The 7 Best Adult Coloring Books – A Creative Way to Unwind

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It’s the latest trend. Where you’d expect to find kids, you find adults with colored pencils, bent over the magnificent and intricate patterns of adult coloring books. You will come across an individual deeply engrossed in a pattern of a mandala, a curved flower or a runaway stem. It seems to be the ideal world where one can escape into and briefly forget about the daily stresses of life.

These coloring books designed for adults are not the average ones that you’d buy for your children. Instead, these ones have higher quality of paper, complex designs and a broader selection of themes. Whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or the Hobbit, there’s a coloring book designed for you. Read on to learn the five best adult coloring books.

What’s the Best Adult Coloring Book?

When coloring, the idea is to avoid coloring outside the lines, which calls for a high level of concentration. It is this focus that keeps one relaxed and calm. The following are reviews of the best adult coloring books. We choose these books for their creativity, high quality designs and how efficiently they help users to stay in a calm and stress-free zone.

Below find the best adult coloring books:

1. Adult Coloring Books by Kendall Rae

Adult Coloring Books by Kendall Rae:...
121 Reviews
Adult Coloring Books by Kendall Rae:...
  • Rae, Kendall (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Remember those times in your childhood when you used to sit in a corner with crayons and a piece of paper, then color for hours? Well, you can still indulge in such a fun activity even in your adulthood. The Adult Coloring Books will take you into a world of wonder, inspiration and relaxation.

Coloring this book is not just another way of passing time; it also trains you to concentrate. Not to mention, it’s the one of the few activities that doesn’t involve staring into eye-damaging screens.

Aside from giving you non-stop entertainment, this coloring book also contains over 30 inspirational quotes.

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2. Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade Studios Coloring Book

Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade...
615 Reviews
Disney Dreams Collection Thomas Kinkade...
  • Kinkade, Thomas (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Disney Dreams Collection is written by Thomas Kinkade, who is a renowned painter in the world. Thanks to this coloring book, you can now practice this art while also enjoying Disney stories and their fascinating characters.

All the paintings you encounter in Disney Dreams affirm the fundamental values of a family, home, faith in God as well as the luminous beauty of nature.

3. Maniacal Confessions Coloring Book for Adults

The Absurd Coloring Activity Book for...
42 Reviews
The Absurd Coloring Activity Book for...
  • Claire, Anisa A. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

If you’re looking for an activity-packed coloring book for adults, the Maniacal Confessions series is just what you need. It not only has coloring pages but also word searches and scrambles for persons who like playing around with words.

To make your coloring easier, there are information sheets on the different characters and poems, both of which provide hints on how to color. The Maniacal Confessions is designed for beginners and the skilled as well. So, if you don’t have any coloring skills, you can start with the simple cartoon characters before trying out intricate patterns.

4. The Beauty of Horror 2 Coloring Book

The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana's...
202 Reviews
The Beauty of Horror 2: Ghouliana's...
  • Robert, Alan (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Are you a fan of hair-rising horror films and novels? Then you will love this horror-themed adult coloring book by Alan Robert. The Beauty of Horror contains sophisticated illustrations, which take you on a journey through a zombie apocalypse, spooky burial grounds and bizarre carnivals.

It has about 80 pages of original artwork, showcasing a range of horrifying scenes and patterns. The paper used in making this coloring book is premium quality, preventing the pools of blood that you color from leaking though other pages.

5. Birds: A Mindful Coloring Book

Birds: A Mindful Coloring Book
76 Reviews
Birds: A Mindful Coloring Book
  • Griffin
  • Woolridge, Georgie (Author)

This is the best adult coloring book for persons looking to improve their creativity. Birds is a pretty fun and informative book, especially for those interested in learning about the avian species.

For each illustration, the author has provided a brief description regarding the bird’s behavior and habitat. The bird designs are beautifully crafted and they showcase a great level of detail. Some of the designs even have flower elements woven into them, which makes this adult coloring books suitable for kids as well. We also like how thick every page is as this means you can use any coloring material.

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6. Stress Relief Patterns, Inspirational Words ADULT COLORING BOOK

153 Reviews
  • Elsharouni, Cindy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Are you having a bad day or going through a trying time, coloring this adult book is the perfect de-stressor. In addition to the patterns of animals and mandalas, this book boasts a ton of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings for encouragement.

This coloring book is ideal for users across all ages. Also, you can use a wide range of coloring tools; be it crayons, markers or gel pens. Overall, this coloring book has one of the largest collection of drawings and is available at a very decent pricing.

