The 7 Best Agility Ladders That Help You Pick Up The Pace

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You perform strength training exercises, do cardio workouts and stretch. But no matter how hard you try, getting the right combination of speed and coordination is still a hard nut to crack. It doesn’t have to be so. Having the ability to move swiftly, stop and shift your direction is important for soccer and other sports.

If you’re looking to improve your speed, power and agility, the one tool you should invest in is an agility ladder. Agility ladder drills not only improve your aerobic capacity but also strengthen your entire body. Initially, agility training was reserved for the elite athletes. But not anymore; hundreds of fitness instructors and personal trainers now employ this technique to create a more effective exercise experience for their clients. Buy a quality agility ladder today and you’ll see how your athletic performance improves.

What’s the Best Agility Ladder?

The best agility ladders are ones that help to improve your footwork. More specifically, this gadget helps to better your foot speed, acceleration and coordination. These tools are also beneficial for cardio training, core strength exercises and for persons looking to lose a few pounds. An agility ladder has also become an indispensable training tool for basketball players. This sport requires an individual to have perfect mastery in the ability to shift directions. An agility ladder is good for improving your lateral quickness, which is crucial in such sports.

Below find the best agility ladders:

1. SKLZ Ladders

SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Original
759 Reviews
SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder, Original
  • Improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
  • Improve quickness through accelerated foot strike and lift frequency

If you’re looking to improve your power and speed, the SKLZ agility ladder will be of great help. It’s a flat rung ladder that can be used in any sport.

It comes with eleven rungs made of heavy-duty plastic, which is a very durable material. Each of these rungs is 17 inches wide and 15 inches long.

SKLZ ladder not only boosts your power and speed but also your balance. It allows you to practice a range of skills such as shifting direction, balancing and stability.

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2. Agility Ladder & Speed Cones Training Set

20ft Agility Ladder & Speed Cones...
160 Reviews
20ft Agility Ladder & Speed Cones...

The Mantra Sports agility ladder is 20 feet long and includes 12 rungs. This makes the ladder a good choice for both intermediate and expert athletes, who would really like to step up their performance.

Another benefit of this ladder is that it can be used regardless of the weather condition. The rungs are adjustable and made of highly-durable materials.

Also, this agility ladder comes with lifetime warranty and a well-explained double wall chart that highlights the different footwork drills.

3. Pro Footwork Agility Ladder

Pro Footwork Agility Ladder and Hurdle...
99 Reviews
Pro Footwork Agility Ladder and Hurdle...
  • The Pro Footwork bundle includes: agility ladder, speed hurdles (adjusts to 12",...
  • The Pro Footwork Speed Ladder consists of durable shatterproof rungs that...

This is the best speed training equipment for your off-season activities. Their agility ladder comes with hurdles, which can be adjusted to three different heights: 6, 9 and 12 inches. These speed hurdles fold up easily for a compact storage.

Another plus of the Pro Footwork agility ladder entails the durable rungs, which facilitate uniform spacing. The design of this ladder enables it to fit snugly into the carry bag included in the package. Buyers will also be pleased with how flexible the cones are; they’ll be able to bounce back after being subjected to abuse during your agility training sessions.

4. Profect Sports Pro Agility Ladder

Pro Agility Ladder and Cones - 15 ft...
380 Reviews
Pro Agility Ladder and Cones - 15 ft...
  • THE ULTIMATE AGILITY TRAINING SET – The only speed and agility training...
  • UNMATCHED QUALITY – Thick, durable rungs, riveted straps and flexible cones....

If you’re looking for an all-in-one agility training set, the Profect Sports Agility package is your best bet. This set comes with cones, a 15-foot agility ladder, 4 metal ground anchors, and two eBooks. The eBooks teach you how to maximize your agility training.

You can use the ground anchors to secure the agility ladder during use. It means that you don’t have to keep readjusting the ladder’s position. Once you’ve completed your training, you can store all your equipment in the heavy-duty carrying bag that the manufacturer has provided. What’s more, Profect Sports offers 100% money-back guarantee.


Bltzpro Football and Soccer Training...
194 Reviews
Bltzpro Football and Soccer Training...
  • ✅ IDEAL FOR EVERYONE : Whether you're a pro athlete or a beginner, a U8-14...
  • ✅ DEVELOP SPORTS TRAINING SKILLS : Sports Latter drills constitute a form of...

The Bltzpro is the perfect agility ladder for kids and adults. It’s adjustable, which makes it a great fit for children and teenagers. It’s particularly easy to roll out and use. All you need to do is to fix it to the ground using the four given pegs, then commence your training.

This agility ladder can also be used by professional athletes. It is said to provide high-intensity form of training that boosts your stamina and cardiovascular. It means that you can exercise for prolonged periods without getting fatigued. Blzpro comes with 2 carry bags for storing all the provided equipment.

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6. Speed and Agility Training Set

Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training...
151 Reviews
Juvale Speed and Agility Ladder Training...
  • SPORTS TRAINING SET: Equipment includes 20 Foot Adjustable Agility Ladder, 6...
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE GEAR: Customize your practice set up, workout, exercise drills...

If you’re looking for an agility ladder that not only helps to improve your footwork but also your strength, then you should consider Juvale Speed and Agility Training set. The package comes with stakes, an agility ladder, one resistance parachute and 6 yellow disc cones.

