The 7 Best 3 Hole Punches of 2024

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More than one century after its creation, the paper hole punch has become an indispensable tool in workplaces and schools globally. This piece of equipment offers a simple tool, which you can use for keeping stray papers and documents in check.

From its modest beginning about 132 years ago, this gadget became an essential part of human’s everyday life. And although its prospect as a necessary tool in offices and schools, is probably, now questionable due to the rising dominance of the digital technology, paper hole punches are still very resourceful tools. The most beneficial in this category is the 3 hole punch. A three-hole punch gives you a fast and reliable way of keeping the papers filed in a binder organized. This article reviews the best 3-hole punches on the market.

What’s the Best 3 Hole Punch?

With a quality three-hole punch, you can make precise holes to achieve that creative pattern that you want on your greeting cards, index cards, brochures and more. Three-hole punches are also essential tools for persons working in the paper industry. Here are the top-rated three-hole punches available today.

Here are the best 3 hole punches in order:

1. Bostitch EZ Squeeze HP40 3-Hole Punch

Bostitch EZ Squeeze  40 Sheet 3-Hole...
745 Reviews
Bostitch EZ Squeeze 40 Sheet 3-Hole...
  • EZ Squeeze technology requires 50% less force during use
  • All-metal design for superior, 40-sheet punch performance

Some office workers avoid using 3-hole punches because they require one to put in some energy when using them. But this is not the case with Bostitch HP40, which requires 50% less effort to use. This is achieved through the use of EZ Squeeze technology.

This 3-hole punch features an all-metal design to provide a long-lasting performance. It also has a chip-tray, which makes cleanup easy; and a rubber base pad that provides stability during use. Bostitch HP40 can punch up to 40 sheets of paper.

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2. Three Hole Puncher Deluxe Metal

Three Hole Puncher Deluxe Metal 3 Hole...
14 Reviews
Three Hole Puncher Deluxe Metal 3 Hole...
  • 3 HOLE PUNCH – Easily create 3 hole punch paper for up to 20 sheets with our...
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGN – Metal hole punch is designed with you in mind. Rugged...

This 3-hole punch by Office Wizards is designed with the user in mind. It consists of a metallic construction coupled with an ergonomic press to enhance comfort.

It can punch 20 sheets, and has a big collection tray that slides out easily. The Deluxe puncher creates precise holes that are 108mm apart. Overall, this 3-hole punch is ideal for school, home and work applications.

3. Skilcraft Adjustable 3-Hole Punches

Skilcraft Adjustable 3-Hole Punches -...
25 Reviews
Skilcraft Adjustable 3-Hole Punches -...
  • Punches up to 34 sheets of 16 lb. paper, up to 28 sheets of 20 lb. paper; 13/32"...
  • Fully adjustable, punch heads allow paper sizes up to 15"

Whether its work related or for personal use, you’d prefer a 3-hole punch that does not just do its job but one that also lasts a long time. This is exactly what the Skilcraft 3-hole punch does. Weighing a measly 5 pounds, Skilcraft is designed for an office worker with versatile needs. This paper hole punch is completely adjustable; hence, it works with paper sizes of up to 15 inches. You can use this with an A4 or A5 paper.

Skilcraft paper punch is incredibly easy to operate and it’s capable of punching about 34 sheets of 16 lb. or 28 sheets that are 20 lb. More than that, this paper hole punch has a durable build that makes it ideal for office settings since it lasts many years of heavy use.

4. Office Depot Adjustable 3-Hole Punch

Office Depot Adjustable 3-Hole Punch,...
1 Reviews
Office Depot Adjustable 3-Hole Punch,...
  • Great for 3-hole punching
  • Durable metal construction withstands daily use.

In the fifteen years that Office Depot has been in existence, this firm has risen to become a top provider of not just office supplies but also business products and services. One of the areas it excels in is making paper hole punches, and the Office Depot 3-hole punch, is a testament to the company’s expertise in making premium-quality products.

This 3-hole punch is best suited for individuals who want accuracy when they’re punching documents and organizing files. Available in a silver color, this paper hole punch is able to hold about 32 sheets of 20 lb. paper. What’s more, this product gives you the choice of a two hole punch or three hole. It also has a padded handle, allowing you to punch tons of paper without getting fatigued. Lastly, the Office Depot 3-hole punch weighs a measly 3.33 pounds, making it one of the lightest; hence, portable.

