The 7 Best Ball Pits for Active Outdoorsy Toddlers

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Sometimes, it’s the most basic things in life that bring the most pleasure. Have you ever spent a fortune buying your kid what you thought was the perfect Christmas gift only to have them put its contents away then begin to play with the gift box? If you have, then you know that going for pricey, ‘must-have’ hi-tech toys is not always a prudent idea. The harsh reality is that what you find entertaining may not necessarily entertain your kids, and what you regard as “too simple” brings hours of imaginative play for your kids.

Take a ball pit for instance. At its core, this is just an empty space that is filled with tons of plastic colored balls. However, this is the one play item that provides unending fun and excitement to most toddlers. Whether they are playing hide and seek or simply throwing the balls to each other, these ball pits are the perfect addition to your kid’s play room. The best ball pit also provides an opportunity for your child to learn colors, coordination and be able to recognize shapes.

There is no limit to the number of games that your toddler can play in one of these ball pits. However, you will need to choose the perfect ball pit for your kid. For parents with very young kids, the best ball pit is one that will grow with them. It should also be capable of withstanding constant wear and tear.

Below find the best Ball Pits:

1. EocuSun Polka Dot 3-in-1 Ball Pit

EocuSun Kids Play Tent,Ball Pit Tent...
544 Reviews
EocuSun Kids Play Tent,Ball Pit Tent...
  • ★Roomy:Consist of tent house, tunnel and ball pit pool. The 3pc playhouse for...
  • ★Safety:Soft fabric with non-toxic and odorless colorful polka dot printed...

Looking for the best way to entertain your toddlers? You’ll score a hit if you get them this 3-in-1 ball pit by EcoSun. Consisting of a tent house, tunnel and ball pit pool, your kids will have tons of fun playing on it.

The ball pit has been fabricated using a soft fabric, which is non-toxic and odorless. This creates a safe play area for your kids. The fabric also sports a distinct polka dot pattern, which makes it very inviting to the young ones.

The EcoSun is easy to set up and it’s versatile enough to be used for different occasions. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, sleepover or backyard BBQ, this ball pit will come in handy.

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2. Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent

Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent Kids Ball...
111 Reviews
Le Papillon Pink Princess Tent Kids Ball...
  • 1.Beautiful and Colorful Modeling, suitable for 1-8 years old children,...
  • 2.Material:(Fabrics) Polyester Nylon Fabric (Stent) tech architecture.

There’s no one toddler who doesn’t love to play with balls; be it tiny palm-size balls, midsized or larger balls for playing football. Consequently, one of the best things you can get them is a high-quality ball pit like the Le Papillon model.

This particular ball pit is designed with the girl-child in mind. It comes in a hot pink color, and has a roomy play area for the little princess in your life. The ball pit is made of polyester fabric, a water resistant and safe material.

Better yet, Le Papillon comes with a bag to provide convenient portability and storage when it’s not in use.

3. Joyin Toy 8 in 1 Pop-up Play Tent for Ball Pit Playing

JOYIN 8 in 1 Pop-up Play Tent Tunnel...
149 Reviews
JOYIN 8 in 1 Pop-up Play Tent Tunnel...
  • ENDLESS FUN, This Foldable Pop-up Play Tent House with Multiple Play Tunnels,...
  • SUPER VALUE, 8 in 1 Pack Includes 4 Standard Long Play Tunnels (43 inches), 2...

If you’re looking for a ball pit that provides your toddler with multiple play areas, the Joyin 8-in-1 pop-up play tent is the perfect solution. This ball pit comes equipped with numerous play houses, tents and tunnels, giving your child endless indoor and outdoor fun.

Depending on your kid’s preference, the ball pit can be set up in different ways. Put simply, it doubles up as a ball pit kids tent, a racing tunnel, a maze and magic cave. The Joyin Ball Pit is suitable for kids’ parties, backyard playing and day care centers.

Plus, it’s constructed using quality, BPA-free and fire-retardant polyester tarpaulin, which can withstand years of use. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, the manufacturer provides money back guarantee if the item is returned within 90 days.

4. Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids

Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids - 200...
1,095 Reviews
Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids - 200...
  • EASY TO SET UP TENT AND BALL PIT SET- this great Ball Pit Play tent set includes...

The Kiddey ball pit is the perfect hideaway or ball pit wonderland for your little ones. Once you set it up, your toddlers will be asking to invite their friends all the time. Unlike most ball pits that don’t include any pit balls, the Kiddey model comes with 200 balls. This way, tons of kids can play in the ball pit without running out of balls to throw.