You can adjust the distance between the rungs so that it fits different training scenarios; from a cardio workout to strength training exercises. The steel-made stakes ensure that the ladder is firmly secured. Another reason why Juvale agility training set has become popular is due to the parachute set. This parachute helps in creating a drag, forcing you to put in more effort; hence, improving your overall strength and speed. This agility ladder is suitable for football players, PE teachers, coaches truck athletes, rugby players and more.


No products found.

The best thing about agility ladders is that they offer an economical solution to improving your coordination and foot speed. ProSupplier agility ladder is one of the cheapest models you will come across. Included in this package is a 20-foot agility ladder and up to 10 bonus cones, which are great for extending your fitness routine.

You will also find two carrying bags, which provide a convenient way of carrying all your agility gear as well as 4 metal stakes. The stakes ensure that your ladder is rooted firmly in the ground as you continue with your drills for baseball. If you’re not sure of where to start with your agility training, the manufacturer has provided a free 20-page eBook to guide you through.

Best-Agility-LadderWhat Is An Agility Ladder?

It’s a plastic, multi-rung ladder, which has to be placed on a flat surface for use in agility training. Agility refers to how swiftly and easily you can move. Having this ability is crucial to performing well in a majority of sports since it enables you to turn into any direction without losing your balance. The purpose of a speed ladder is to improve your agility. And the best part is, it’s an inexpensive tool that can be used by anyone. Agility ladders are not just ideal for athletes; they can also be used by the elderly to boost their balance and mobility.

What to Look For When Buying an Agility Ladder

As stated earlier, agility ladders are cheap. Still, you will be using your hard-earned cash to purchase this tool, which is why you should pay attention to these factors.

Number of Rungs

Most agility ladders have the same height, which ranges between 15 and 20 feet. What makes these ladders is the number of rungs. While some ladders have 8 rungs, others are fitted with 11, 12 or 15 rungs. Ideally, a ladder with a high number of rungs will have a smaller spacing. This type of ladder is recommended for experts. But if you’re a beginner, the perfect agility ladder is one with fewer rungs, and subsequently, wider spacing.


Some agility ladders have fixed rungs while others have adjustable ones. Agility ladders with adjustable rungs are more preferred since they provide more versatility by allowing users to adjust the spacing between rungs.


Another factor you should consider is the material used in the ladder’s construction. Ideally, the material needs to be highly durable to enable the ladder withstand constant use. The straps should also be fabricated using durable materials to prevent fraying. Furthermore, the rungs should consist of heavy-duty plastic so that they don’t snap when you step on them.


You should also check to see if it’s possible to secure the ladder to a flat surface. Agility ladders that come with anchors are great because they remain firmly attached as you go about your training.


A good agility ladder will also come with instructions on how to install and use it. If you’re an experienced trainer then you may not need the instructions. However, beginners need some form of guidance to get started on agility ladder drills.

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Benefits of Using Agility Ladders

Agility ladders confer multiple benefits including:


Are you looking to develop quick feet so you can be a better boxer? Then you should consider agility ladder training. Many boxers don’t understand the essence of footwork during their training. The truth is that your footwork is just as vital as your hands during boxing. Having effective footwork can help you evade incoming punches. Speed ladder drills are also essential for boxing as they help players develop better coordination and balance.

Agility & Reflex Time

As its name suggests, the main purpose of an agility ladder is to improve your agility, that is, how well you can shift your direction. One area where this craft is needed is when playing football.

Another area where agility ladders are beneficial is in warm up exercises. There are two main goals of any warm up workout: to increase your heart rate and improve your reaction times. While many coaches use traditional warm up exercises, ladder drills are more fun and they achieve the same results.


An agility ladder is one of the best additions to your cardio workouts. This tool not only helps in strengthening your joints and ligaments but also elevating your heart rate.


Agility ladder drills address your speed performance from two angles. First, they reinforce strength in your quads, hips and core. This helps to add resistance and build your muscle strength quickly. Secondly, agility ladder drills boost the connection between your brain and feet. This is what leads to better reflexes, improved balance and better response to light speed changes when you’re playing.


Unlike other exercising equipment, an agility ladder is lightweight enough to fit in a backpack. It means that you can carry it with you wherever you go; be it a vacation, to the gym among others.

Very Affordable

If you’re looking for an inexpensive exercise equipment to improve your footwork, an agility ladder is your best option. For a decent price, you get to perform a wide range of exercises that boost your speed, power and coordination.

Awesome Agility Ladder Workouts

Agility ladder training takes your fitness regimen to a whole new level. It allows you to perform different workouts such as the linear run through, squat hop, beast crawl and lateral shuffle. Each of this workouts helps you to exercise a different group of muscles. It explains why agility ladders are also recommended for weight loss. This tool can be used for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which helps individuals burn a great deal of calories within a short time.

Agility ladder workouts enable you to train like an expert athlete while making you fitter and leaner. However, you’ll need to pay attention to two things if you want to get the best from your agility training. One, get the right agility ladder intended for your fitness goals, and two, learn the right technique.

The Takeaway

Although the reviewed agility ladders look pretty much the same, there are subtle differences that make them stand out. These include factors such as a free eBook, tutorials and carrying bags. However, these five agility ladders offer the best combination of pricing, quality and accessories.

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