The 7 Best Ab Belts for a Rock Solid Core

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There are only a few indicators of human fitness that are as sought after as a set of strong, toned abdominal muscles. A six pack is one of the best markers of an individual devoted to personal fitness. But the journey to getting such well-honed ab muscles is no walk in the park.

In fact, this path presents a two-fold problem. One, it calls for an incredibly low percentage of body fat. The kind of percentage fat that you achieve by eating more grass-fed beef and steamed broccoli. Two, you will need to spend multiple hours working out your abdominal muscles. One other tool that can give you ample muscle stimulation is an ab belt. It achieves nearly the same results that you’d get from a workout. For the best outcome, we have highlighted some of the best ab belt reviews.

What’s the Best Ab Belt?

With the best ab belt, you are able to get a fast and consistent contraction of the muscles in your abdominal region. The muscle contraction process tears muscle fibers, which then prompts rebuilding of that fiber and subsequently, increment in bulk or toning.

Below find the best ab belts:

1. Flextone Abs Stimulator Muscle Toner

Flextone Abs Stimulator - FDA 510K...
107 Reviews
Flextone Abs Stimulator - FDA 510K...
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Looking for a way to tone your abdominal muscles without breaking a sweat? Well, you should invest in Flextone ab belt. It’s a wearable gadget that causes your ab muscles to contract just as they would if you were working out.

Put simply; the Flextone stimulator sends electrical impulses through nerves to your brain. This activates your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract and relax effectively. One feature that really sets Flextone abs stimulator apart is the fact that it’s been cleared by the FDA for use in toning abdominal muscles. Flextone is just one of the few manufacturers that adheres to FDA requirements.

Also, this ab belt is powered by a DC3 .7V, Li-Poly battery, and it offers 20 different intensity levels. For the best outcome, the manufacturer recommends using FlexAbs for three 25-minute sessions every day.

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2. Slendertone CoreFit

Slendertone CoreFit Abdominal Toning...
62 Reviews
Slendertone CoreFit Abdominal Toning...
  • Unique Ergonomic Design
  • 10 Toning Programs

The new Slendertone Corefit is an upgrade of the original Slendertone Abs System. It has advanced technical features and promises to give you results in just 6 weeks. In fact, using CoreFit can be equated to going for a 30-minute abs workout.

So how does CoreFit work? This ab belt uses EMS technology to target all four abs at the same time. This technology causes your muscles to contract and relax at least 120 times within a 20-minute session. It is these repetitive contractions that cause your muscles to become stronger and firmer.

One thing you’ll love about CoreFit is its ergonomic design, which allows it to conform to the natural curves of your body. The ab belt fits 24” to 42” waist sizes, and it can be worn at any time- whether you’re relaxing on your couch or going for a run.

3. DOMAS Ab Belt

DOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator Electronic...
72 Reviews
DOMAS Ab Belt Abs Stimulator Electronic...
  • STIMULATE MUSCLES FOR FLAT STOMACH: Domas Ab belt abs stimulator is effective...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL SETTINGS: When you’re not using the Domas Ab toning belt abs...

If you’re looking for a toning belt that can double up as a massage tool, the DOMAS Abs Stimulator is just what you need. When you’re not using it to tighten your core, the belt’s pads help in massaging and relieving pain.

This electric belt is great for women and men. You can use it at home or even during work. With eight exercise modes and 10 intensity levels, there’s no better and safer way to tone your abdomen. Before starting to exercise, you should ensure that all the pads are secured to the belt with each pad touching your skin.

4. SUNMAS Electric Ab Belt, Effective Muscle Stimulator

SUNMAS Electric Ab Belt for Women and...
68 Reviews
SUNMAS Electric Ab Belt for Women and...
  • STIMULATE YOUR ABDOMINAL MUSCLES ANYWHERE: Wear the ab burner belt at home or in...

SUNMAS understands just how difficult it can be to lose those extra pounds. This is why it’s designed the perfect weight loss ab belt that can be used by both men and women. Most users claim that this belt performs well as a toner for your abs.

