Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD Microdermabrasion Machine Review

Microdermabrasion is the latest, non-invasive skin rejuvenating technique which is getting quite a lot of appraisal amongst the users.

The fact that it gives your skin instant revitalization and takes away all the dead cells makes it a go-to treatment.

All those people who loath sun damage reflecting on their skin in the form of wrinkles trust this skin treatment wholeheartedly.

The Trophy skin RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion machine is easy to use at home, and its suction slithers on the skin to take away all the dead cells.

With these accumulated dead cells vanishing, the radiance comes back and gives a glow to the face, instantly.

It's effectiveness is what made me decide that the Trophy skin RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion machine deserves a review.

Let's have a detailed look.

Shall we?

Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD

A lot of people find it difficult to believe that a single machine can help take all their wrinkles, fine lines, and spots away from their skin.

But that IS true.

A question may arise: Which microdermabrasion machine to buy?

If you are also one of those skeptical people and are still confused which machine to go for, the Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine is your ultimate answer.

This machine comes with an ergonomic grip, which makes it easier even for a newbie to hold it tightly while using it.

The control of the machine is everything, and with this particular item, you can manage to reach all the parts of your face effortlessly, that too with an excellent hold.

What makes this machine worth-having is its ability to reach every inch of your skin.

Unlike other Microdermabrasion Machines, this particular item rotates on the face and neck quite well. It helps the machine in accessing even the hardest and most stubborn cells, which otherwise are difficult to tackle.

At the same time, it works equally well for even sensitive skin. Thus, if you have skin that is allergic to most of the procedures but you want it to look fresh, this machine can do the task for you just fine.

Features Of Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD

trophy skin rejuvadermmd microdermabrasion machine

The Trophy skin RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion machine is loaded with features, which would compel you to buy it as soon as you get aware of them.

A lot of its features give it the reason to be at the top of the list of the most effective machines.

Some of its most amazing features include:

Effective suction

When you spend way too much of your time in the sun, your skin ends up getting tan. Tanning refers to the darker cells accumulating on the skin, leading to it looking darker than usual.

To help you remove this, this machine comes with a diamond tip. This diamond tip has a strong suction connected to it. This suction removes all the dead cells from the skin, no matter how stubborn they are.

The suction pump also helps to stimulate the blood flow of the area where the user applies it.

Single-button working

If you are always wary of intricate technology, you do not need to think twice before buying this machine.

This machine comes with just one button, using which, you can operate it for hours. Yes, you read that right.

Even though there are four levels of suction, there is only one button that operates them all.

Thus, it is a treat for all those people who keep finding easy ways to use technology.

Quick treatment

Finding time for skin work is quite a daunting task. No matter how effective the process, if it's long, it is not worth it.

This is especially true for working women. They do not usually get time to give some home-based treatment to their tired skin.

However, with this machine, you merely need to put in five minutes and voila! you are done.

If you follow all the directions written in the manual strictly, you will be able to complete the task in just five minutes.

The manual that comes with the package has a diagram on it. Following that procedure drawn on it will help you in rejuvenating your skin in just a few minutes.

Pore extraction

Pores are the small holes on the skin, which start opening with age. With no proper care, these pores tend to expand and make the skin look fatigued and aged.

As time passes, dirt starts accumulating inside these pores. With the closing of skin pores, oxygen is not able to pass through them.

Eventually, these lead to dead cells and severe acne.

However, with the help of this microdermabrasion machine, it is possible to clean these pores well.

The pore extraction tip, a major part of this machine, has low suction.

With this low level of suction, the tip stays on one part for a longer period. Finally, all the dirt is removed and the pores come out fresh.

Blackhead extraction

Another amazing feature that makes this machine an effective item is its ability to remove blackheads.

Blackheads are dark-colored cells, which accumulate space on the skin. They appear due to the dirt gathering inside the cells.

Most of the time, it is quite difficult to extract these blackheads.

Honestly, it's quite painful to extract them.

However, with this Microdermabrasion Machine extraction of these blackheads is really easy.

The Pore Extraction Tip offers quite an easy way to get rid of these blackheads.

Extremely portable

Even though the name of the Trophy skin RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion machine is tricky, it works easily.

Along with this, it is quite lightweight. With this low weight, it is really easy to take around.

Thus, even if you have to go for a vacation, you can take it along with you. As it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no need to worry about using it while you are on a vacation.

But I won't lie, there are definitely more portable options available in the market

The skin debris is easy to remove with the help of this machine.

Also, if you have blemishes and dull skin, this machine will be the perfect solution.

Comes With All The Needed Accessories

The machine comes with several accessories.

Everything that you need to make this machine work comes along with the package.

