SUAOKI G500 Review: Best Portable Power Station

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

After a successful launch on Indiegogo that managed to get more than $30,000 in financing, the G500 was brought to market as a fierce competitor to other mobile power houses like the Yeti 400. The SUAOKI G500 is equipped with many great features, that has made it a favorite among avid professional travelers or individuals who simply need lots of portable power. You know the SUAOKI G500 is promising from the contents of its recipe. It has a 500-watt-hour battery pack, hence the name SUAOKI G500, and it offers plenty of outlets for plugging almost any device in addition to the myriad ways of charging it including solar.

SUAOKI Solar Generators, G500 Portable...
  • 500WH MEGA-CAPACITY: ultra high-capacity of 500Wh (11.1V, 45,900mAh/ /3.7V...
  • 300W PURE SINE WAVE AC: equipped with 2 pcs 110V / 300W, 600W surge AC outlets...

What We Liked About It

Rugged and Well Built

Some Indiegogo funded products can sometimes have poor build quality. More often than not, products have felt cheap and fragile, leaving a lot to be desired. Well, we are glad to report that this is not the case here. The SUAOKI G500 features a rugged design with great features such as the built-in carrying handle to support its weight during transportation. There is also an LCD display for monitoring device overall device health down to individual components like the lithium battery. The G500 is also equipped with an independent, smart battery management system that automatically prevents overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuits.

Versatile and Reliable

The SUAOKI G500 portable power station is very versatile thanks to its charging options and power outlets. To begin with, it is rare to find a power station equipped with twin pure sine wave inverters with surge protected outputs and the ability to power so many devices. It’s also very reliable because its large battery capacity means longer use times and less charging time. You can, therefore, rely on the device for extended use which is crucial, especially for professional use cases.

Very Powerful

Thanks to its huge 500Wh/137,700mAh power capacity, the SUAOKI G500 is able to power a multitude of devices at the same time and that is very important because not many of its competitors do. For example, you can easily charge a Mavic Pro, GoPro camera, an LED torch, a laptop and several phones without the device breaking a sweat. Attaching “heavy AC” loads such as a mini fridge will make the device warm but that’s it.

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Best Features Of SUAOKI G500

High-Capacity (500Wh)

The SUAOKI G500 has a generous 500Wh of capacity, which is way bigger than conventional power stations. This means that the portable power unit can keep your smartphone, laptop, kids tablet and even small appliances such as mini refrigerators and projectors without breaking a sweat. Imagine what this means for those of us who like to spend their time outdoors or in the wild, while wanting to remain connected and productive! The SUAOKI G500 now gives such users the power and peace of mind to go and explore.

3 Ways of Recharging

The SUAOKI G500 can use AC wall outlets when the convenience of utility power is available. However, if you are away from civilization on your camping trip, the 12V cigarette lighter socket on your car is also available. When you are in the wilderness, you have the ability to use solar panels (not included) to charge its massive lithium batteries. This makes the SUAOKI G500 extremely robust. Essentially, it can be used as a solar generator, if you buy a simple solar blanket as an accessory.

Quick Charge USB Ports

The SUAOKI G500 comes equipped with 3x USB 3.0 quick charge USB ports, 2x USB-A ports and 1x USB-C port. Personally, these are features we are very happy to see. We carry different devices with different ports and having not to choose which one to carry or leave behind is simply great. No longer will you be limited on which device to carry. With the SUAOKI G500, you can afford to power all your devices because they are all compatible with the charger. This theme continues with the built with 12V DC ports and a cigarette lighter socket to power devices such as walkie talkies and many more. Oh, and they are fast charging so no painstakingly waiting around for devices to juice up.

Digital Display

The SUAOKI G500 features a digital display on the front of the unit. It is backlit and allows the user to monitor several functions of the unit such as its input and output figures. Also, the display can be used to change different settings on the unit to change its operating characters such as charging percentages, maximum output and many more. This makes this device more intuitive to use, hence user friendly.

300W Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter

The SUAOKI G500 comes equipped with 2 pure sine wave 110V inverters, that will put out 300W or 600W when pushed to the limit. They are all surge protected AC outlets, ensuring all your expensive devices are protected from any electrical damage. This is especially important in the wild when getting repairs is out of the question. The SUAOKI G500 will produce stable electricity for even the most sensitive electronics like computers and CPAP machines.

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SUAOKI Solar Generators, G500 Portable...
  • 500WH MEGA-CAPACITY: ultra high-capacity of 500Wh (11.1V, 45,900mAh/ /3.7V...
  • 300W PURE SINE WAVE AC: equipped with 2 pcs 110V / 300W, 600W surge AC outlets...

Useful Specifications 

  • Size: 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs.


  • Has AC and DC outputs to accommodate almost any consumer electronics
  • Relatively quick charging time for its size coming in about 8 hours if you use the wall charger, and 8-14 with vehicle DC or solar panels depending on the wattage
  • Can be charged using solar panels. The SUAOKI G500 employs Solar charging as one of its means of replenishing the lithium batteries allowing you to operate virtually forever
  • Then SUAOKI G500 can power both AC and DC devices at the same time as well as getting charged by AC and DC making the unit extremely versatile
  • Relatively cheaper compared to its competitors. In the case of Goal Zaro it’s almost $100!Comes in the box with multiple charging cables including an AC brick, car charger and MC4 input for solar charging applications
  • Has fast charging to top up devices faster than most of its competitors
  • The build quality of the power station is very good
  • Huge 500Wh battery capacity, allowing you to operate for longer
  • Ability to power relatively high wattage AC devices (600W max) such as fridges and coolers.


  • User manual not well written featuring some grammatical errors.
  • The unit is extremely large and heavy preventing it from being as portable as we would have liked to see.
  • Does get a little warm if you’re using a high output for a long duration

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Final Thoughts 

The SUAOKI G500 portable power station is in many ways, one of the best portable power stations on the market. We are still impressed by the innovators who delivered on their Indiegogo promise. Its class leading 500Wh capacity can charge smartphones and other devices many times over. It can power two AC appliances, while simultaneously charging other devices. However, it is still a large and heavy power station that will break your arm if you plan to move it around. If you are looking for a portable powerhouse that will charge all your devices and power multiple AC appliances, while recharging using solar, AC or even your car, then look no further.

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