How to Remove Back Cover of Laptop?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Sometimes it’s necessary to open the back cover of your laptop. But getting it out can be a  bit difficult. Especially when it’s an emergency.

So, how to remove back cover of laptop easily

Well, for starters, turn off your laptop completely. Then you’ve to flip it over so it’s facing down. Make sure to flip it over a flat surface. After that, start removing the screws from the back cover. Lastly, just lift the cover towards one edge of your laptop and that’s it!

Now, you need a detailed guide on this. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your laptop. 

Therefore, please stay with us till the end!

How Can You Remove the Back Cover of Your Laptop?

Laptops come in different shapes and models.

Some have easily removable back covers. Just like the DIY notebook covers. You can just slide the cover in and out.

But some back covers can’t be removed that easily. So, you can be pretty confused about how to remove those. 

And if your laptop’s back cover is screwed in, just follow our lead-

Grab the Important Tools

The first thing you need to do is get the tools for removing your laptop’s back cover. So, to help you, we’ve mentioned those specific pieces of equipment- 

  • Hand gloves 
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flat-headed screwdriver 
  • Visiting or credit card

Now, just grab these so you can start taking out the cover!

Turn off Your Laptop

turn off your laptop

After getting the tools, you gotta turn the laptop off. Obviously, because you don’t want your laptop to get damaged.

That’s why turn off your laptop. Also, disconnect your laptop from any power cables. Or any other peripheral connections. 

If you’ve got the battery on the back cover, remove it as well.

Place Your Laptop on a Flat Surface

After your laptop has powered down, close the lid. 

Then place it on a flat surface. But there’s a catch-

Since we’re going to work on the back cover. Therefore, you gotta place it face down on the surface.

Locate the Screws of the Back Cover

Now, all back covers can’t be removed by hand obviously-

Because they have been made that way. Yup, screws were placed to keep the cover in place and intact. 

Thus first, you’ve to find the screws. So, look around the back cover and search for screws. For some laptops, there are also 1 or 2 rubber clips on the cover. 

Few screws can be under those rubber clips as well. So you’ll need to remove them to find the screws. 

Get the clips off by using your fingers. Also, remember to be gentle. Otherwise, they can get damaged. 

Now, you might find some screws under the battery compartment for some specific laptops. That’s why if you haven’t removed the battery, do it now!!

Take the Screws Off

take the screws off

Once you’re down locating the screws, take them off. 

You’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver. This type of screwdriver is crucial for this process.

Now, just grab the screwdriver. Because you’ve to get to work. 

Start taking screws one by one. Keep the screws in a bowl. So that they don’t get lost!

Try to Lift up the Back Cover

After you’ve taken the screws out, try to get the cover off. 

Even after the screws are off, it can be difficult to remove the cover. Start with using a flat-headed screwdriver to lift up the cover. 

Keep in mind that you’ve to lift it up from the edges. 

If the flat-headed screwdriver isn’t useful. Try going for visiting or credit cards. 

Slip the card in between the gap. Then run it through the whole thing. This will help you release the clips. 

Lastly, when the clips are released- 

Use your fingers to lift up the cover. And remove it completely. 

And that’s all! This is how you can open the back cover of most laptops. 

Now that your laptop’s back cover is off-

You can continue with what you’re intended to do! Best of luck!

Important Tips 

Now, you’ve to be extra careful when working with gadgets.  Especially when removing your laptop’s back cover. Because finding a new laptop back cover is harder than getting notebook covers.

That’s why we thought about giving you some heads up. 

So, we’ve discussed some tips below-

  • Dry your hands beforehand. Water is one of the top reasons why electrical devices get ruined. Thus, don’t start working with wet hands. 
  • Don’t work in a dusty place. The back cover protects your hard drive. So, working in that type of place can cause dirt to get into the hard drive. 
  • Be gentle while lifting up the back cover. Instead of using too much force to open the cover, use your brain!! 
  • Slide the back cover around. If you think lifting it is not the right option. 
  • Remove the rubber clips gently with your fingers. Don’t use any other sharp devices. 
  • Never use an electric screwdriver.  It can seriously damage your laptop. Especially if you don’t know how to use it. 
  • Take the help of a professional if you think you can’t do it. Spending a bit of money on your precious laptop won’t hurt!

Now, these are some of the dos and don’ts you’ve to follow. These tips will definitely come in handy. And you’ll also get your back cover removed properly!


Question: Is it safe to open the back cover of your laptop?

Answer: Yup, it’s safe. You just need to follow the proper steps of opening it. For example, turning the laptop off, finding and removing the screws. Then gently trying to open the cover. These are what you’ve to do!

Question: Can I take the back cover of a laptop off by hand?

Answer: Yup, you can. But if the back cover is removable. Because if it’s a non-removable cover, you can’t remove it by hand. You’ve to undo the screws of the back cover and then attempt to remove it. 

Question: Can I damage my laptop while trying to open the back cover?

Answer: Yes there’s a possibility. For example, you can break the cover. Therefore, follow the steps and tips we’ve mentioned. Work with dry hands. Power off the laptop entirely. Then start taking the screws off one at a time. Lastly, lift up your cover slowly and carefully.

Question: What type of screwdriver to use when removing the back cover?

Answer: Well, it’s always safe to go for the screwdriver that matches with the screws on the back cover. By screwdriver, we mean the head of it. But in most cases, you’ve to go for a screwdriver with a (+) head. This type of screwdriver is also known as Philips head screwdriver.

Take Away

That’s all we had on how to remove back cover of laptop. We hope you’ve understood all the steps. You can also wear gloves throughout the removal process.

So, were you able to remove your back cover? 

Let us know your answers in the comment section. Last but not least good luck!!

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