Also, if you don’t like the ball pit being too full, you can set some of the balls aside for later use. Another plus of the Kiddey ball pit is that it’s easy to set up. It even comes with a carrying case for easy storage or for transporting the play tents.

5. Prextex Kids Ball Pit

Kids Ball Pit Play Tent with 100...
44 Reviews
Kids Ball Pit Play Tent with 100...
  • Kids of All Ages Will Enjoy Non-stop Jumping Fun with Prextex Pop Up Ball Pool...
  • Set Includes: 1 Extra Durable Hexagon Shaped Mesh Tent with Inflatable Tubes....

Are you looking for a ball pit that can be set up both indoors and outdoors? If you are, the Prextex Ball Pit has you covered. Measuring 47.2” W by 29.1” H, this ball pit is suitable for kids of all ages.

The ball pit comes with a hexagon-shaped mesh tent, a mini basketball hoop and 100 crush proof balls in pink, blue, green, orange and yellow colors. It also comes with two durable bags for storing the pit balls and a hand pump for blowing up inflatable tubes. Prextex ball pit can withstand more than 90 pounds of weight.

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6. Playz 3pc Pop Up Play Tent

Is your child developing an interest in sports? If so, the Playz 3-in-1 ball pit that comes with a basketball hoop is the perfect way to hone his skills. What’s more, this ball pit also comes with a crawl tunnel and pop up play tent so your child can play all day long without getting bored.

If you have concerns about the safety of ball pits, you can rest assured that this model is baby approved. The ball pit and tunnel consist of soft fabric and a breathable mesh, giving your toddler an environmental-friendly playground.

7. KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Ball Tent

KUUQA Ball Pit Play Tent with Basketball...
624 Reviews
KUUQA Ball Pit Play Tent with Basketball...
  • Materials: ball pit made of soft polyester fabrics and high-strength memory...
  • This ball tent can fold into a 18 cm diameter package; lightweight and...

The good thing with ball pits is that they are one of the most affordable play items. If you have a small budget, you can still get a quality model like the KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Ball Tent, which costs less than $20.

However, this ball pit is designed for toddlers, preferably, those between ages 1 and 4. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to store or carry around. Still, the ball pit has enough room to fit 300 to 500 pit balls. And thanks to the included zippered bag, you can keep your pit balls safe for later use.

Ball Pits Buying Guide

What is a Ball Pit?


Popularly referred to as a ball pool, a ball pit is simply a large pool containing small, hollow playballs or ball pit balls. On average, these balls have a diameter ranging between 5.5 and 6.5 cm and they are filled with air. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

You are likely to find ball pits in daycare centers, nurseries, amusement parks and other play areas for kids. If you like, you can even construct your own ball pit at home. And although these ball pits are mainly meant for kids, teens and adults can also have fun playing in them. Some universities will even build these ball pits for their students as a way of helping them relieve stress. Even large corporations have such ball pits for their employees.

The Benefits of a Toddler Ball Pit

If you are taking care of kids, chances are, you rarely have any time for yourself. You probably work round-the-clock to feed them, do their laundry, tidy things up and lots more. But there’s a way you can give yourself that long-deserved break, that is, by getting ball pits for toddlers!

A ball pit will keep your little ones engaged; thus, freeing you up to read that novel you’ve been dying to read or just to relax. And the good thing is that a ball pit also confers benefits to children. For one, they offer a platform for your kids to engage in activities that foster physical and mental growth.

Another perk of ball pits is that they are safe. With certain play toys, you’d have to monitor your kids constantly so that they don’t end up hurting themselves. But a ball pit doesn’t pose any risks to your toddler.

Furthermore, a ball pit helps to boost your toddler’s sensory and motor skills. Given the manner in which it’s constructed, it enables your kid to develop depth perception. It also provides an avenue for your kids to explore body equilibrium, which is crucial to their development. And let’s not forget how the colored ball pit balls teach your toddlers to recognize colors and patterns.

Why Parents Should Buy a Toddler Ball Pit

The two most common play items for children of any age are bouncy castles and ball pits. If you set up a ball pit in your backyard, you are guaranteed that your toddler will have plenty of fun playing in it for long hours. Plus, ball pits are the perfect additions to special events like birthday parties and get-togethers. If you’re looking for a way to keep your little one engaged, consider buying a ball pit.

Ball pits are available in a vast range of shapes, sizes and colors. We even have some that are small enough to fit in your kid’s playroom or bedroom. Although many parents go for outdoor versions, an indoor ball pit is more suitable for all-time interactive play. Your child will be able to play in it even when it’s raining outside.