5. OfficemateOIC Antimicrobial 3-Hole Punch

OfficemateOIC Heavy Duty 3-Hole Punch,...
15 Reviews
OfficemateOIC Heavy Duty 3-Hole Punch,...
  • 40-sheet capacity.
  • Padded handle.

The concept behind open plan offices is great- it fosters collaboration among employees, reduces construction costs and provides a flexible working environment. But one drawback of these shared offices is that they encourage the transmission of bacteria through the shared equipment. If you usually have an intense fear of germs and dirt, the OfficemateOIC 3-hole punch is designed for you. It has an antimicrobial treatment that combats bacteria, microbes and mold, which you so often find in shared working environments.

Another factor that makes this three-hole punch perfect for open plan offices is because it’s a heavy duty model. It can punch 40 sheets of 20 lb. Being a handheld device, it helps that the handle is padded as this makes it more comfortable to hold.

6. Swingline 3 Hole Punch

Swingline 3 Hole Punch, Hole Puncher,...
208 Reviews
Swingline 3 Hole Punch, Hole Puncher,...
  • SMARTTOUCH : Durable, 3 hole punch with strong, metal construction features...
  • COMFORT HANDLE : Wide, soft grip handle adds comfort and makes it easier to...

For persons in need of punches with large punching capacities, this Swingline three-hole punch is the best deal. With this device, you can easily punch through 45 sheets of paper, thanks to its SmartTouch manual technology. When compared to an ordinary paper punch, the SmartTouch mechanism uses 50% less effort. It means that punching sheets will be twice as easy. What’s more, the precise spacing offered by this punch ensures that your punched papers fit snugly in your 3 ring binder, 3-prong folder or report cover.

The Swingline 3-hole punch also boasts a durable metallic build to provide a long-lasting performance. We also like the soft-grip handle, which locks down to provide compact storage. Lastly, this three-hole punch comes with a pullout chip tray that makes it so much easier to empty the device.

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7. CARL 63040 3-Hole Steel Punch

CARL, Medium-Duty 3 Hole Paper Punch, 40...
261 Reviews
CARL, Medium-Duty 3 Hole Paper Punch, 40...
  • Carl 40-sheet capacity HC-340 heavy-duty three-hole punch. Three...
  • Strong Steel handle grip for easy open-handed punching

If your primary concerns when purchasing a three-hole punch entail durability and stability, the Carl 63040 with a non-skid base is designed for you. The base ensures minimizes the risk of this piece of equipment sliding off while the steel punch heads enhance its durability.

Carl 63040 has a high capacity of 40 sheets, which is more than enough for office needs. You also like the handle locks, which make its storage easy. Although this three-hole punch does not have an adjustable paper guide, it makes up for this by providing an easy-to-empty chip tray.

Paper Hole Punch

The kind of paper hole punch that you choose will depend on two main things, that is, the texture of the paper you want to punch and the scope of the project. While some models are designed with numerous cutting heads for punching several holes in one go, others can only create one hole. You can use punchers in different ways. Some people buy paper hole punches so they can use them to make brochures while others use them to make holes for laces in leather.

If you’re planning to purchase a paper hole punch, you should first establish the reasons for buying it. This will help to narrow down your options as different punchers serve different functions. Be cautious when buying a hole punch since utilizing the wrong type can result in hand injuries, damage to the materials being punched and to the paper hole punch itself.

Advisably, you should first research and familiarize yourself with the different kinds of punchers. Doing so will go a long way in making your punching task easy and giving a professional look to your completed project.

Single-hole vs. three-hole punches

Every one has a cutting head, which is used to make holes on paper. This cutting head is sharp for punching through ordinary paper. However, it’s not all that tough to punch through other items so you should only use it for punching paper. Paper punches come in two main models: a single-hole and three-hole punch.

Single-hole punchers are mainly used for fun art projects such as for scrapbooking or making envelopes. But if you want to punch an A4 paper for a three-ring binder, the latter model is the best option.

A three-hole punch is designed with three cutting heads, which are equally spaced. This design allows the punch to make holes that are perfectly spaced and ones that correspond to the rings in your binder. A three-hole punch is also the best choice if you want to make holes on papers for fastening to a scrapbook or make artistic binding for your school report.

The only drawback in using three-hole punches is that they sometimes drill into the texts and images on your colored copy paper. You can prevent this by first establishing the position of the desired punch holes. The standard measurement for a punch hole size is 0.25 inches. But some paper punchers are designed to create extra small holes of about 0.0625 inches. For the best results, always ensure that there’s proper alignment of the sheets you plan to punch.