7. Make Life Your Bitch: Motivational adult coloring book

Make Life Your Bitch: Motivational adult...
579 Reviews
Make Life Your Bitch: Motivational adult...
  • T, John (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Do you live or work in a setting where you’re prohibited from using swear words on the regular? Then it’s time you invested in the world’s greatest swear word coloring book: Make Life Your Bitch.

With more than 20 funny and unique pages to color, this book will keep you engaged for hours. And the best part is, the designs are printed on black backgrounds; hence, making your coloring to stand out. Coloring this adult book is truly the perfect way to de-stress and relax.

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Best-Adult-Coloring-BookTips for New to Adult Coloring Books

  • You should ensure that the coloring book you’re purchasing is compatible with your coloring tools: gel pens, colored pencils and markers. Test your colored pencil on the back or cover page and check whether the ink bleeds through.
  • If you have a heavy hand, it’s advisable to place pieces of paper behind the page you are coloring so as to protect it from denting or tearing.
  • Always use a sharpened pencil when coloring.
  • Do not color hastily; take time to enjoy the art you’re creating.
  • Do not buy a batch of coloring books at once. Instead, buy one with geometric patterns this time and one that is animal-themed the next time. This way, you can determine which coloring book fascinates you the most.
  • If you like coloring in public, always carry an extra coloring book. A close friend or family member may walk in on you and express interest in what you’re doing.
  • The type of coloring pencil that you use also matters. Some coloring tools can be used by anyone regardless of their skill level. However, others are designed for advanced or professional artists.
  • Invest in a wide selection of colors. Purchasing coloring tools in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying individual items. Advisably, go for a 36-pack since it usually has three sets for each color.
  • If you cannot access a coloring book, you can print out free to color pages that you find online.
  • Join a coloring forum- there are many coloring groups and pages, which you can join to get occasional advice and support.
  • Browse YouTube for insightful coloring tutorials. Learn different coloring tips such as how to color by number.
  • Join a local coloring group; enroll in your local art club and interact with fellow coloring enthusiasts.
  • Find fun and inspiration from your coloring activity.

What is the appeal of adult coloring?

In a world where most people spend time in front of screens, there’s a growing interest in the soothing art of coloring. Coloring provides an avenue where individuals can freely express themselves.

Others like to color because they like the nostalgia of taking part in an activity which they enjoyed in their childhood. For others, no activity can confer the therapeutic benefits that come with coloring. In fact, coloring has become one of the most preferred way of distressing after a long day at work.

What is the difference between an adult coloring page and a children’s coloring page?

The key difference between an adult and a kid’s coloring book lies in the details. Children’s coloring books contain simple images, usually based on specific themes such as animals. Each page will have a large design or space to color.

In contrast, adult coloring books are based on abstract concepts and they have intricate patterns. These designs allow individuals to lose themselves in the activity and hence, relax their minds. As such, most of these books have small but more detailed pictures.

What makes a good coloring page and what page do I color?

If you visit any art supply store, you will come across a wide range of coloring books. If it’s your first time to color, we recommend downloading and printing free coloring pages online. Sites such as has a free set of pages with a range of themes. The good thing with this option is that you can always print the coloring pages a second or third time until you perfect your skills.

Ideally, a good coloring page is one based around a specific theme. It should also have a pattern and express humor. After all, the purpose of coloring is to take your mind off stressing issues.

Should I color with pen or pencils?

Both coloring pens and pencils have their fair share of advantages. With a coloring pen, the color completely soaks into the paper, providing you that bold, bright color that you want. A coloring pencil, on the other hand, never bleeds through. Also, it’s easier to match different coloring pencils than it is with coloring pens.

How can I improve my coloring skills?

If you want to take your coloring skills a notch higher, there are several things you can do. For one, you should pay attention to your choice of color. Experts recommend going for harmonious colors as they create beautiful images.

If you prefer coloring pencils to pens, then you should consider other techniques such as burnishing. Put simply; this is the art of applying your pencil on one area multiple times so that you can get a smooth glossy finish. Shading is another great way to increase the depth of your coloring.

For those using coloring pens, you can make your pages more interesting by incorporating embellishments. If you want to give your image a different dimension, use contrasting colors. But the simplest way of improving your coloring skills is by practicing. If you color constantly, you will start noticing improvements in your art.

Final Verdict

Coloring is not an activity reserved for kids anymore. Nowadays, many adults are engaging in this skill to distract them from the routine pressures of life. And the best part is, you don’t need to be an expert to color. To get started, you need to find the right adult coloring book. Some of these books are designed for experts while others are designed with beginners in mind. If you’re not sure of which book to purchase, try one of the top-rated adult coloring books in our review.

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