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Buyers Guide: Things to Consider when Choosing a Ball Pit for Kids

Age and Weight Limits

Most manufacturers of ball pits target infants and toddlers. Although you may find some models capable of withstanding weight of older kids, most of them are made exclusively for the little ones. That said, you should always check the weight limit of the ball pit before purchasing. If you’re buying one for an older child, ensure that it can bear his or her weight.

Add-Ons and Features

Are you looking to buy a basic ball pit or one that will keep your young one engaged the entire day? While some ball pits only have simple features, there are complex models fitted with multiple pieces, which once connected, provide your child with a massive play area. If this is something that you’d be interested, consider going for models with ball pit and slide, basketball hoop or tunnel.

Not Every Ball Pit Will Include Balls

Isn’t it ironical that some ball pits don’t come with balls, yet these are the primary component of the entire setup? Well, do not be surprised when you come across ball pits without ball pit balls. If you do, you’ll have to purchase the plastic PVC-free balls separately. Also, there are instances where you may want to add the number of balls in the ball pit. For such occasions, ensure that plastic balls that you buy are PVC-free for safety.

Ease of Use

There are two main variations of ball pits. The first type is a ball pit that remains stationary since it’s not meant to be moved around. The second type is one that has a lightweight and foldable design, making it easy to store. To choose between the two, you should determine how and where you plan to use the ball pit. If you want one that stays outdoors throughout, then getting a stationary one is not a bad idea. But if you want one that can be used both indoors and outdoors, then you should choose one that is easy to fold away.


Another aspect you will want to look at is the type of material used in constructing the ball pit. Ideally, the material used should be of supreme quality so that it’s able to withstand constant wear and tear. Also, this material shouldn’t contain any toxic compounds. If you have two or more toddlers, then you’ll want to make maximum use of this ball pit. Now, if it’s constructed from flimsy materials, it might not even last a week. To avoid this, check whether the ball pit is advertised as BPA-free and whether it’s certified safe for toddler’s use.

Construction and Design

It’s also imperative that you examine the overall design of the ball put before deciding to go for it. Some ball pits have convenient features such as foldability. With a foldable ball put, not only is it easy to store after play but it’s also easy to carry to the park, picnic or your friend’s house.

Another handy feature you should look for is the presence of mesh windows. If you set up the ball pit at your garden, your toddler will have a chance to enjoy the beauty around her while she plays. Also, you can keep an eye on them as you garden.

Lastly, check whether the ball pit can be used both indoors and outdoors. Often, ball pits meant for such multipurpose use, will be made of waterproof materials like nylon.

How Many Balls Do I Need For a Ball Pit?

To determine just how many balls you need, there are two main things you should check: the amount of space that the ball pit occupies and the overall size of your ball pit. One thing you should keep in mind is that most ball pits are small since they’re designed for toddlers aged between 0 and 7 years. That said, a vast majority of ball pits are 4 feet high and 3 feet wide. For such a ball pit, you can fit at least 50 ball pit balls.

Obviously, you’ll able to fit many more balls as the size of the ball pit increases. To illustrate this, a ball pit that has a size of six cubic feet will be able to fit a bundle of 500 small playballs. But there’s another way of looking at this aspect. Put simply; some kids like having fuller ball pits while other kids don’t. If your toddler wants the ball pit to be full, then you’ll need to purchase more ball pit balls and vice versa.

Step By Step Calculating To Determine How Many Balls You Need:

If you bought a ball pit that did not come with ball pit balls, you may have a hard time estimating just how many can fit in it. The best way to go about this is to measure the size of your ball it. More specifically, determine the height, depth and width of the ball put. Follow these steps:

  • Calculate the length, width and height of your ball pit
  • Multiply this size by 83 since this is the average amount of balls that occupy a cubic foot

As an illustration, if you had a ball pit measuring 3ft L, 4ft W and 2ft H, the total size is 3*4*2= 24 cubic feet. To get the number of balls- 24*83= 1992 ball pit balls.

How Do You Clean Ball Pit Balls?

This will depend on just how many balls you have in your ball pit. The easiest way to go about this is to look for a large container and fill it with bleach and water solution. Soak the balls in the container for a while and then take them out and dry them with a large towel or old sheet. This way, you’re guaranteed that the balls are safe for your toddlers to play with them. We recommend that you clean the ball pit balls every once a month.

Wrap Up

In a world that is quickly becoming dominated by tech gadgets, find an outdoor play item that gives your child a dose of fresh air can come in handy. One such toy that will facilitate hours of fun is a ball pit. And the good thing is that it provides a safe playing environment so you don’t have to monitor your toddlers constantly. Moreover, a ball pit enables your child to develop motor skills and coordination. If you’re considering getting a ball pit, remember to check its weight limit, the material used in its construction and whether it has add-on features.

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