Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling – Which One Is Best?

Microdermabrasion and microneedling are two of the most sought after procedures today. They help rejuvenate your skin. Let’s see how they are different.

Microdermabrasion and Micro-needling have somewhat similar names, and this tends to confuse a lot of people.

Despite them both being two of the most renowned non-surgical procedures opted by men and women, there remains some ambiguity in understanding them.

They don’t require special medical practitioners and offer phenomenal results.

Microdermabrasion is a short and simple process, in which the skin of the user is exfoliated.

On the other hand, the process of Micro-needling is a bit tricky as it cleanses even the lower part of the skin.

Both differ in their scale, results, costs, as well as the procedures.

So, Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling - Which one should you go for?

Let’s find out.

Microdermabrasion vs Microneedling

Differentiating between these two beauty procedures is quite easy.

In Microdermabrasion, an ablative material is used to exfoliate the skin.

Most of the time, the product used by the practitioner is sodium bicarbonate. By using this product, it gets easier for the practitioner to scrub off all the dead cells from the surface of the skin.

At the same time, a device is used to give circular massage to the skin, which sucks the dirt out of it.

During the process, a bit of discomfort may be felt, however, you end up having smooth, bright, and clearer skin.

There is no downtime required post-treatment, and it works exceptionally well on all types of skin.

On the other hand, Micro-needling is not a superficial process; rather it goes deep into the skin to give maximum benefit.

The process includes puncturing the outer layer of the skin through microscopic ruptures.

This process causes the collagen in the skin to produce at a greater level than before.

As a result, elastin is also created, which helps in healing the wound faster.

Consequently, you are able to reduce and lighten acne scars, wrinkles, as well as stretch marks.

If you do not have the time to visit the medical practitioner to get this procedure done, you can always opt for ‘derma rollers’.

These derma rollers are small rollers with tiny needles attached on them.

They can be rolled on the skin, which will have similar effect as the original process of Micro-needling.

However, for proper treatment, micro-needling done at a medical practitioner is what you should consider first.

While comparing the effects of both these procedures, it gets evident that microdermabrasion has minimal clinical effects.

However, Micro-needling is a procedure that gives maximum benefits to your skin.

Difference in Procedures

There is a stark difference in the procedures.

Microdermabrasion is a simple and cost-effective process, which gets completed in merely an hour.

This process is both low risked as well as non-invasive.

Thus, you can trust it with the eyes closed. The process includes polishing the skin with the help of high pressured, fine crystals that take off the dead skin cells from the skin.

However, this process doesn’t have any mechanism to penetrate deep in the skin and clean it further. But, it is painless and can cause mild redness.

Micro-needling is comparatively a tricky process.

A pen or roller is used in this procedure, which has micro needles studded into it.

These needles are 0.1mm apart in diameter, and remove the dirt of the skin quite efficiently.

It micro punctures the surface of the skin, and this puncture further leads to the creation of collagen, which heals it.

Thus, one can say that it is a ‘wound healing’ procedure, which works much more efficiently compared to Microdermabrasion.

Elastin produced in Micro-needling elevates the quality of the skin, making it bright, clean, and smooth.

Cost of each Microdermabrasion and Microneedling

When it comes to talking about the amount of money one has to spend on each, it surely depends on the intricacy of the procedure.

Microdermabrasion, being a milder procedure, is much more cost-effective than Micro needling.

For each session, you need to pay around $100-$250.

On the other hand, Micro-needling is a bit expensive. Each of its session requires you to spend $200 to $700.

It is most effective, but you may need 5-6 session for seeing excellent results. Thus, the final cost may reach up to $4200.

Which one is for you?      

Choosing the right procedure, from Microdermabrasion and Micro needling, could be tough.

However, you need to consider the current situation of your skin, before deciding on which one you should opt for.

If brightness and smoothness are all you want, you can go for Microdermabrasion.

However, if you have some major skin issues, such as acne marks, resilient wrinkles, and tough fine lines, Micro-needling would be your best bet.

It would be a little costly but will produce enough collagen and elastin on your skin to let it heal itself.


Microdermabrasion and Micro-needling are the two most modern and sought-after skin procedures lately.

They both come with their own set of benefits and are free of all kinds of side effects till date.

If you want to brighten your skin by paying a minor amount of money, you need to go for Microdermabrasion.

On the other hand, Micro-needling can be considered if you look forward to removing all the wrinkles and fine lines from your skin quickly and efficiently.