Why Does My Baby Hate the Rocker? [4 Reasons+Solutions]

Alex Clarkson
Alex Clarkson

A rocker is pretty useful for a baby. However, your baby can also hate the rocker.

And you know what happens when a baby dislikes something! Yup, intense screaming, and crying.

So, are you questioning yourself- why does my baby hate the rocker?

Well, your child can feel uncomfortable if he/she doesn’t like the setup of the rocker. The view and surroundings of the rocker are important too. Also, you might place the little one into the rocker at the wrong time. And this will result in the baby not liking the rocker. Lastly, they won’t like anything if they don’t feel their mother’s presence there.

Now, this much info is not enough. To help your baby, you need to know more. Thus, we’ve explained these reasons and provided solutions accordingly.

Therefore dear parents, please read the entire piece!

What Exactly Is a Baby Rocker?

what exactly is a baby rocker

As you’re using a rocker for your baby so it’s important to know what it does. Of course, some of you might already know. But we still wanted to discuss some facts about a baby rocker.

So, first of all, a baby rocker is a device with a slanted or tilted base. And it can be easily swung back and forth.

Moreover, a baby rocker is usually used to make your baby relax. Because according to researchers-

The rocking motion of the rocker reminds your baby of their time in your womb. So yeah you can definitely try out the rocker when your baby is ready for it.

However, even after all the benefits, some babies can dislike the rocker.

But no worries! We’ve managed to find the exact reasons why your baby isn’t liking the rocker. Therefore, let’s move to the next segment!

4 Reasons Why Your Baby Doesn’t Like the Rocker

Now, we always have to think about our baby’s comfort zone. Otherwise, handling them will get tougher.

That’s why you’ve to prioritize figuring out why your baby hates the rocker. And we love to make things easier for you.

Therefore, we’ve explained the reasons with their rightful solutions-

The Setup Is Uncomfortable

It’s possible that your little one isn’t liking the setup of the rocker. Maybe the toy bar is bothersome.

Or the rocker isn’t moving the way your baby wants it to. Sometimes the babies can’t move much on the rocker. This also makes them uncomfortable and they start crying.

Also, the baby might even have some sensory issues. And that’s keeping them away from enjoying the rocker.


The solution is simple!

Firstly, try changing the setup. For example, remove the toy bar that came with the rocker if it’s bothering your child.

Also, the rocker might not have any toy bar on it. In that case, add it!

Now, maybe your baby isn’t able to move easily in the rocker, clear up a bit of space.

But if that’s not the problem-

Try changing the speed of rocking movements. And observe your baby’s reaction to it. Especially at which speed they are calming down. Then set the rocker at that speed.

Finally, visit a pediatrician. If your baby can’t seem to relax at all while sitting down. Because they can have sensory issues.

The Surroundings Are Disturbing

For a baby, their surroundings can create a big impact on their mood!.

For example, a noisy environment will make your baby restless and upset. In reverse, a calm environment helps him/her relax.

Now, if the surroundings around your baby are quite loud, brace yourself. Because your baby will start crying within a few seconds or minutes.


So, what to do now?

Well, the solution is quite simple. Change the surroundings!

Place the rocker where the environment is calm and relaxed. Then put your baby into the rocker.

And by a calm environment, we mean-

Dimmed lights and white noises or slow music played in the background. But make sure you’re playing a white noise that’s appropriate for babies.

Now, you can get this environment simply with star galaxy projector lights. These types of light will provide dim light along with slow music.

This will totally help your little one relax. And they’ll have no problem with the rocker!

If you think buying all these is bothersome, just buy an auto rocker for your baby!

The Timing Was Wrong

Now, you can’t just put your baby into the rocker whenever you want.

For example-

Let’s say, your kid is crying and screaming. And you put them into the rocker thinking it’ll calm them.

But will it actually help them to relax?

Well, definitely not. Because when a baby is already in a bad mood-

Placing them somewhere will only make it worse. Because they want to be close to their mother. So yeah that might be another reason why your baby is hating the rocker.


Now, if that’s the case for you, calm your baby first.

Carry them around in your arms. Pat their back gently. Do whatever you normally do until your baby is all happy again.

Once their mood has lightened up, place them into the rocker.

The Mommy Smell Is Missing

Now, we all know how important mothers are to their babies. Because they spend most of their time with their mother.

Therefore, your baby won’t ever stay put in a place-

Where they can’t feel your presence. Because babies think of you as their safe place. Sweet, isn’t it?

But it’s a bit problematic as well. Because as soon as you leave your baby even for a bit-

They’ll start crying. And when you come back, they’ll want to get out of the rocker.


To solve this problem, you don’t have to constantly stay with your baby. You can just place something that belongs to you in the rocker.

For example, your scarf or shirt! The material has to be something soft and comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll be just worsening the situation. Thus, place one of your cotton fabrics in the rocker and you’re all good!


Question: Is rocker bad for babies?

Answer: Well, letting your baby sleep in the rocker isn’t safe. Because when sleeping in a device with a slanted base, their head falls forward. This pushes their chin down towards their chest. Which blocks proper airflow. Thus, sleeping overnight in a rocker is bad for your kid.

Question: Can babies feel suffocated while being on a rocker?

Answer: Yup, they can. Because sometimes your baby can roll on their side or stomach. And this basically makes the little one feel suffocated. It can be pretty dangerous as well!

Question: How long can a baby be in a rocker?

Answer: Rocker is often used for nap time. But it’s better to use it for a short nap time. We suggest keeping your baby in the rocker for only a few hours.


That’s all we had on why does my baby hate the rocker. By the way, your baby can dislike the rocker for no reason as well.

Now, did you find the reason why your baby hates the rocker?

To give us an answer do comment in the comment section. And lastly good luck, dear parents!

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