The Electric ab belt blends EMS Bioelectrical magnetic wave tech with the renowned Chinese acupuncture, to help you burn as many calories as you can while strengthening your ab muscles. What’s more, it comes with a belt specially designed for your arms, allowing you to exercise your biceps and triceps as well. And although the manufacturer provides a set of 2 AAA batteries, these will need to be replaced at some point.

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5. Waist trimmer belt The Shred Belt

Iron Bull Strength The Shred Belt -...
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This belt is also designed for individuals looking to burn calories. The only difference is that this one does not come with an arm belt, so if you want to target your biceps, you are better off with the former. Other than that, the Shred belt is an excellent waist slimmer.

The Shred belt enables you to lose belly fat by increasing blood flow to the fat cells in your abdominal region. It does this by employing the Integrated Thermogenic Action technology, which not only increases your blood circulation but also your abdominal heat. The manufacturer recommends wearing this ab belt as you exercise; whether you’re cycling, jogging or running.

If this slimming belt does not perform as advertised, the manufacturer promises 100% money back guarantee, if you send it back within a month. However, very few buyers end up returning this ab belt.

6. YFMAYI Men & Women AB Belt

YFMAYI Men & Women Waist Cincher Trainer...
5 Reviews
YFMAYI Men & Women Waist Cincher Trainer...
  • Wear the Shaper under jacket or dress around the house,when you're...
  • Unique double velcros design prevent from breaking apart or roiling down ,...

Who said you have to spend a fortune on gym membership costs just so you can get some flat abs? With low-cost tools like the YFMAYI waist trainer, all you need to do is follow a strict ab exercise regimen. You can wear this ab belt as you do chores around the house and when you’re exercising.

The YFMAYI ab belt features an exceptional double velcros design, which prevents it from breaking apart and from rolling down. And the best part is, it’s crafted from a wicking fabric that absorbs sweat to keep you dry as you work out.


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Are you looking for a versatile ab belt, which you can use to exercise different muscles? Then the Evertone Training Belt is designed for you. Featuring ten exercise modes and 20 intensity levels, this ab belt is great for your abdomen as well as your arms, waist and legs.

This training belt has a very simple working mechanism; you just need to press the button to begin exercising. Nonetheless, there are persons who need not use this ab belt. For instance, women shouldn’t use it after pregnancy. Similarly, persons who use pacemakers and artificial cardiopulmonary machines are advised against using this ab belt.

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best-ab-beltWhat Is a Muscle Toning Belt?

It’s designed like an ordinary belt. The only difference is that a muscle toning belt is worn around your abdominal area and it’s the size of a wrestling belt. To work effectively, the muscle toning belt needs to be in direct contact with your skin. The user then chooses to tighten or loosen it from the back.

The purpose of the small pads found on this belt is to send an electric pulse to your abs; hence, prompting them to contract. This happens repeatedly, imitating a crunch workout, and thereby helping you achieve increased toning.

The majority of manufacturers equip these toning belts with two to three electric pads. But after about thirty uses, these pads require the right placement since they lose their efficacy to conduct electric pulses with increased use.

Another admirable feature of toning belts is that they come pre-programmed with specific exercise settings of different intensities. This makes them suitable for use by all kinds of people.

These ab belts also have controls, allowing users to either increase or decrease the intensity. Ideally, most ab belts are powered by batteries. While some use rechargeable batteries, other models need a complete replacement of the batteries.

How Do Muscle Toning Belts Work?

Knowing what a muscle toning belt is, is not enough. You should also be well-versed with how it works if you intend to purchase it.

Toning belts work in a fairly simple way. They employ Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, which involves creating deep contractions within your abdominal muscles. This contraction mimics your body’s natural muscle movements when exercising.

As stated earlier, these belts are fitted with electric pads, which serve to pass electric signals. It is these signals that engage your muscle tissues, prompting them to contract naturally. The concept of electronic muscle stimulation is not new; this tech has been employed in physiotherapy for ages.

When exercising, one challenge that many people face is being unable to target all the muscle groups. Thankfully, a muscle toning belt is designed to target all major muscle groups.

