Why do people use nightlights?

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

Looking for something to keep your room alight at night? Then night lights are just the right choice. It will not only keep your room bright, but it will also be your guide.

However, nightlights are more than just lighting up your room.

So, want to know why do people use nightlights?

There are many benefits of using nightlights, other than lighting up one’s room. A nightlight is used to keep the babies calm. They help children sleep better by overcoming separation anxiety. The elders and children can navigate their way in the dark. It’s also a great help for people with a fear of the dark.

These are some of the reasons people use nightlights at night. However, if you want to know the reasons in detail, spare us a minute. Read along to find out what else a nightlight does.

Let’s start-

What Is A Nightlight?

Nightlights are small light bulbs used at night. They consume the lowest amount of electricity. Which is about 20watts an hour. Thus it gives off a low and dim light at night.

Luckily, it’s just enough to identify the objects at night. And will not by any means disturb your beauty sleep. Nightlights also have many color variants. They come in blue, red, green, and white color. So, you’ve got a variety to choose from.

However, they are not just useful for lighting up bedrooms at night. They have a lot of other advantages that you wish you knew earlier.

 Let us take a look at the reasons people love using a nightlight-

Nightlights: Why Do People Use Them?

A nightlight is the best option for dim lighting in the dark. Although these lights have certain side effects, you can rely on them.

Now, don’t think using these light bulbs will hike up your bills. It absolutely won’t! Since they only consume 20 watts an hour. You can leave them on all night long.

Other than proving sufficient vision. Here’s what else nightlights help with-

Keeps Babies Calm

keeps babies calm

Using a nightlight is the best way to keep the babies calm at night. Because a lot of babies feel alone when they’re kept in separate rooms. That’s when they throw tantrums. Keeping the nightlight on gives them a kind of assurance. As a result, they can sleep peacefully.

Not only that, you will be able to keep an eye on the baby too. Especially if you’ve got baby monitors.

Now, it’ll be easier to keep track of your baby.

 Also, night lights are known to improve a baby’s vision up to 4 months after birth. But you must ensure the lights do not affect the sleep cycle.

Provides Security

If you live in an unsafe neighborhood, use nightlights for protection. A house with lights on is less susceptible to danger than others. That’s why a lot of people sleep with the nightlights on. Even though they don’t have any children in the house.

Keeping the nightlights on can also help you check on your family members. You can find out if they’re sleeping safe and sound.

Acts As A Guiding Light

When people wake up at midnight, they bump into furniture on the way. Often hurting their feet. In some extreme cases, they may fall from the stairs. Or suffer from a severe head injury.

To avoid this kind of accident, you should use a nightlight. All you have to do is put one in the hallway. This will allow a person to identify objects and navigate through the house.

This especially for children and elderly people living in the house. Since they often need to use the bathroom at night. And navigating oneself in the dark is challenging.

Helps Children To Sleep

helps children to sleep

Older children often suffer from separation anxiety. Which hampers their sleep cycle. And ultimately affects their health.

A lot of the children don’t want to sleep in their own rooms. This is when nightlights come into action.

Keeping the night lights on helps the children feel secured. As a result, they have a night of proper and complete sleep.

Helps People With Fear Of Dark

Not only children, but adults can also be afraid of the dark. They might have a hard time sleeping at night. You can use a nightlight to help them get proper sleep at night.

But nightlights can be a temporary solution. Sometimes this fear turns into a phobia. That’s when you might have to use these dim lights on a regular basis.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Nightlights?

Not only nightlights but any kind of light is detrimental to health during sleep. Because the presence of light prohibits the body from producing sleep hormones. Such as melatonin.

In the presence of light, sufficient hormones are not produced. For this, one will not have a good sleep.

Blue lights and white lights are especially responsible for this. It’s better if you avoid using these lights. However, as an alternate solution, you can use red nightlights.

Red lights have no effects on our bodies whatsoever. And will not harm our beauty sleep.

Now you know all the reasons for people using nightlights.


Question: Why are nightlights bad?

Answer: Any light is bad for our sleep and health. Both direct and indirect lights. Because they are responsible for insufficient hormone production in our body. This is the reason why blue and white lights should be avoided.

Question: Can I leave a night light on all night?

Answer: Yes you can! There is absolutely no trouble in keeping lights on all night. However, you should not use high-powered bulbs. Using a low-powered bulb such as the nightlights are safe to use all night long. Because they only use about 20 watts/hour.

Question: Why should you not use white lights at night?

Answer: White lights are responsible for insufficient sleep hormones in our body. As a result, we cannot sleep well with bright white lights.

Signing Off

We hope by now you were able to benefit by reading the reason why people use nightlights. Just make sure you use a good quality light. Not something that hampers your sleep.

Let us know if we could answer your question- why do people use nightlights?

Till then, be the light in the darkness.

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