How to Paint a Ceramic Piggy Bank?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Painting your piggy bank yourself seems like a great idea. Because you can express your creativity while doing this.

So, how to paint ceramic piggy bank properly?

Firstly, wash your piggy bank and let it dry. After that, if you choose to hand paint, remove the glossy coating (If there’s any). Next, spray primer all over the bank. Then apply the first coat of paint and sand lightly after it’s dry. Now, add another coat of paint and give it a glossy finish. Lastly, for spray paint, first, apply primer. And then start painting the bank.

Now, this is just a small portion of your painting process. As painting is kinda difficult so you need more info. That’s why we’ve explained the two methods.

Thus, we hope you’ll go through the entire piece!

What Paint Should You Use On Ceramic Piggy Banks?

Choosing the right paint for the adult piggy bank you’ll buy is crucial. Therefore, we’ve discussed what paint you need for a ceramic piggy bank. 

Firstly, good-quality acrylic paint can easily give your piggy bank a beautiful look. Also, ceramic-safe spray paint is another great choice.

Now, when to use which? 

Well, fear not! Because we’ve covered that as well-

Painting Process  

Paint Name 

Hand Paint


Spraying Paint

Ceramic-safe spray paint 

Now you know which paint to use for which painting process. Thus, let’s move on.

2 Easy Ways to Paint Your Ceramic Piggy Bank

Hand painting your ceramic piggy bank can be time-consuming. But it also gives you more control. 

Thus, let’s move on to the steps quickly-

Wash the Bank & Let It Dry

The very first thing you’ve to do is wash the ceramic bank with fresh tap water. 

Make sure to wash it thoroughly. After washing, dry the bank with paper towels.

Sand the Piggy Bank Surface [Optional]

Once the bank is dry, you’ve to sand the surface. However, this part is only applicable if your ceramic bank has a glossy coating. 

Now, if you didn’t know-

Most ceramic objects are glazed. That’s why we wanted to discuss this.

So, use 180 grit sandpaper to sand the surface carefully. Remove all the glossy coating. And wipe the bank afterward with a rag.

Spray Primer on the Piggy Bank

After you’re done sanding, start applying the primer. Spraying primer will make the color look more even and lively. 

Therefore, apply 2 coats of a spray primer lightly to the bank. Once you’re done applying, allow it to dry for about 12-24 hours.

Apply the First Coat of Paint & Sand Afterward

Finally, it’s time to add some paint to the bank. Pick the color of your choice and start painting with a good brush.

Once you’re done painting, allow the paint to dry. And then use sandpaper to sand the surface.

Go for the Final Coat of Paint

Now, grab the paintbrush again. Because you’ve to apply another coat of paint. This time, coat the bank vertically. 

Start painting from the top part of your bank to the bottom part. Paint one side first then the other. Then make sure to let the paint dry completely.

Add Some Fun Detail & Design

After the base is done, decorate your own piggy bank with fun designs. You can get creative with the designs or pick a common pattern. 

For this, get yourself- 

  • Ceramic paint pen or 
  • Point-tipped/pointed brush or
  • Flat-tipped brush

Ceramic paint pens are used to draw designs, doodles. Whereas, flat-tipped brushes are best suited for geometric designs and to paint stencils properly. Lastly, a point-tipped brush is a great choice for small details!  

Give the Bank a Glossy Finish

For a glossy finish, we prefer using clear epoxy. This will help your acrylic paint resist water and last longer. 

Therefore, apply one coat at first and let it dry. Then add a second coat and you’re all done!

Painting Ceramic Piggy Bank with Spray Paint

Now, painting with spray paint is easier. And it takes less time. 

So, for this method, you’ve to wash the ceramic bank as well. But you don’t have to necessarily sand the bank’s surface-

If you use ceramic-safe spray paint. However, if you want to sand, follow the instructions mentioned in the hand paint method.  

Now, let’s quickly go through the steps-

Spray the Primer

If the bank isn’t white already, apply a ceramic-safe primer. Make sure to shake the primer 15 times beforehand. 

Apply the primer and allow the bank to dry for 2-4 hours. After that, add another coating if it’s needed.

Apply the Paint

Once the bank is dry, start spraying paint from 10-12-inches away. You’ve to apply 3-4 light coats for better results. For this, you can use ceramic-safe glossy spray paint.

Remember to wait every time for the paint to dry before applying paint again. Lastly, add some fun designs!

And that’s all! You can either relax or pick a place for your piggy bank!


Question: Can I use acrylic paint to paint ceramic piggy banks?

Answer: Yup, acrylic paint is a good choice. But remember to use an acrylic paint that’s suitable for ceramics. Otherwise, the paint won’t last long. 

Question: How to paint a glazed ceramic piggy bank?

Answer: Well, the process is the same we’ve mentioned above. However, the most important part for glazed ceramic banks is the sanding part. Because this will remove the glossy/glazed coating. 

Question: Which is the fastest way to paint a ceramic piggy bank?

Answer: Spray painting is the quickest way. But, things might get messy if your piggy bank is smaller in size.


Hopefully, you’ve understood how to paint a ceramic piggy bank. By the way, you need to work in a well-ventilated room for safety. 

Anyway, which method did you pick? 

Let us know the answers in the comment box. Lastly, best of luck!

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