12 Crucial Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Wallet Multi-Tool

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Are you wondering if it is worth having a wallet multi-tool? Maybe you are an ever busy person whereby aside from your daily routine, you do other outdoor activities like hiking, fishing or camping among other things. Have you ever thought about having a credit card multi-tool to save you the burden of carrying many tools? Keep reading to find out why a wallet multi-tool might be what you need.

It saves you from carrying many tools

The magic about wallet multi-tools is that they can perform various tasks that other devices would have accomplished. While they are small in size, some such as the Wallet Ninja 18 can perform up to 18 tasks. The best part about them is that they are so small that you can store them in your pocket saving you the burden of carrying 18 tools.

A wallet multi-tool can be handy especially when you go for outdoor activities and can’t manage to carry every tool. If you didn’t take a knife, you could use the knife on your multi-wallet tool to cut things.

They are also flat and very light to carry around. You can use them as a screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, nail puller, wrenches, peeler and cell phone stand among other functions.

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It can be a saver during an emergency


You cannot predict when an emergency would occur. However, emergencies happen anytime. You, therefore, need to prepare for any situation in life. Having a multi-tool wallet can save you in many ways.

Can you imagine being stranded in an isolated road and you need a screwdriver or a knife to fix something? You wouldn’t have to worry about looking for it. If you have a multi-tool wallet, you already have a screwdriver at hand.

Sometimes you might also lock yourself in your room accidentally. You can use the screwdriver option in your multi-tool to open the door. In a nutshell, a multi-tool helps you to stay prepared for anything.

It helps you to be independent

Having a toolbox can be quite expensive. Sometimes you may have to depend on other people especially if you want to fix something that needs a tool that you don’t have. A multi-wallet tool helps you to set all your issues without depending on someone else for help.

If you are a lady, it cannot be fun to keep a toolbox. Having a wallet multi-tool in your kitchen saves you from the pressure of walking around to get it in case you need to fix something.

It’s a badass wallet


While a wallet multi-tool can keep your cards and money, you don’t have to remove them when you need to fix something. It is flexible and can therefore hold whatever is inside and fix whatever you need at the same time. Most wallet multi-tools have great design, are sleek and tough as well. You will not only be thrilled by what they can do but their outlook too.

A wallet Multi-tool improves your child’s math skills

Aside from helping you solve different tasks, a wallet multi-tool helps to develop the thinking skills of your kid. This tool has units, and when you carry it around your kids, they will know more about units at an early age. Even before going to school, your kid understands that units are measured in feet, miles and inches.

It’s fun to have a wallet multi-tool

In this digital generation, you will always find yourself stuck on your screens, either your phone or your computer. That can be quite dangerous to your eyes health and neck as well.

When you have a wallet multi-tool around you, you will be spending time fixing something using it, designing stuff or drafting tools. That gives you a break off your phone.

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It is essential to have a wallet multi-tool because aside from being portable, it is always accessible. At most times when you need a tool, you might have to go and check in your toolbox.

Sometimes it may not be available, or you might have kept it in another place. With a wallet multi-tool, you can quickly take care of your problem when the need arises. You would only reach your pocket and get it. It saves you the frustration and time you would have spent looking for that tool.

A wallet multi-tool also keeps you organized as you don’t have to look for a place to keep specific tools. Being a single object with many functions, it helps you accomplish your job without looking where you kept particular tools. This is very important especially if you are travelling.


While you may not always need all the tools included in your wallet multi-tool, at one point, you may need one of them. That is the time you will appreciate the fact that all those tools were included there. A wallet multi-tool is therefore useful as it carries different devices in one hard ware, to tackle even the most unexpected situations.



You need a safety when you carry tools around you. It can be quite dangerous to bring sharp objects like knives or sharp pointed tools when going out. You don’t need to carry them if you have a wallet multi-tool.

A wallet multi-tool is safe as it fits in your wallet and cannot hurt you in case of any accidents. However, before going for that outdoor activity, ensure that you have a wallet multi-tool that can perform many tasks. If you needed a knife and a screwdriver, ensure that the type of wallet multi-tool can perform those tasks.

On the other hand, a multi-wallet can save you in case of any attacks when you go for outdoor activities. You can use it for self-defense just like a survival toolkit does especially if you attacked by wild animals.

It is minimalistic

Do you love simplicity? In a world where we have to handle many things, nothing could be better than a simple tool that can solve a dozen problems. A wallet multi-tool is a versatile minimalistic tool crafted with the intention of simplifying work. It can be a ruler, screwdriver, knife or peer among other capabilities in one object. It is up to you to choose what to do with it.

It saves your time

In case you encounter an activity that needs multiple tools, you won’t have to spend time rushing in your toolbox to pick this or that. Whether it is a screwdriver, a ruler or a knife that you need, you don’t need to worry. You will already have everything at hand. All you should do is to check the tool you need and get it from your wallet multi-tool.

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It enhances your beauty

Who said that wallet multi-tools are only for men? Most ladies hate the stray brow hairs. This can be devastating if you go camping in a remote area and realize that you need to trim your brow hairs.

Did you know that you could still look great with a multi-wallet tool like the Victorinox Swiss Card?  This tool will ideally help you trim that hair. It can also file down your nails making them look uniform.

If in any case, you forgot your toothpick, you can use it. It is incredibly versatile for many tasks. Always remember to keep it clean after use.

If you haven’t used a wallet multi-tool before, it’s high time for you to try it. There are many types of wallet multi-tools out there and choosing one can be tricky. You need to select one based on the number of things it can do. This tool is not only easy to carry around but saves your time and space.

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