How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Sliding glass doors can get damaged with time. This makes it necessary to replace them. 

But how to replace a sliding glass door properly?

Firstly, you’ve to prepare both your existing and new door frame and threshold. Then discard the existing door’s screen door and panels. Along with the present door frame and threshold. Next, move on to preparing the door opening for your new door. Lastly, install every part of the new sliding door and seal it in place.  

Now, this is not enough to replace your new sliding glass door properly. Thus, we’ve explained the steps in simpler words. 

Therefore, we hope you’ll read till the end!

How Can You Replace a Sliding Glass Door?

Now, replacing your sliding glass door can get essential as time goes by. So, you can easily buy yourself a new sliding glass door. And move on to the replacing process. 

To help you out, we’ve broken down all the steps-

Grab the Necessary Tools

grab the necessary tools

Before getting to the steps, you obviously need some equipment. 

That’s why we’ve gathered all the essential tools to replace your door- 

  • Measuring tape 
  • Gloves and goggles 
  • Drill 
  • Pry bar 
  • No. 8 (3”) wood screws
  • Level
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers 
  • Pliers 
  • Reciprocating saw 
  • Radon blade 
  • Rubber mallet 
  • Sealant for door and windows 
  • Waterproof silicone door and window caulk

Now, hurry up and get these. Only then you can start replacing your sliding glass door.

Prepare the Present Door Frame & Threshold

Preparing the existing door frame and threshold is important. Therefore, grab the razor blade to score drywall. 

Cut the weather stripping as well. That’s usually around your present sliding glass door frame and threshold. Plus if you didn’t know- 

Scoring will help to give a cleaner breaking point. This will prevent any damage to the drywall.

Work on the New Door Frame & Threshold

Oftentimes a new sliding glass door comes with a mounting strip. It’s seen around every edge of the frame. So, if you’re going to replace an existing sliding glass door- 

Remove the mounting strip if the trim is not removable. For that, grab the razor blade again. And use it to score across the bottom edge. 

Then bend the strip forward and backward by using pliers. Keep bending until it completely snaps off.

So grab your plier to get the strip off.

Discard the Present Door Panels & Screen Door

Now, proceed to the screen door and door panels. 

Your existing glass door might have a screen door. You’ve to remove that first before getting to the panels. 

To discard it, lift the door up and then off the bottom track. And lastly, pull the door out towards yourself to remove it from the top track. 

Now, a sliding glass door basically has two panels. 

One panel is movable, which is known as the sliding door. And the other is stationary. 

So, how to remove them? 

Well, for the stationary panel, look for screws that are holding the panel. If you find any, use a drill to discard those screws. 

Then get the pry bar. And start moving the side of your panel door in opposition to your wall. This will help you grip both sides of that panel.

Try lifting your door panel up and off with your hands from the bottom track. Lastly, bring it towards you. So that it gets out of the top track as well.

Start Removing Your Present Door Frame & Threshold

start removing your present door frame & threshold

After you’re done with the door panel and screen door-

Move on to the existing door frame and threshold. 

Firstly, look for nails/screws holding the door frame to the studs of the wall. Remove those nails and screws. 

Use a pry bar to pry the frame and the threshold from the door’s opening. 

If the pry bar doesn’t work, use the reciprocating saw. Start cutting through the middle of the top of your door frame. Lastly, pull the present door frame and threshold out.

Prepare Your Door Opening for Your New Door

Now, take your measuring tape. And move on to measuring the opening of your doorway. Along with the new door. 

This way you’ll know if your new door frame is thicker than the previous one. If it’s thicker-

Measure the necessary width needed to fit the opening of the doorway. And then mark both the flooring and walls that have to be removed.

Install & Seal the New Sliding Glass Door 

Finally, you’ve to start working with your new sliding glass door. 

Now, remember to discard the movable panel beforehand from the door frame. You can install the sliding door (movable) panel after the door frame is installed. However, keep the stationary panel in place.  

First, let’s start by installing the new door frame- 

You’ve to position the frame in such a way-

That the sliding door panel track faces the interior of your home. Furthermore, the screen door and stationary panel track faces the outer part of your home. 

Now, lift the frame up into place. Get your rubber mallet and tap it into the opening of the doorway. Later, use shims so that you can level the frame. 

Next, start working with the no.8 wood screws you’ve got-

Put them into every corner of that door frame. Then grab some more again. But this time-

Put them into the middle/center of all the vertical sides of your door frame. 

Once the door frame is in place, insert the sliding door panel. Just lift the panel up and place it into the top track first. Then into the bottom track. Use a level to make sure it’s placed perfectly.

After the sliding door panel, grab your screen door. Insert it in the frame the same way you placed the sliding door panel. 

Next, situate the door handles and locks. To install them, read the instruction manual. 

Lastly, spray the foam caulking into the gaps around your door frame. And use silicone caulking for sealing the door frame edges. 

That’s all! Now just wait at least 24 hours for the caulking to set! 

Now, you might think replacing a sliding door frame is quite difficult. Similar to fixing a sliding glass door if you’re inexperienced. But hey, you can always seek help from a professional. 

Therefore, don’t worry at all!!


Question: How much does it cost to replace a sliding glass door?

Answer: Well, the price actually varies. If you do it yourself the cost isn’t that much. However, using help from a professional team can cost you $300-$2000. 

Question: How long does it take to replace a glass door?

Answer: It can take you about 1-2 days to replace the door. But a professional team will take 1 day to do the same.

Question: Can I replace the sliding glass door by myself?

Answer: Well, if you’re a beginner, we suggest not to do it by yourself. Replacing the door is actually quite hard. So, you can call an expert. But remember, the whole process requires at least two people.


Now, that’s all we had on how to replace a sliding glass door. We hope the replacement process was easy to understand. 

So, were you able to replace your sliding glass door? 

Do let us know your answers in the comment box. Best of luck!

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