The package includes an infusion tip as well as a pore extraction tip. Both these tips make it possible for the user to remove the accumulated dirt.

Alongside this, there is a medium diamond tip, which adds to the suction of this machine. The infusion tip adds to the feasibility of this machine.

Fifty pack filters make the working of this machine easier. The power adapter will help you in charging it. The user manual has all the instructions, which make it even simpler to use it.

Extremely affordable

Compared to all the alternative therapies available in the market, this machine is a pretty affordable one.

Think it this way: it will help you avoid all the salon visits.

You will be able to save a lot of money, and that money can be used in buying things you value.

Thus, buying it is surely a good decision and a great investment.

FDA approved

One reason why most of the people avoid buying skincare machines is that they are at risk while using it.

However, with this machine, there is no need to worry.

The Trophy skin RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion machine is FDA approved. Thus, you can trust it even with your eyes closed!


This skin rejuvenating machine comes with a 1 year warranty.

If you are still skeptical about buying this product, you need to know that you CAN trust a company that offers warranties to its customers.

Things Included In The Kit

This machine comes with all the required things that a person needs to complete the Microdermabrasion process at home.

If you are concerned about not being able to use this machine by yourself at home, the instructions manual will help you.

The most important part of this kit is the instructions manual. This manual has all the directions explained well in it. Following all the written instructions is the best way to complete the procedure at home.

The kit comes with a few items, which aid in managing the skin Microdermabrasion process.

These items include:

  • ​Infusion tip
  • ​The device
  • ​Pore extraction tip
  • ​Adapter
  • ​Filters
  • ​Instructions manual

With all these items already being a part of the kit, it will become quite stress-free for you to use the new machine.

Even if you have never used this Microdermabrasion machine before, the items inside the kit will make things easy for you.

Why should you buy it?

While there are lots of options available in the market, the one that you need is the Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Machine.

The varying levels of the suction that are a part of this machine make it possible to clean the skin on four levels.

Also, all four levels come through a single suction. All one needs to do is to change the level of pressure.

Nonetheless, it is surely a great benefit. By clicking a single button, you can change the level of suction of the machine.

By doing this, the pressure changes, and rolling it on the face and neck increases the blood circulation. As the circulation enhances, the skin gets re-energized and fresh.

Simple exfoliation is what a lot of people opt for, mostly.

However, it is never enough to get rid of all the dirt accumulated on it. If you want to do something extra on your skin, there is no better option than doing a Microdermabrasion on the skin.

The tip of this machine goes deep inside the skin and makes sure that it cleanses every pore well.

Fine lines and wrinkles are usually quite stubborn. No matter whether they appear due to aging or a bad lifestyle, it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Alongside this, not having the time to give your skin long treatments further makes things worse.

However, with this home microdermabrasion machine, it’s quite easy to tackle this problem. By spending very less time on this process, you can complete this process at home.

If you are one of those people who visit the salons regularly to get skin treatments, you must be spending a lot of money and time on it.

If you give some thought to it, you would realize that buying this machine will give you great benefits. It will aid you in saving a lot of time by spending just five to ten minutes in this process at home.

Alongside, paying once for the machine will also help you in saving a lot of money on the salon visits.

Expert opinion On Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD

According to Lisa S, ​ this Microdermabrasion Machine comes with great benefits.

With the help of some light abrasion, you will be able to remove all the appearance of damaged skin. Initially, people considered this process to be quite an unreliable one.

However, with time, as people are getting aware of the things, their opinions are also changing. Now, they prefer getting these treatments at home. This diamond-tipped technology is quite a reliable one and is getting a lot of fame with every passing day.

According to her, this machine can turn into the secret weapon of a lot of women. With it, they can turn their skin revivified and give a breath of fresh life to it.

Experts of the company also offer online consultations to the users.

Thus, if you are cynical about this process and it is way too tricky for you to handle, you can use this option. A free of cost consultation will surely remove all of your confusion.


The Trophy Skin RejuvadermMD is surely a treat for all those people who are sick of tired skin.

This is especially a treat for working women, who hardly get time to visit the salon. As these salons tend to take most of their time, they prefer giving quick exfoliation to the skin at home.

However, this exfoliation never gives them the desired results. In such a situation, the best way out is this Home Microdermabrasion Machine, which is reputed to be extremely effective.

Though it comes with a tad bit of a heavy price tag, it will change your entire aura.

Spending a few minutes at home will give you a refreshed skin every week. With time, you will be able to remove all your stubborn wrinkles and tough fine lines.

People will start complimenting you on how amazing you look and how healthy your skin is. It surely is a dream come true. What else could a woman ask for?