How to Make Piggy Bank at Home? [The Easiest Way]

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Do you want to make a piggy bank for your kid/yourself?

Well, you might think that making a piggy bank at home is hard. But it’s actually pretty easy. And you can also have fun while making it.

So, how to make piggy bank at home easily?

Well, for starters, you can make a piggy bank by using waste materials. Such as plastic bottles and cereal boxes. Then using a mason jar to make the bank is another great option. Lastly, try using paper to create a piggy bank. For every method, you’ve cut a coin slot. And decorate the material according to your kid’s or your preference.

Now, this short preview is not enough to make a proper piggy bank. That’s why we’ve discussed the methods in detail for you.

Therefore, we hope you’ll spare some time and read till the end!

3 Easy Ways to Make a Piggy Bank

3 Easy Ways to Make a Piggy Bank

Making a piggy bank at home can be a pretty interesting experience. Just how painting a ceramic bank is! Whether you do it for yourself or your kid.

Now, to help you out-

We’ve gathered 3 amazing and easy methods. Therefore, just read along-

How to Make Piggy Bank with Waste Material?

This method is pretty easy and also cheap. Because who doesn’t have waste materials at home?

So, start recycling those waste materials at home to save the environment and your money. Because you can easily make a piggy bank using these materials.

Thus, let’s look at how to make the bank with two different waste materials-

Piggy Bank with a Plastic Bottle

For this, grab a plastic water bottle and a box cutter. Also, for the decorations, you’ll need-

  • Pink colored paper
  • Egg holders
  • Pink colored pipe
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun

Now, if you’re ready with the equipment, let’s check out the steps-

Wash the Plastic Bottle and Let It Dry

First, you’ve to wash your plastic bottle. We suggest using a 500-1000 ml bottle for the bank.

After washing the bottle properly, let it dry for 10-15 minutes. You can use paper towels to dry it. Or just let the bottle air dry.

Cut a Coin slot on the Bottle

Once the bottle is all dried up, you need to start cutting the coin slot. You can measure the size of your coin. And then make the slot.

However, we suggest cutting a 1-1.5-inch long slot. Because the slot needs to be a bit bigger than the size of your coin. Otherwise, the coins might get hard to take out.

Start Giving the Bottle a Pig Shape

Finally, it’s time to get creative. To be honest, you can try out any kind of design.

As this is a piggy bank so we’re going with a pig shape-

Firstly, you’ve to give it legs. So, cut out 4 egg holders. And glue them on the opposite side of the coin slot.

Secondly, you’ve to draw pig ears, eyes and a nose with a pencil. Cut them out with scissors afterward. First, glue the nose on the cap of the bottle. then glue the eyes and ears.

Lastly, for the tail, use a pink pipe and twist it. Tie a knot with the pipe at the bottom of the bottle. And you’re all done!

Piggy Bank with a Cereal Box

To make the bank, you’ll need an empty cereal box. You’ll also need-

  • Papers
  • Hot glue
  • A pink pipe
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Cover the Box with Pink Paper

First, you’ve to cover the box with paper. However, using any paper isn’t a good idea. We suggest using construction papers.

To help you out, we’ve even mentioned different colored construction papers-


Tru-Ray – 1439763 Pacon Assorted Primary Colors Primary Construction Paper​​​​


SunWorks Construction Paper

SunWorks Construction Paper, 11 Assorted Colors


So, grab the papers and start working!

After getting the paper, place your box on it. And take measurements of each side with a pencil.

Then cut the paper with scissors. And start covering the box with the paper by using hot glue.

Create a Pig Face, Tail, and Legs

After covering the box, start cutting the construction paper again. This time cut the paper to make the pig’s face and legs.

Cut a circle for the face, triangles for the ears. Then glue the ears at the top edge of the circle. Next, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the circle.

For the legs, cut four 2.5”x1.5” rectangles from the pink paper. And two 1.5”x0.5” rectangles from the black paper. Hold the bigger rectangles vertically. And glue the smaller ones horizontally at the bottom of it.

Now, grab the face and the two legs with smaller black rectangles. And place them at the front of the box with glue. Remember to glue the legs vertically below the face. And on two sides of the box.

Lastly, twist the pipe and glue it at the back. Place the other two legs at the back too.

Cut Coin Slot on Top of the Box

Now, just cut the coin slot on top of your box.

Use a box cutter for this. And carefully cut a 1-1.5-inch long coin slot.

And that’s all!

How to Make Piggy Bank with Mason Jar?

This is the easiest way to make a piggy bank. You only need a mason jar, box cutter, and decoration items.

Wash the Jar and Let It Dry

Now, you can use a 0.5 or 1-gallon mason jar.

Next, you’ve to wash the jar thoroughly. And allow it to dry. Use a paper towel to complete the drying process quickly.

Cut a Coin Slot on the Lid

After drying the jar, move on to the lid.

Yup, you need to get the box cutter. And place it in the middle of the lid. Then just cut a 1-1.5-inch coin slot.

Decorate the Jar

Now, this time with the mason jar, you’ve to get creative. Use your imagination and decorate the piggy bank.

You can use glitters, stickers, and so on. You can even let your kids decorate it.

How to Make Piggy Bank with Paper?

This option can take more of your time. But it’s the most creative so far.

So, for this, you’ve to get-

  • Mixable paper mache
  • Butcher paper or newspaper
  • A balloon
  • Box cutter

Cover the Balloon with Paper

First of all, pour a bit of cold water into the paper mache. And stir it until it gets a paste-like form.

Cut some newspaper/butcher papers into 1-1.5-inch shapes. Then dip the shapes into the paste.

And place it all over the balloon. Add 2-3 layers of the paper mache. Then allow the covered balloon to dry for at least 2 days.

Cut the Coin Slot and Decorate

After the balloon is dry, create a coin slot. Hold the balloon horizontally and cut a 1.2-1.5-inch hole.

Lastly, paint the bank pink and give it a pig shape. You can use egg holders for the legs, ears, and nose.

That’s pretty much it!

Now, if you think these are time-consuming for you-

Just buy yourself a good piggy bank.


Question: Can I make paper mache at home for the piggy bank?

Answer: Yup, you can. First, you’ll need to mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup of flour. Mix till you have a glue-like paste. If the mixture is too thick, add a bit of water. Remember to leave no lumps in the mixture.

Question: What can I use to make a piggy bank?

Answer: You can use various things. For example, use a plastic bottle or an empty cereal box. You can even work with a mason jar or paper.

Question: What is the fastest way to make a piggy bank at home?

Answer: We recommend using a mason jar to make the piggy bank. Because it’s the easiest and fastest among the other methods.


By now, hopefully, you’ve understood how to make piggy bank at home. By the way, you can even use a plastic jar instead of a mason jar too.

Now, which method did you choose?

Write down your answers in the comment box. And lastly good luck!

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