The 7 Best Golf Ball Retrievers- Must-Have Accessories to Gear Up For Summer Golf

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson
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Losing golf balls is frustrating. We’ve all been there. Some, more often than they’d want to. Every golfer, regardless of their skill level, has had to chase balls down the golf course at some point. If you’re lucky, you only had to retrieve the ball from a water-hole. But sometimes, the golf ball ends up in the adjacent river, way out of your reach.

By investing in the best golf ball retriever, you can reduce the number of golf balls that you lose. In doing so, you will also save money since you won’t have to buy a new set of golf balls as often as before. And if we’re being honest, golf balls aren’t the cheapest things on the market. So any opportunity to save a couple of bucks on your golfing equipment is a welcome idea.

What are the Best Golf Ball Retriever?

When picking a golf retriever, players are often forced to choose between length and ease of carrying. On one hand, choosing a long retriever is great because it will help you retriever your ball from just about anywhere. On the other hand, such a retriever is unlikely to fit in your golf bag.

Below find the best Golf Ball Retrievers:


1. Orlimar Fluorescent Head Golf Ball Retriever

Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf...
193 Reviews
Orlimar 15-Foot Fluorescent Head Golf...
  • Adjustable shaft - extends up to 15 feet
  • Comfortable grip

One of the most essential factors to account for when purchasing a golf ball retriever is the shaft length. The Orlimar model has a long shaft length of 15 feet, making it easy to retrieve golf balls that stray deeper into the hazards.

Better yet, the Orlimar retriever comes with a fluorescent head to increase visibility when retrieving balls from water. This, combined with its comfortable grip means that you’ll never suffer from hand strain regardless of how rough the terrains are.

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2. Mile High Life Telescopic Extendable Ball Retriever

Mile High Life Telescopic Extendable...
52 Reviews
Mile High Life Telescopic Extendable...
  • Light Weight Extendable Ball Retriever – The Telescopic Extendable Ball...
  • Claw Ball Grabber: Strong and Durable Claw Ball Grabber attached to the putter....

Coming as a 2-in-1 pack, and going for much less than most companies ask for a single unit, the Mile High Life Telescopic Retriever is a fantastic option.

Now, its shaft might not be as long as the Orlimar’s, but it still gives you decent length to work with. This telescopic handle extends from 16.5 inches to 80 inches.

What the Mile High Life lacks in length, it makes up for in weight. The Extendable Ball Retriever is one of the lightest, weighing a measly 7 ounces. This means you can incorporate it in your golf gear without adding too much weight. It’s also very durable thanks to the stainless steel construction.

3. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway '15th Club Golf Ball Retriever...
805 Reviews
Callaway "15th Club Golf Ball Retriever...
  • Telescoping Design: Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy to reduce...
  • Ergonomic sure-grip handle

Callaway makes an array of equipment that are used for golfing. This company not only makes golf bags and clubs, it’s also in the golf retriever business, and rightly so. The Callaway golf ball retriever that extends to a full length of 15 feet, is one of the longest and most durable.

It’s made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight enough to carry around and still reliable. Equipped with an ergonomic and comfy handle, the stainless steel retriever will pick your golf balls from anywhere. Another plus of this retriever is the Callway dual zip headcover that gives it the look of a golf club.

4. Search and Rescue Retriever

Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever...
167 Reviews
Search and Rescue Golf Ball Retriever...
  • Recover ball by placing head over all and lift
  • Durable stainless steel rings and lock bar hold ball in place

The Search and Rescue is a user-friendly retriever that comes in a very sleek design. With this retriever, all you have to do is place the recovery head over your golf ball and lift it. The recovery rings are constructed using stainless steel.

This retriever also boasts an easy-to-set lock mechanism to enable golfers retrieve their golf balls with ease and efficiency. What’s more, it comes in a royal blue color that draws the attention of every golfer. And, it has a soft gripping handle that makes it comfortable to hold. You can buy Search and Rescue retriever in one of two sizes- 6.5 and 15 feet.

5. ProActive Sports Super-Lite Golf Ball Retriever

ProActive Sports Player Select...
74 Reviews
ProActive Sports Player Select...
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT – This durable fiberglass retriever weighs only 7 ounces to...
  • COMPACT – When collapsed the retriever conveniently fits in the apparel pocket...

If you’re looking for a portable retriever, the ProActive Sports which reaches 9 feet when it’s fully extended makes a strong contender. Being made of fiberglass, this retriever is one of the lightest on the market. It weighs in at 7 ounces, giving you an easy way to retrieve your golf ball from hole, mud and even rocks.

This retriever features a patented design, which securely traps the ball for easy retrieval. And, it comes with a bright green-colored HI-VIS head for increased visibility. This way, you can navigate through the murkiest water and retrieve your golf balls.

6. JBM Golf Ball Retriever

JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device (6ft...
35 Reviews
JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device (6ft...
  • - Stylistic golf cup holder : Quality and style make sure that you don’t have...
  • - A staggering 6-foot retriever : Its size helps in fishing back balls from...

For golfers who prefer retrievers with cup designs, the JBM retriever is an excellent option. The cup holds the golf ball in place; hence, preventing it from slipping a second time.

This retriever extends to 6 feet, meaning that it’s long enough to help you fish your balls from that fish pond it just dropped into. Another thing we like about this retriever is the cork sturdy grip handle, which provides a tight grip to guarantee a quick and easy retrieval.

