How To Use My Android Phone As A Projector

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

There are two ways you can present in a meeting with a phone. You can either share the screen of your phone. Or you can present using your phone with a projector. The latter can be a bit hard to contemplate. However, there are easier ways.

So, how to use my android phone as a projector?

There are four simple ways you can use a projector with your phone. You can connect your phone using a cable with your TV or monitor. Or you can stream wirelessly using a streaming app or Chromecast. You can also project by connecting your phone with a projector.

These are the ways you can use to pair up a projector with a phone. If you want to know the steps of using a phone as a projector, then read along. All you need is a minute and you’ll be done.

Let’s go-

4 Ways To Use An Android Phone As A Projector

It’s not always possible to carry a laptop around. You might not like carrying a laptop to all your presentations. That’s when your android phone comes to the rescue.

Nowadays, smartphones can do almost everything a laptop can do. Including giving a presentation. From making a slide for a presentation to hosting a meeting, everything can be conducted using a phone.

However, there are many ways, using a phone, you can present. If you use an android phone you’ll have more than one option. Let us take a look at the ways you can use your android phone as a projector-

Can I Stream Wirelessly?

Yes, you can! Streaming wirelessly is the easiest way to project with a phone. There are many mobile software applications that allow wireless streaming.

Install the software both on the device you want to present in and your phone. If you are connecting to a TV, make sure it has a set-top box. Without it, you can’t use this application.

Once all is set, you can present using the phone. Any multimedia on your phone will be wirelessly streamed.

Will Connecting To A Projector Work?

Yes, now you can connect a phone with the projector. In that way, you can present your slides to a bigger monitor.

All the modern projectors use the HDMI port to connect to a device. But the older versions use VGA ports. Your phone, on the other hand, has a mini USB port. So, you need an adapter that converts the mini USB port to an HDMI port. Or mini USB port to VGA port.

Once you connect the projector with your phone, you will be able to present it on the screen.

Can I Connect The Phone To A TV?

Yes! There’s another way you can present on a TV with your phone. And that is using a cable. Now for this, you’ll also need to use a Mini USB to HDMI adapter. 

You can also use an MHL adaptor. But before you do check the manufacturing guide of the phone. Because chances are the phone will not support the MHL adapter.

The advantage of using a TV as a projector is that you can control the presentation. How? You can simply use the remote to do that.

Should I Try Chromecast?

Chromecast is one of the most popular ways to present using a phone. But for this, you have to install the Chromecast on your device. After setting up Chromecast on the device, connect your phone with the WiFi. Make sure it’s the same network that Chromecast is using.

After connecting, use the Google Home app to start casting the phone screen. You can also control the volume using your phone.

Chromecast just mirrors your phone screen on the monitor. So make sure all your notifications are off. Otherwise, it’ll interrupt the meeting and your presentation. Also, remember not to present with the battery-saving mode turned on. Because it’ll interrupt while you are casting.

These are all of the methods you can use your android phone as a projector. However, using a good projector is the best way to present with a phone. Because this will allow you to cast on a big screen without any hindrance.


Question: Do I need wifi to present with my phone?

Answer: If you want to present using your android phone wirelessly, then you do. If you have a streaming app or a casting app, then make sure the devices are connected to the same network. 

Question: Do I need an adapter to connect my phone with the TV?

Answer: Yes you do. But only if you don’t want to go through the wireless route. You can’t connect your phone directly with the HDMI port. Because your phone has a mini USB port. That’s why you need to use an adapter to connect them.

Question: How can I present without a projector?

Answer: If you present without a projector, you have two options. You can use a TV, or any other monitor big enough for your presentation. You don’t need to connect your device to a projector for that.

Signing Off

We hope you’ve learned how to use your phone as a projector by following any of the methods. Just make sure your device supports the adapters or the cables before connecting.

Let us know which of these methods has helped you present using your phone.

Until then, never stop learning.

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