How To Make A Phone Charger With AA Batteries: Charging 101

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

If your phone charger isn’t working, what would you do? Will you panic? Or will you make a smart move and charge your phone with AA batteries?

Yes, you can still charge your phone with double AA batteries. So when your charger doesn’t work, don’t panic. All you have to do is gather some essentials along with the batteries. So, panicking will not help save you from a phone emergency.

Now, how to make a phone charger with AA batteries?

You only need to follow 5 steps. First, cut the USB end of the wire to expose the wires within. Then, you need to solder the wires of the holder and the USB to the IC. For the third step, insert 4 batteries with 1.5V in the battery holder. Glue all the wires and the IC together as the second last step. And then finally let your phone charge.

This is the way you can charge your phone with double-A batteries. However, if you are willing to follow every single instruction for a successful operation then read along.

Are you ready to say goodbye to chargers?

A Simple Hack To Charge A Phone Without AA Batteries

a simple hack to charge a phone without aa batteries

Why carry your charger everywhere, when you can make a power bank on your own? What if you’re on the road and your phone is low on charge? You can’t find a power source then. That’s when AA batteries will save your phone and your time.

Even a power bank sometimes isn’t this useful. Since you need to recharge it after a while. You still need a power source for that. But with an AA battery DIY charger you can just simply change the battery. And just like that, your phone is charging again! But there are some methods you can charge AA batteries without a charger.

The process of making a DIY charger is so easy. Literally, anyone can make it. But before we begin with the complete guide, let us take a look at what we need-

  • 4 AA Batteries [1.5V each]
  • Glue gun
  • Battery holder
  • Voltage regulator IC 7805 
  • USB A To Micro B Cable adapter
  • Solder iron
  • Wirecutter
  • Blade

If you’ve gathered all the necessities, then we can begin with our project! Go through our step by step guide for a better outcome. So let’s begin-

Step 1: Cut The USB Cord

For the first step, take a USB cable that can charge your phone. Usually, a USB A Male to Micro B cable is used to charge phones. 

Now, take a wire cutter and cut the USB end of the wire. You can keep the length of the wire according to your convenience. After that using a blade, separate the plastic covering to expose the four wires inside it. 

The four wires have different colors: red, black, white, and green. Only the red and black wires are required. So, just cut the rest off.

Step 2: Solder Wire With The IC

After you’ve cut the USB, it’s time to start making the connection. The batteries need to be connected in a series connection. However, the 4 batteries create a total of 6V. Which is a bit higher than the input level of mobile phone batteries that is 5V. Thus, they can’t be connected directly. So we will use a voltage regulator, IC 7805.

This regulator will keep the flow of voltage constant. This converts the output voltage of the batteries to a phone adaptable level. This means no matter what the input is, the output of the battery will be 5V.

Otherwise, there’s a possibility of the phone battery burning. That’s why the voltage needs to be controlled.

Now, in order to make the AA battery charger, we need to connect exactly four wires with the IC. Since we need a permanent connection,  the wires need to be soldered together with the IC. Now this voltage regulator has 3 pins. All the wires need to be connected to these pins.

First, we will connect the wires of the battery holder to the IC. Take the red wire and solder it to the pin on the left. 

After that, the black wire should be connected to the middle pin by soldering. Now that both the wires are connected, we will start dealing with the USB cable wires.

Connecting the USB cable wire is similar to that of the battery holder wire. All you need to do is take the red wire and solder it to the IC pin on the right. And after that, take the black wire and solder it to the pin in the middle.

If the soldering is done, congratulations! The connection is complete and only a few things remain.

However, before moving on, it’s important to know that soldering can be risky. So don’t attempt it without proper guidelines and precautions. And of course, you need to keep this away from children or animals.

Step 3: Put The Batteries In The Holder

For the next step, place the 4 AA batteries inside the battery holder. All the AA batteries have 1.5V power. Make sure they’re good quality batteries and not old. Something you may be curious about is- why are we using four batteries?

Because every mobile battery requires an input of 5V. And we can achieve a voltage similar to that of the mobile battery by using 4 batteries. 4 AA batteries produce a voltage of 1.5×4 or 6V. Which is slightly higher than the phone battery. But this is the closest AA battery outputs can take us.

The difference in voltage is also another reason why you can’t connect both the wires directly.

Step 4: Glue All Things Together

If you think the wires are all over the place, you can clean the mess a little. To do that, you need to glue the wires to the battery holder. And glue the IC to the plastic using a glue gun.

Take the IC and the extra coiling wire to the back of the battery holder. The glue from the glue gun is extremely hot, so do take precautions while using them. Also drying the glue takes a little bit of time. So it’s better not to rush while using a glue gun.

This will allow the wires to stay as close as possible. And will prevent the connection from getting loose. 

The wires will also stay protected and will not break. If you want, you can also glue the entire battery holder to any box for portability.

Step 5: Connect USB And Let Charge

If the wires are glued and the batteries are fixed, it’s time to test your DIY charger! Connect the micro USB of the cable to your phone and see if your phone blows. Just kidding! 

Your phone will definitely start charging once you connect. Cheers to your new emergency, portable, AA battery DIY charger! You will now be able to take it anywhere you want. Make sure you change the batteries once in a while.


Question: Can you charge a phone with AA batteries?

Answer: Yes absolutely! All you need is a USB cable, a battery holder, four AA batteries, and a voltage regulator. Then you can easily charge your phone. If you follow the steps discussed above you can make your own DIY charger!

Question: How can I charge my phone without electricity?

Answer: There are numerous ways to charge your phone without electricity. You can either use a power bank or you can make your own charger. And that too with four AA batteries. Follow the life-saving hack to keep yourself ready for any phone emergency situation.

Question: Can I leave my phone on charge all night?

Answer: It’s better not to leave your phone charged all night. It’s especially harmful when the phone is left in the charger with a 100% battery charge. This gradually decreases the battery capacity.

Signing Off

Now you know how to make a phone charger with aa batteries. Do remember not to use it with old batteries. It will affect the health of the phone battery. And certainly don’t use this charger without the IC.

Let us know your experience making your own charger in the comment section below.

Until then, keep connecting with people.

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