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7. DYWISHKEY Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

DYWISHKEY Telescopic Golf Ball...
73 Reviews
DYWISHKEY Telescopic Golf Ball...
  • √ Package: 2 x Telescopic Golf ball retriever
  • √ MATERIAL: Stainless Steel Shaft - Small and Light Enough to Carry Around in...

If you have a limited budget, the DYWISHKEY pair is a superb choice that gives you two golf ball retrievers for the price of one. The golf retrievers are made of stainless steel, which makes them light but still durable in all the right parts.

The retrievers feature an automatic locking scoop, which prevents your golf balls from dropping back into the water hazard. When retracted, these retrievers have lengths of between 16.5” and 80”. But when fully extended, they reach a maximum distance of 80 inches.

Golf Ball Retrievers Buying Guide

What Is a Golf Ball Retriever?


This is a unique device that individuals use to find and get their golf balls from remote places such as rivers, lakes and even bushes. This gadget tracks the course of your golf ball when it strays and indicates its exact position. A golf ball is usually fitted with a telescope. It is this telescope that helps to determine the ball’s position.

The Golf Ball Retriever

A golf ball retriever make it easy to retrieve balls that are out of reach. This gadget features a telescopic rod, which can extend up to 20 feet. At the top of this retriever is some kind of head that is able to pick the golf ball. A majority of these retrievers are designed to pick the balls by way of scooping. Some models work in a slightly different way that involves pressing down on the golf ball. Such retrievers have a way of securing the golf balls using their headcovers and thus prevent them from slipping away. If you’re an avid golfer, then you understand just how beneficial a golf ball retriever is.

Harvey G Wysong was the first individual to patent golf ball retrievers back in 1964. Before its invention, golfers often had to give up on golf balls that went off course, landing in water hazards. The only way a golfer would retriever his ball was by hiring a driver or draining the entire water body. Some people saw this as an opportunity to exploit golfers. They would often drain the water hazards, retrieve golf balls then sell them back to players.

Another individual who is renowned for patenting a golf ball retriever is Antony F. Piazza. His retriever was vacuum-based; it comprised of a tapered receptacle and a vacuum pump which had to be pressurized so that it could suck up the golf ball. This retriever was also fitted with a lever. The purpose of this was to release pressure to allow the golf ball to drop at the right time.

Piazza’s intention was to ease the task of retrieving golf balls. With such a handy piece of equipment, a player would easily retrieve his ball without bending over. Although this retriever was a big hit, nowadays, most players prefer the basic scoop style retrievers.

Different Types of Golf Ball Retrievers

Golf ball retrievers come in three different designs:

Suction Cup – This is the most common type of golf ball retriever. The benefit of a suction cup retriever is that it’s very user-friendly because of its larger pole length.

Grabber – A grabber retriever is best suited for golf balls that get covered in debris. It can retrieve golf balls from any place including those that fall in water hazards.

Cup – If you have superb motor skills, then the cup-designed golf ball retriever is a handy choice. This is the most basic design as it does not have any moving parts.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Golf Ball Retriever


One of the most important aspects you should consider when looking for a golf ball retriever is its grip. Considering that you’ll be retrieving your ball from remote places like a lake, you need to have a good grip on the pole. Most retrievers are fitted with a rubber grip at the end to provide users with a good grasp. The next time you’re shopping for a retriever, ensure that it has a strong grip so that you don’t end up losing both the golf ball and retriever in the water hazard.


Another aspect you should keep in mind is the length. With a long retriever, you’ll be able to retrieve your golf ball regardless of how far it will be. Advisably, you should go for an extendable golf ball retriever, to make it easy to adjust its length.

The only drawback to using a long retriever is the fact that it’s difficult to maneuver. Depending on the size of your golf bag, the retriever might also not fit at all, meaning that you’ll have to carry it in your hand.


The material that the retriever is made of, will determine its weight. When considering material, buyers will have to weigh between the weight and durability. A golf retriever made of plastic is light to allow for easy portability. However, it’s prone to chipping and thus not a durable option. On the other hand, retrievers made of metallic materials are durable. But they’re also likely to be heavy. If you’re looking for a material that strikes a good balance between weight and durability, you should consider aluminum. It’s lightweight but still durable enough to withstand some beating.

Locking Mechanism

Another factor you should consider is the retriever’s locking mechanism. If the retriever does not have a good grip on the ball, the ball will end up dropping back into the water hazard. Luckily, all the golf retrievers in our review feature very stable locking mechanisms that won’t drop your golf balls.


Different manufacturers choose different materials in making the retrievers’ handles. The most common materials you will come across are silicone, metal, plastic and rubber. These different materials affect how a user grabs the retriever. Before settling on a particular retriever, test different handles and choose one that feels comfortable. You should also check the mechanism used to attach the handle to the retriever. A handle attached with screws works much better than one that is attached using an adhesive.

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Wrap Up

Quality golf balls are not just hard to find but also very pricey. If you’ve invested in such golf balls, the last thing you want is for them to land in a water hazard. With one of our golf ball retrievers, you’ll be able to retrieve your balls from different places; be it a river, mud or bushes. Of course, there are other golfing accessories that you should consider such as a golf rangefinder, a golf club and retriever glasses. However, the most important of these devices is the golf ball retriever.

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