  •  This is a bit obvious, but we tend to overlook this. Don’t try to mount a plugged-in power strip. Turn off the power and remove the plug from the outlet. Once the strip has cooled down, you can start working with it.
  • Not all power strips work the same. So when you’re buying one, look into the best strip. Because it’ll definitely last you a long time.
  • You might be thinking of connecting another power strip with your existing one. So that you have enough outlets. That’s definitely a no-go! Because that increases the chances of a fire erupting anytime.
  • If you’re thinking about covering your strip with flammable material. We suggest you refrain from doing so. In case your power strip catches fire, the material will as well. This could result in your house burning down.
  • When mounting your power strip, keep in mind where you’re doing so. If the places are in contact with moisture, we suggest looking elsewhere. 
  • Otherwise, it can cause an accident. Since we’re aware that water and electricity don’t go together.
  • In case you’re using power strips outside, you should mount them. If they’re left on the ground, they’re exposed to the elements. So, they can easily get ruined.
  • Mounting power strips is a good idea when you have children. These curious buggers always get their hands on everything. So it’s likely that they’ll play with it. Which can cause them to get electric shocks.

Upon reading all these safety measures, you’re wondering if it’s worth the effort. Well, it definitely is.

Now, if this is too much for you, get a professional to do it.

Moreover, since they’re more experienced, they’ll be able to avoid rookie mistakes. So, your house will be safe.


Question: What should you not plug into a power strip?

Answer: High power capacity appliances, such as refrigerators, space heaters, microwaves, and toaster ovens. These appliances need to be directly connected to the wall outlet.

Question: Do power strips use electricity when turned off?

Answer: Yes, they do. Well, if your device is plugged in, it’s likely to use some electricity. In turn, the power strip does so too. Only smart power strips completely stop the use of electricity.

Question: Can you put a magnet on a power strip?

Answer:  Of course you can do so. But only if the strip has no holes. You can then attach the magnet to the back of the strip. That too using some strong adhesive.

Signing Off

Well done, you’ve mastered how to mount power strip. That’s a big step to becoming a reliable handyman. Want an extra help titbit? It turns out you can use hanging hooks to mount your strip.

Now, if you’ve had issues mounting your power strip, let us know. Comment below if you’ve got an alternative method to ours.

Hope you’ve learned something new!

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