Hole punch shapes

This works similarly to a hole puncher. The only difference is that it has a uniquely-shaped design. It can feature any decorative design ranging from hearts to stars, butterflies or swirls. You can even make flower-shaped holes on your sheets. The purpose of a hole punch shape is to make shapes for arts and craft. Put simply; this punch is great for cutting shapes on paper. So, if you want to make cutouts or Christmas cards, a hole punch shape will serve you well. Like ordinary punchers, some hole punch shapes can create holes in multiple sheets at a time while some can only punch one hole at a time.

Choosing the Right Three-Hole Punch

Few office workers get the opportunity of using pre-punched papers for their binding. Since most people deal with non-punched papers, it helps to have a three-hole punch closeby. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop for a three hole punch:

Punching capacity:

This is a crucial aspect to look out for when buying any paper punch. Put simply; this is the number of sheets that the puncher can accommodate in one go. Some models can only handle a couple of sheets at a time while others hold dozens of papers. If you’ll be processing hundreds of papers at once, your best bet is to get a paper drill. Basically, just look for a gadget that can punch multiple sheets at once. However, be ready to pay a hefty price for that tool.

Manual vs. electric:

The two main types of three-hole punches that you will come across will either be electric or manual. The most preferred are the electric models since they can process a ton of sheets in one go. Nonetheless, they are pricier than their manual models. Also, electric three-hole punches are not durable, which could be frustrating if your work involves punching documents most of the time. On the other hand, manual three-hole punches are affordable and durable. However, operating them can be rather tiring as they have very low punching capacities.

Adjustable cutting/punching head:

The majority of three-hole punches available today have this feature. An adjustable head is a handy component since it enables you to punch papers of different sizes. For instance, it can help you do half-letter size binders. If you’re looking for versatility, ensure that the three-hole punch you purchase has an adjustable punching head.

Replaceable dies:

If you don’t want to keep buying a new three-hole punch every few months, consider going for one whose dies are easy to replace. This is particularly so if you punch on a regular basis. The more sheets the punch processes, the more worn out these dies are. But if it has replaceable dies, this can save you a ton of money in the long run.

Durable build:

A quality three-hole punch costs a lot more than the single-hole and two-hole versions. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing a three-hole punch that can serve you for years. The ideal three-hole punch is one that has metallic parts and replaceable dies. Punches with plastic construction are less durable than metallic ones. You can also read reviews from other customers before purchasing. This can help you establish whether the three-hole punch is truly durable as it’s being advertised.

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Other Types of Hole Punches

Apart from the hole punch shapes and paper punchers, there are two other models that you can choose from. They are:

Leather hole punch

This punch is designed for persons dealing with leather materials. Such professionals use this type of punch to create holes in leather. A leather hole punch can create holes on other fabrics such as heavy denim and canvas. If your work involves lacing sections of leather materials together, a leather hole punch will be an indispensable tool.

Another special kind of punch is the rotary leather hole punch. It works similarly to the leather hole punch but it has one distinct feature- a rotating punch head. Ideally, a rotary leather hole punch kit will include fasteners, grommets and the punch. A leather hole punch kit can have different sizes of both hollow and solid punchers.

Metal Hole punch

As previously stated, a metal hole punch is more preferred to the plastic one. Metal hole punches are further classified as electric or manual. Choosing between these two will mainly depend on your punching needs. Whenever you’re using a metal hole punch, you should have protective eyewear to prevent injuring your eye.

Types of metal hole punches

Sheet metal hole punch:

It’s used for punching holes in sheet metal. With regards to their working mechanism, you can choose between a manual and a pneumatic air punch.

Metal hole punch pliers:

These are used to create holes in thin sheet metal. They have to be operated manually.

Metal jewelry hole punch:

This model is used for creating holes in precious metals, sheet or leather. They are also operated manually.

Metal hole punch set:

This hole punch comes with an array of sizes for the cutting/punching head. Such hole punch sets are great if you’re dealing with jewelry. A punch set can have manual pliers containing different punch heads, a manual metal punch die and hydraulic punch press.

Metal square hole punch- this is the best hole punch for metal.

Always choose a hole punch based on your needs. Also, remember to follow any instructions given by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

When purchasing a three-hole punch, you should take several factors into account. These include, the punching capacity, durability, its working mechanism and whether it has adjustable punching heads. For the easiest punching experience, consider buying one of the three-hole punches in our review.

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