In fact, the electric impulses that are sent to your body not only stimulate your abdominal muscles but also your obliques. This has the benefit of shaping your waist while still targeting the muscles found deep in your abdomen (the transversus abdominis). Ideally, you’d never manage to target such muscles through ordinary ab workouts.

One thing you need to keep in mind though is that a muscle toning belt will never be a substitute for diet and exercise. If you want to get those firm abdominal muscles, you’ll still need to eat right and put in some work at the gym.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Ab Belt

To get the best ab belt that will help you achieve your fitness goals, consider these three factors:

The Length

One of the most obvious aspects to consider is the length of the ab belt. Ideally, this electric exercise belt needs to be long enough to fit your waist size. Although most brands can only fit waist sizes below 40, there are a few that have adjustable options to fit different sizes.

The Width

You also need to factor in the width of the ab belt. It is this width that determines how effective the ab belt will be at muscle contraction; and subsequently, core tightening. Depending on your torso, you will decide whether to go for a wide or slim ab belt.

The Material

Different ab belts will be made of different materials. If you have skin sensitivities, you should ensure that the belt is not fabricated using a material that you’re allergic to. But regardless of the material you choose- whether it’s electronic, non-electronic, fabric or Neoprene- ensure that it’s efficient enough to give you the results you want.

Diverse Forms of Abdominal Belts:

Electronic Abdominal Belts

This type of ab belt is equipped with integrated electrode gel pads, which stimulate electrical muscle stimulation to contract your muscles naturally. It is this constant contraction and relaxation that strengthens your ab muscles. The good thing is that most of these ab belts come with a remote control device, which you can use to regulate the intensity of your exercise.

Sauna Waist Belt

This is a unique kind of ab belt that works through a heat-based mechanism. The way this belt works is by raising the temperature around your abdominal region so as to create a sauna. Your body responds by lowering temperature; hence, enhancing the circulation around this area. This process triggers excess sweating, which helps to get rid of toxins in your body; thus, enabling you to work out more efficiently without exercising too much.

Waist Trimmer

Ideally, a waist trimmer is made of neoprene to provide a more comfortable padding. It works by retaining heat through an insulation mechanism that is provided to your abdominal region. This has the effect of triggering excess sweating. A waist trimmer also provides a firm support for your lower back while relieving sore muscles.

Abdominal Binders

These types of ab belts are used in the medical sector. They are stretchable so that they can enhance the rehabilitation of injured abdominal muscles.

Benefits of Abdominal Belts:

  • The most recent electronic ab belts boast advanced technology that guarantees a better toning of your abs. These exercise belts have proven useful in the recovery of damaged muscles.
  • Some ab belt brands such as sauna belts help to flush out toxins and excess water weight while providing ample support to the muscles on your lower back.
  • Adding ab belts to routine exercising and healthy diet yields the best weight loss outcomes.
  • When used properly, ab belts boost your general health; they improve blood circulation and relieve sore muscles.
  • Wearing ab belts can also help in improving your posture.
  • Encourages sweating without being forcing you to exercise too much
  • Thick ab belts ensure that your abdominal muscles do not suffer injuries as you exercise.

Safety and Effectiveness of a Muscle Toning Belt

Although ab belts have been medically proven to be competent in helping users get toned abs, they are not a one-size-fits-all. It’s absolutely necessary that you combine the use of these ab belts with a routine exercising and a clean diet.

Also, muscle toning belts need only be used for half an hour each day. If you wear them regularly for the recommended duration, you will start realizing results within one to two months. As is the case with ab exercises, you should give your muscles ample time to recover.

Lastly, you should substitute the electric pads with new ones after every thirty uses. With time, they lose their potential to conduct electricity, causing them to be less efficient in instigating muscle contraction.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in regular exercises and eating healthily is one way to lose weight and tone your muscles. Unfortunately, exercising requires you to devote plenty of time and this may not be convenient for persons with busy working schedules. It can also be pricey if you factor in gym membership or the expense of hiring a personal trainer. This is where ab belts come in handy. Wearing an ab belt ensures you get the workout you need while you’re still going about your daily tasks. These exercise belts can be discreetly hidden under outfits and are pretty compact. When purchasing an ab belt, remember to factor in its length, width and material.

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