How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

The most important aspect of automobile maintenance is you have to replace various parts at some point. To be specific, a critical process you have to do is change the oil and any related components after a particular duration or distance. In this guide, we shall be looking at how long does an oil change take?

It’s a process that requires guidance and the right tools if you want to do it DIY. However, you can always leave the process to a competent or certified contractor service.

What You Can Expect?

The duration of an oil change depends on various factors. For instance, do you want to change the oil DIY, or do you want to relay the service to a professional contractor? Oil change professionals, such as “quick lube” shops, are highly efficient at changing oil. Most of their procedures are customized to ensure you get the best value when you want to change your car’s oil.

Plus, factors such as the type of vehicle also come into play during oil changes. Large cars are more likely to require longer durations for the oil to change. On average, expect to spend between 10 to 40 minutes performing an oil change.

Most cars have drain plugs that drain plugs that are easy to access, but not all vehicles are similar. If these components are not easy to access, the process might be time-consuming and challenging.

Why Do Repair Shops Take Longer Than Quick Lube Shops?

Two key factors make a quick lube shop highly efficient at performing oil maintenance. The first step is that a quick lube has the right resources and techniques to perform oil changes. Next, a repair shop will likely perform various other repair procedures, such as checking the coolant level, spark plugs, and more.

Determine whether you require any extra maintenance or not before investing in a specific service for your car repair needs. Even if a repair shop may come across these issues, a quick lube shop is better because they specialize in the process. If you want to change the oil regularly, consider performing maintenance at the recommended “distance and time frame” points for your car.

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Is It Faster to Change My Oil?

If you’re looking for a way to save money and take charge of caring for your automobile, you may be asking, “Can I change my oil?” Changing your oil is possible, but it typically takes longer than a professional job. If you have professional tools and enough experience, you may be able to change your oil in as little as 30 minutes.

That said, it is highly unlikely that you’ll change your oil faster than a professional could, if for no other reason because the professional does oil changes potentially every day. It may, however, save you money, and it could be fun too!

How Regularly Should I Change My Oil?

There are various schools of thought regarding the way you should change the oil in your car? For instance, the common one is that you have to change the oil every 1500 miles. That said, this idea is controversial as various factors come into play when changing the oil.

For instance, for some vehicles, you may have to perform oil changes regularly. If you have to drive your car at high speeds and long durations, you may have to perform more repair procedures. Plus, some vehicles require you to change the oil after as many as 10,000 miles.

It would be great if you get in touch with a professional service before making any decisions. Why? Its because oil is crucial for lubricating any moving parts in the engine of your vehicle.

What Happens if I Fail to Change My Oil?

Replacing the oil in your vehicle regularly helps enhance the longevity of various other components. Oil is the component that helps lubricate the moving parts in the engine, and its crucial if you change it on time.

If the oil becomes “overly” black, it might lead to sludge accumulation and damage in the engine. Over time, this can lead to friction points and even lead to the seizure of your car engine. That said, these are only extreme situations when you fail to consider the critical repair aspects of your vehicle.

Pro tip – look at this Youtube Video by Mopar on the importance of performing oil changes

Final Thoughts

Owning a car means that you have to keep track of when it requires maintenance and repair. Doing this will save you lots of cash on repair costs and enhance your automobile’s longevity. We have looked at how long an oil change takes, and it’s crucial, especially if you have to get back to other obligations. A quick lube service is the most efficient, while DIY oil maintenance might require most of the time.

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